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World Television premiere of prolific filmmaker Dustin Ferguson’s The Beast Beneath starring Genre stars Brinke Stevens & Mel Novak

The much anticipated world television premiere of prolific filmmaker Dustin Ferguson’s (Angry Asian Murder Hornets, 5G Zombies), new creature feature The Beast Beneath starring genre stars Brinke Stevens (The Slumber Party Massacre, Nightmare Sisters) & Mel Novak ( Bruce Lee’s Game Of Death, An Eye For An Eye opposite Chuck Norris), is this Friday August 7th at 10pm Central Standard time (CST) on WGUD-TV’s extremely popular After Hours Cinema show hosted by noted film historian Lee Turner. This broadcast will feature a scene exclusively in 3D.

The Beast Beneath poster
Brinke Stevens
Synopsis: A record Earthquake rocks a small, resort town after a 2000 year old prehistoric blood thirsty beast is unleashed to feast on the local community. It’s up to Aaron (Eric Prochnau, Meathook Massacre 6) and his brilliant scientist sister (Stevens) to crack the case and put a stop to the mayhem before time runs out, all while the cunning  town Mayor George Reid (Novak) tries to cover up the monster’s bloody tracks.
Brinke Stevens and Dustin Ferguson
“I wanted to take this opportunity to create a throwback to the 1970’s made-for-TV Creature Feature I love so dearly. Films like ‘Rattlers’, ‘The Savage Bees’ and even the drive-in hits ‘Bog’, and ‘Blood Beach’ served as big inspirations for this. I only hope I managed to do that era justice,” said Ferguson.
Mel Novak
Lee Turner
Mel Novak
The film is produced by SCS Entertainment in conjunction with After Hours Cinema. Alana Evans, Sheri Davis, Mike Ferguson, Jennifer Nangle, D.T. Carney and Turner round out the cast.
Photos courtesy of Bob Delgadillo and hair and makeup by Celina Seward
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HPC’s First Annual Top 10 list of Most Anticipated Upcoming Horror/thrillers of 2020

2019 is rapidly coming to a close and here’s a look at the 10 Most Anticipated Horror Films of 2020!

10. Terrifier 2

The sequel to the huge indie hit is about Art the Clown returning to Miles County after being resurrected by a sinister entity, where he must hunt down and destroy a teenage girl and her younger brother on Halloween night.

9. VFW

This bold action/horror film stars Stephen Lang as a war veteran, who along with his veteran colleagues, defends their local VFW against a crazy drug dealer and a persistent group of mutant punks. Sierra McCormick, William Sadler, David Patrick Kelly, Martin Kove, Fred Williamson and George Wendt round out the cast.

8. The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It (Conjuring 3)


This is the third installment of the popular Conjuring franchise. James Wan handles the directing reins to Michael Chaves. This film stars Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, Julian Hilliard, Charlene Amoia and many others.

7. The Grudge

The first trailer looks scary and I’m sure the acting will be great with an ensemble cast consisting of Oscar nominees Demian Bechir and Jackie Weaver as well as William Sadler, Lin Shaye, John Cho, Betty Gilpin, Frankie Faison, Andrea Riseborough and many others.

6.Fantasy Island

In this Blumhouse horror reboot of the iconic 70’s TV show, Michael Peña’s Mr. Roarke grants wishes similar to Ricardo Montalban, albeit with an evil twist.

5. Lake of Shadows

Two aspiring film makers venture to a mysterious lake to uncover a story on a local legend. As they get closer to the truth, the danger follows. Before they know it they are thrust into a fight for their lives and the truth about Avocado lake. Great ensemble cast in this Michael S. Rodriguez film consisting of Robert LaSardo, Felissa Rose, Dawna Lee Heising, Debra Lamb, Jonathan Tiersten, Tino Zamora, Geovonna Casanova and many others.

4. Hell of Screaming Dead

This period piece, which is set in the 80’s, tells the story of two ex-jailbirds who fight back against a zombie apocalypse. Dustin Ferguson directs this film which stars Jasper Cole, Mike Ferguson, Jenn Nangle and Vida Ghaffari.

3. Candyman

Curious to see Jordan Peele’s take on this iconic franchise. This film being billed as the spiritual sequel to the original iconic horror film starring legendary actor Tony Todd returning to his titular role of the Candyman according to various sources.

2. Agramon’s Gate

A psychic reader and Medium is invited to a party. Something goes astray when a dark force comes over from the other side to haunt the people from the party. They must solve the mystery before it’s too late and Agramon will not be easy to stop. This film directed and written by Harley Wallen has become a hit on the film festival circuit with 7 wins and 25 nominations.

1. Halloween Kills

The saga of Michael Myers and Laurie Strode continues in the next thrilling chapter of the Halloween series once again helmed by David Gordon Green. Jamie Lee Curtis returns once again as the lead character Laurie Strode in this Blumhouse film.

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Dustin Brown

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The Butcher Butchers the Competition

Multi award-winning filmmaker Michael Moutsatsos’ film The Butcher is butchering the competition on the film festival circuit. Currently The Butcher stars legendary horror star Maria Olsen (Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief, I Spit on Your Grave: Deja Vu, Los Angeles Shark Attack) as the grotesque and overbearing mother of the deadly butcher. This film is in 5 festivals and counting. It’s currently screening at the Reels of the Dead festival in Charlotte, North Carolina, the Northeast Ohio Cult film festival, as well as American Horrors in Lake Geneva. The Butcher will be streamed Jan 1st and 2nd on their channel on Roku  It is a semi finalist in 5the 2 week film festival and in November at Shockfest festival in Vegas November 22nd to the 24th.

The Butcher poster

Moutsatsos has directed seven films, such as Slice, Stalkerazzi, The Exorcism of Dimitri Barker Daniels. Originally from New York, Moutsatsos got his start as an actor before he fell in love with director, producing and writing. He got his start on the great white way in such films as The Warriors (Baseball furies) Spiderman, Pearl Harbor and has appeared on Broadway in CATS.

Maria Olsen as the Butcher’s mother

The film is getting a lot of buzz on the festival circuit. Reels of the Dead’s organizer Stacy Pippi called the Butcher “loads of fun.”

Still from The Butcher

“I’m blessed and truly humbled. It’s been an exciting ride. The audiences really had a blast with it and they get the 80’s vibe I’m going for. One distributer told me I reminded him of the Joel Spinel from Maniac. He dug the vibe,” said Moutsatsos.

He’s in pre-production on the Butcher 2, which stars Olsen as well.

The film’s trailer:


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Dustin Brown

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Anyone Home is released by Gravitas Ventures

The much anticipated psychological horror film, Anyone Home (previously named Model Home), was just released by Gravitas Ventures. This film stars multi award-winning actor Jasper Cole (The Rookie), Kathy Baker (Picket Fences) and Monique Gabriela Curnen (The Dark Knight). This is the first feature film from director Patrick Cunningham from a script he wrote with producer William Day Frank.

Anyone Home poster

A troubled single mother (Curnen) entertains a dangerous fantasy after she’s recruited to live in an unsold property in an empty development. Jasper plays the pivotal role of Walker, a “desert rat” who lives in an old run down RV on the out skirts of the small desert town where the film takes place. Eccentric and bizarre, he’s a voyeur who suddenly finds himself thrust into the lives of the mother and young son (Luke Ganalon) who are living in the ‘Staged House for Sale”. He goes from potential stalker to being a “victim himself”. This timely film highlights timely issues such as mental illness, suburban strife, socio-economic race relations and the real estate market crash.

Still of Jasper Cole as Walker with Luke Ganalon

“It was great to play this character because he’s not a BAD GUY per se, I chose to play the role with vulnerability and a certain kind of likability. A departure from some of the more hard core characters I’m grateful to get to play,” said Cole.

More info about the film:

Trailer and film clips:

Noted actor  Jasper Cole

About Jasper Cole:

Jasper was awarded Best Screen Villain by the International Nollywood Film Festival in 2019. As a veteran character actor with over a 100 TV/film credits, Jasper continues his villainous streak having co-starred in the box office smash hit film, The Purge: Anarchy as a “Homeless Man” produced by Michael Bay and Jason Blum, in Captured, as “Shelly” starring Brittany Curran and Kristin Prout and Model Home as “Walker” opposite Emmy winner Kathy Baker and Monique Gabriella Curnen. He will soon be seen in the lead role of “Bad Cop” in the horror/thriller Savage Sistas and as “Dark Butler” in the horror film Spirits opposite Lynn Lowry as well as “Peter” in Awaken The Shadowman, starring Jean Smart. He appears as “Jacques De Leon” in the new Cbs Drama, Training Day, opposite Bill Paxton. He will also be seen Guest Starring in the 2017 season of American Horror Story and booked roles on Baskets and WestWorld. Watch for him in 2019 as “Goobler” in the new series Palamino & Swissy” and he’s also appearing as “Crack Head Fred” in the new Abc Series The Rookie. He also played a “Homeless Man” opposite Tatiana Ali in the Tv movie. Second Sight. He was seen in the third season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine as “The Oolong Slayer” opposite Andy Sandberg and Andre Baugher. Jasper also co-starred in the 2013 hit horror film,Hansel & Gretel as “John”,iconic actress, Dee Wallace’s son. Jasper has appeared in dozens of theatrical productions and national TV commercials and has Guest Starred on some of television’s top shows,including,C.S.I., MarriedWith Children, Saved By The Bell, Touched by An Angel,Party Of Five, LaFemme Nakita, Tales From The Crypt,Baywatch,Pacific Blue and Clueless.More recently, Jasper has obtained critical acclaim for his work on Michael Eisner’s Emmy Nominated series, Prom Queen, his unforgettable stint on Everybody Hates Chris and his recurring role on the ABCseries, The Forgotten, starring, Christian Slater. He has also guest starred on HBO’s hit series Funny Or Die Presents and appeared regularly in various comedy sketches for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Film and Tv audiences will also remember Jasper as “Reno”, the bad cowboy, in the award winning Showdown at Seven commercials for the popular movie website, Fandango, and he appeared in the popular national Direct Tv commercials opposite Rob Lowe. You can see him worldwide as a Pirate in the 1-800-contact commercials as well. Nickelodeon fans know Jasper as “Oswald” in the final season of their hit series Victorious and he appeared in several episodes of the hit syndicated series, Outlaw Empires. Once established as Hollywood’s “bad guy”, it was a matter of time before Jasper graced the big screen. He has appeared in multiple films such as18 Again, Alien Nation, Get Your Stuff, Friday the 13th Part VIII, and Urban Assault-Tko. Jasper flaunted his sinister side and became an International sensation as Val Kilmer’s sidekick, Zeke Pleshette” in the blockbuster MacGruber alongside Ryan Phillipe, Kristin Wiig and Will Forte. The film is gaining cult status on Dvd and TV. Jasper is also the host of the nationally syndicated Radio/TV show….One On One With Jasper Cole.

More info about Jasper Cole:

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Dustin Brown

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New Promo Poster for Robowoman 2

SoCal Sinema Studios released their brand new promo poster for multi award-winning filmmaker Dustin Ferguson’s “RoboWoman 2.” Filming begins this fall with a talented ensemble cast consisting of Dawna Lee Heising, Brinke Stevens, Sue Price, HPC’s own Vida Ghaffari and Mel Novak as Dr. Michaels. The screenplay is by Mike Reeb, who also penned Robowoman.

Robowoman 2.0 Poster
Robowoman 2 poster
Dawna Lee Heising, Dustin Ferguson

This film is the highly anticipated sequel to Robowoman. The original “RoboWoman” follows Vivica Stevens (Dawna Lee Heising, “Blade Runner”, “Nemesis 5”, “Revenge of The Samurai Cop”) on her last night at a temp agency as she accepts a date with a persistent co-worker. Soon she finds herself cornered in a dark park at night and brutally attacked, raped and left for dead by her date and his deranged friends. She’s found barely alive by her concerned roommate, played by Sue Price (“Nemesis 2-5”) and undergoes illegal, experimental “cybernetic” surgery where she is given a replacement robotic arm and visor to correct her vision. However, the new implants don’t settle well because it isn’t long before she decides to seek revenge with the aid of her new attachments. One by bloody one she stalks and kills her attackers before the shocking and revealing conclusion! To view the trailer, please visit:

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Dustin Brown

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‘Ed and the Living Dead’ Launches their Indiegogo Campaign

Arizona-based filmmakers Brandy Mason and Tim Fattig recently announced the launch of the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for their much anticipated upcoming horror/comedy film, Ed and the Living Dead, which is set in the summer of 1959 and featuring the “world’s worst filmmaker,” Edward D. Wood, Jr. (Plan 9 From Outer Space, Glen or Glenda).

Producer/director Brandy Mason, a seasoned horror filmmaker with more than thirty credits, among them Don’t Fuck in the Woods and its upcoming sequel, WrestleMassacre, helms this film.

“The zombie film is an incredibly durable sub-genre, but sometimes it needs a little twist to be really engaging. Dropping iconic figures like Ed Wood and Criswell into the mix and setting the film in the 1950s instantly changes what the audience will expect from the story,” said Mason.

Ed and the Living Dead features a terrific ensemble cast of established and rising stars from the horror genre. Jason Crowe (Volumes of Blood, The Bad Man) stars as the high-strung director Ed Wood, while David E. McMahon (American Guinea Pig: The Song of Solomon, Bonehill Road) plays Wood’s long-suffering film producer, George Weiss. Also starring in this much-anticipated zomb-edy: HPC’s own Vida Ghaffari (RoboWoman, Holy Terror, where she was  billed as the “Persian Linda Blair” for her performance), Angela Pritchett (Steve: Death Collector, Partners); Kaylee Williams (Mrs. Claus, Ahockalypse), Charles Chudabala (Nightshade, Ugly Sweater Party), Ryan Brewer (Larry and the Monsters, Never Been to Graceland), Julie Anne Prescott (Clownado, Teacher Shortage), Brett DeJager (10/31, Bonejangles), Mindy Gilkerson (The Second Coming, Art of the Dead), Nick Payne (All Eyez on Me, Kickboxer: Retaliation), and noted actress Maria Olsen (Paranormal Activity 3, All The Creatures Are Stirring).

Musician and film composer Rocky Gray (The Barn, 10/31) will be providing the film’s score. Illustrator William Skaar (Heavy Metal, Deanna of the Dead) designed the film’s poster.

Rising Fire Films LLC, the film’s production company, was created in 2011. Best known releases for this company are Fireside Tales, Monkey Farm, and Friday the 13th: Legacy (a viral-sensation fan film) are its’ best-known releases to date.

Ed and the Living Dead is sure to become the ultimate cult zombie horror classic! If you are interested in backing the campaign, you can do so here:

Imdb link:

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Dustin Brown

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Entertainment Attorney Nadia Davari Helps Avoid the Horrific Pitfalls of Showbiz at ScareLA With Actress Vida Ghaffari Moderating

On Sunday, August 26th from 12:15 to 1:15pm, at the demo stage of the Los Angeles Convention Center, ScareLA 2018 had the “Avoiding Horrific Pitfalls: What is a Release and Why Do I Need One?” with ScareLA’s own renowned entertainment attorney Nadia Davari and her client, noted actress Vida Ghaffari (The Mindy Project, Abeyance, Holy Terror).

Actress and HPC’s very own Vida G. and Attorney Nadia Davari

These ladies took the stage to guide attendees safely past the horror entertainment industry’s largest — and unexpected — pitfalls. Don’t get taken advantage of and let Davari show you the way! To add a little practical spice, this seminar was moderated by Ghaffari, who herself has dealt first-hand with many of these pitfalls in her career, but overcame them all with Davari’s expertise. Many of the ladies educational and often humorous experiences and anecdotes were highlighted in this panel.

“It has truly been an honor to represent ScareLA and Lora, a very creative and motivated young serial entrepreneur, and watch it evolve into such an informative and epic event,” said Davari.

“I’m so thrilled to be part of this panel once again with my wise attorney and a part of this wonderful convention that was started by a woman. It’s really great to be a part of the horror community with such knowledgeable and empowered women,” added Ghaffari.

“I created ScareLA with the vision of bringing community together and celebrating our city’s diversity in its most unusual forms. Halloween has an amazing tradition of self-expression and creativity and we bring thousands of artists, haunt entertainment professionals, horror filmmakers and fans to celebrate it early. ScareLA was first to bring Halloween to the summer and we are thrilled with the amazing response to our show and creating Halloween’s first Comic-con,” said Ivanova.

More info at

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Dustin Brown

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Filmmaker and Author Romane Simon Unleashes his Creativity in “Red to Black”

Noted filmmaker Romane Simon is at it again with his debut novel, “Red to Black,” (The Power of Love). As if it wasn’t enough to create the Lucky Strike Film Festival and write, direct and produce countless award-winning films, this book is hitting the presses in a big way!

Book Cover

“I wanted to write something different and unique, which became this vampire love story. Vampires can be similar to human beings in so many ways in that they sacrifice a lot for blood including their own blood for love,” said author and noted filmmaker Romane Simon of his chilling book “Red to Black.”

Filmmaker and author Romane Simon. Photo courtesy of Mark Sevier
Filmmaker and author Romane Simon

This book is about an old family of vampires, Xavier Gains, Daniella Gains and Barry Styles. The story revolves around these intriguing characters and the humans they are attracted to while living in Los Angeles. Xavier falls in love with the beautiful Marisa Childs and kidnaps her away from her husband, Douglas Childs, and brainwashing her to join the fold. Through out all of this, Marisa would not allow Xavier to kill Douglas, as he is doing his best to bring his wife back from the clutches of this vampire fold. This story explores the depth of this magical world and how with the power of love, one will do anything for the one they love. Even shedding their own blood in the darkness for the vitality of eternal love and life.

There are powerful characters and a wonderfully compelling storyline.  It was scary without being too gory, which is a challenge in this kind of genre. I hope Romane turns this book into a film or at least a series of young adult (YA) literature books.

“Red to Black” can be purchased at :

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Dustin Brown

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The Queen Mary’s Scary Adventure


Boo! Did I scare you? Well I was definitely scared at the Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor Event! When you first arrive, you get an opportunity to take a picture with a monster. As you walk through the gates, wow… Monsters are everywhere waiting to frighten you. image

Although there were many interesting characters, I have plenty of pictures for you. When I went into my first maze “The Voodoo Village”-I wasn’t scared (at least this is what I thought). It was really dark inside. As I walked through “The Voodoo Village”, a monster jumped in front of me, however, I was to cool to scream-although I wanted too (I was in this maze alone and went to provide feedback for all of you). So I quickly, turned on the flashlight of my I-Phone and hurried to catch up with the people in front of me. Inside the maze, there was bridges, monsters, caskets, voodoo mannequins you name it. When I finally got to the end, I was excited that it was imageover-too scary for me. The next maze, “The Circus-Big Top Terror” wasn’t scary (at least this is what I thought).

As I walked to the “Circus”, there were two workers that asked me “are you alone”? I said yeah, why? “You are sooo brave. Why don’t you wait for the other people that are behind you before you go inside”, they stated. In the back of my mind, I was like who’s afraid of clowns, I’m not. In order to appease the workers, I waited for the others. As we all walked through the maze, it was a bridge that was spinning. I’m clumsy, I’ll admit it, and keep falling over. Anyway, as you walk through the maze, you get confused as there is no exit. So I asked one of the clowns how do you get out? She pointed at the balls (you know the ones at Chuckie Cheese where the kids like to play and has many germs?). In the balls was this crazy looking clown waiting to get you. The clown that I asked said jump in, it’s super fun…yeah right lady, that other clown is going to get me. Whew…I made it out alive… I was glad that maze was over.  The next maze I decided to checkout was SoulMate.

The “Soul Mate” maze was on-board the Queen Mary. You have to climb up stairs-so if you don’t like stairs-this isn’t for you. Of course I had my flashlight on, and one of the monster’s jumped at me and stated, turn off the light, that takes the fun away, so I did, but I wasn’t

imagehappy.  Soulmate is where Graceful Gale lures potential suitors with her charm. There are plenty of monsters on board, and plenty of caskets. Toward the end of the maze, Graceful Gale will let you take pictures of her, while one of her suitors who you think is a mannequin jumps out at you! Be very afraid! Although there were other mazes, my last maze and favorite was Lullaby.

The new Lullaby maze takes the visitor on a spine-tingling trip through the story of little Scary Mary. The first Mary (there were many) is a little innocent child-but not that innocent, she will kill you. She interacts with patrons by asking questions, and wanting to play games. It’s fun to interact with her, until she tries to kill and follow you. As you go through the maze, there is another Mary that wants to play hide and seek, don’t hide with her-keep walking she will try to get you. In this maze patrons have the opportunity to interactive with Mary. I recommend this one before the others, as this one was fun!


Well loves….until my next blog…talk to you later, who knows where I will turn up next.

Monica G.

Comedy/Horror film GARDEN PARTY MASSACRE is set to be a scream!

Talented filmmaker and actor Gregory Blair is not a man to rest: with his award-winning psychological thriller DEADLY REVISIONS due out this fall via SGL Entertainment, Blair is already at work on his next project. Horror takes a back seat to comedy this time in a tale about a friendly gathering that goes hilariously awry when an unexpected guest arrives. With a pickaxe. And an attitude. Raise your glass to GARDEN PARTY MASSACRE.

Photo courtesy of Josh Patterson photography
Actor and filmmaker Gregory Blair on set. Photo courtesy of Josh Patterson photography

“I love films that successfully walk that line between horror and comedy,” writer/director Blair says, “whether it’s witty and referential like Scream or giddy low camp like Army of Darkness.” Aiming for that exact mix of madness, GARDEN PARTY MASSACRE is a fast-paced, wacky romp in the vein of Shaun of the Dead and Tucker and Dale vs. Evil. “I wanted to do something totally different from DEADLY REVISIONS”, Blair said. “That film is a brooding, moody, slow-burn mystery and I wanted to do something kinetic, wild and crazy.” Thus, GARDEN PARTY MASSACRE was hatched.

Garden Party Massacre poster courtesy of Janiel Escueta.
Garden Party Massacre poster courtesy of Janiel Escueta.

But comedy isn’t reserved for the film alone: Blair has made it the cornerstone of all the movie’s marketing; even the official site and fundraising is aimed at invoking laughter. “The film is all fun and games and we wanted to let the fun go beyond the confines of the film,” Blair says. “Hence the parody element in our teaser.” The campaign video is a “meta” comedy, slyly spoofing campaigns in general, even as it pitches its own. Contributions allow fans to “Join the party” and get movie memorabilia, film credit and other perks. The campaign and video can be viewed at

If that wasn’t enough, there’s also a fun, new Playbuzz quiz game in anticipation of the film. “Which GARDEN PARTY MASSACRE Character Are You?” lets fans choose between personality traits, weapons and more to discover which character from the film they best match. “Folks can have fun and get to know a little more about the characters along the way,” Blair explains. The quiz asks questions such as: “Do you Keep Calm or Scream Bloody Murder?”, “What Do You Bring to a Party?” and more. Those who are—excuse the term—game, can take the quiz here:

And who is bringing this crazy cast of GARDEN PARTY MASSACRE characters to life? The list of actors includes some familiar names in comedy and horror as well as some fresh faces: Andy Gates (“Grimm”, “The Young and the Restless”,etc.), Nichole Bagby (“My Crazy Roommate”, “Sex Sent Me to the ER”, etc.), HPC’s Vida Ghaffari (“Jimmy Kimmel Live”, “The Mindy Project”, etc.), Dawna Lee Heising (“Slink”, “Legend of the Red Reaper”, etc.), David Leeper, Matt Weinglass and even Blair himself. “I figure if I’m gonna torture all these actors, I better get my butt in there, too,” he says.

GARDEN PARTY MASSACRE, shoots this October through PIX/SEE Productions; just days after DEADLY REVISIONS is released on 9/29/15. DEADLY REVISIONS won the Flicker award for “Best Picture”, the L.A. Movie Award for “Best Narrative Feature” as well as the Claw Award for “Best Feature Film Screenplay”, so Blair has shown he knows how to craft a good tale. In that light, GARDEN PARTY MASSACRE appears set to be a hilarious, hit and a bloody good time.

Join the party at:

Play the game here:




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Dustin Brown

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