(HOLLYWOOD PRESS CORPS) — Los Angeles, CA — The 12th annual Los Angeles Comic Con came to the L.A. Convention Center for three incredible days. The Hollywood Press Corps is honored to have Ellen Zuckerman covering one of the largest pop culture events in the world. L.A. ComicCon was from December 1st to the 3rd. L.A. Comic Con goers enjoyed an amazing convention. L.A. Comic Con is Los Angeles’ biggest pop culture convention. It is humongous with 122,300 people attending. Once thought of as a convention for geeks and nerds, L.A. Comic Con is an event for the entire family.

Amazing Star Wars Cosplay. Photo by Ellen Zuckerman
Cosplayer in the main atrium at L.A. Comic Con 2023. Photo by Ellen Zuckerman

There were incredible cosplay costumes, gaming tables and model makers. There were all kinds of merchants and good food. There were more than a thousand different artists and vendors. There were so many genres at this convention. There were over 250 panels with experts talking about all kinds of things. Tons of Star Wars, lots of Sci Fi, but also lots of one offs. There were Legos, people building models. There was an entire Japanese Gundam installment that was super exclusive and had a long line. There was one section that had tons of props from the movie Oppenheimer. I also saw all of the keys used in Locke and Key which is a cool horror series on Netflix.

Cosplayer at the L.A. Comic Con. Photo by Ellen Zuckerman
Lord of the Rings Cosplay. Photo by Ellen Zuckerman

   The Main Stage Panels & Programming Featured: The Lord of the Rings with Elijah Wood, Sean Astin, Dominic Monaghan & Billy Boyd. Harry Potter with Bonnie Wright, James Phelps & Oliver Phelps. Spotlight on Matt Smith (Doctor Who, The Crown, House of Dragon). The Office with Rainn Wilson and Paul Lieberstein. Ahsoka with Natasha Liu Bordizzo, Ivanna Sakhno, Eman Esfandi & Diana Lee Inosanto. The Boys with Erin Moriarty & Karen Fukuhara. Spotlight on Jamie Campbell Bower. MARVEL’s Amazing Spider-Man – Gang War Symposium. Spotlight on Amy Jo Johnson (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers). SpongeBob SquarePants with Tom Kenny & Roger Bumpass and Napoleon Dynamite with Jon Heder and Efren Ramirez. The panels were great. I sat through several. Lots of fun to hear experts. 

Dead Static Cosplay. Photo by Ellen Zuckerman

   The famous Cosplayers are really one of the main attractions at L.A. Comic Con. Some people had eloborate costumes that had multiple layers and weapons. The featured Cosplay guests included;  Michael Ray from Legion of Cosplay @legionofcosplayers, Lucky Grim @LuckyGrim, Puma Does Cosplay @PumaDoesCosplay, Scuba Steph @ScubaSteph, Tara Cosplay @tara.cosplay, The Girl with a great Smile @thegirlwithagreatsmile, Jessie Pridemore @jessie.pridemore, Jimmy Shefy @Jimmysherfy, Joanie Brosas @Joaniebrosas, DR. Costumes @rye_n_cosplay and @dkathall, Face by Rachie @facebyrachie, Jaqueline Goehner @JaquelineGoehner, DJ Croft @djcroft, Dare Taylor @Daretaylorofficial, Chrissy Lynn @misschrissylyn, Azura Cosplay @azuracosplayofficial, Anrew Mclean @webheadedhero and Amber Arden @amberarden. 

   The main stage panels were a huge attraction. The Lord of the Rings panel with Ellijah Wood and Sean Astin had something like 10,000 people attend. We couldn’t even get close. The Autograph and Photos areas were super busy and very popular. For me, the convention is about the little guy and not the celebrities. It’s cool that the celebs come to the convention, but they are here for work.

Published Professional Illistrator Nate Melendez in the Artists section. Photo by Ellen Zuckerman
Published Professional Illustrator Nate Melendez. Photo by Ellen Zuckerman

  I met Angel Chan who had am amazing display of hand crafted light sabers. Wearangelscharituy.com is an organisation that builds amazing light sabers that are designed after the famous light sabers of Star Wars. We had a light saver battle and I donned Darth Maul’s red double bladed lightsaber. Angel wielded two light savers, one was the green lightsaber of Luke Skywalker and the other was a white lightsaber of Ashoka Tano. Angel is obviously skilled as a Jedi. I was quickly defeated. 

Dustin Brown from the Hollywood Press Corps (L) with Angel Chan (R)
Sebastian A. Jones (R) president of Stranger Comics with guest. Photo by Ellen Zuckerman

   The West Hall had all of the gamers playing the latest releases and fighting one another. The Japanese Mobile Suit Gundam display was next to the gaming tables and the line was very long. People were so excited to get into the Gundam Base Mobile USA Tour. Also by the gammers were right next to  the model makers. They were building the latest exclusive Gundam robots that could only be purchased at LA Comic Con. It’s great to see the gaming hall and the model builders.

This hall also features anime. There was a special feature that many people were excited to experience. The Fighting Game Community (FGC) had some of its top legends at the convention. People like Justin Wong, Punk and Jebailey who are known for their Mortal Combat and Street Fighter expertise allowed all comers to challenge them in a fight. This hall has only been a part of LA Comic Con for two years. It’ll be exciting to see what next year brings. 

It was such an amazing experience at L.A. Comic Con 2024! The L.A. Convention Center was packed with over 122,000 people! This event was an amazing three days of Geeks, Nerds and Super Fans of all genres. We look forward to next year’s event. 

Mecha robots meet! On the right in blue is Joe Ramirez. Best in Show Winner at San Diego Comic Con 2023. Photo by Ellen Zuckeman
Author of an epic fantasy novel, Todd Fahnestock. Photo by Ellen Zuckerman

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