The Butcher Butchers the Competition

Multi award-winning filmmaker Michael Moutsatsos’ film The Butcher is butchering the competition on the film festival circuit. Currently The Butcher stars legendary horror star Maria Olsen (Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief, I Spit on Your Grave: Deja Vu, Los Angeles Shark Attack) as the grotesque and overbearing mother of the deadly butcher. This film is in 5 festivals and counting. It’s currently screening at the Reels of the Dead festival in Charlotte, North Carolina, the Northeast Ohio Cult film festival, as well as American Horrors in Lake Geneva. The Butcher will be streamed Jan 1st and 2nd on their channel on Roku  It is a semi finalist in 5the 2 week film festival and in November at Shockfest festival in Vegas November 22nd to the 24th.

The Butcher poster

Moutsatsos has directed seven films, such as Slice, Stalkerazzi, The Exorcism of Dimitri Barker Daniels. Originally from New York, Moutsatsos got his start as an actor before he fell in love with director, producing and writing. He got his start on the great white way in such films as The Warriors (Baseball furies) Spiderman, Pearl Harbor and has appeared on Broadway in CATS.

Maria Olsen as the Butcher’s mother

The film is getting a lot of buzz on the festival circuit. Reels of the Dead’s organizer Stacy Pippi called the Butcher “loads of fun.”

Still from The Butcher

“I’m blessed and truly humbled. It’s been an exciting ride. The audiences really had a blast with it and they get the 80’s vibe I’m going for. One distributer told me I reminded him of the Joel Spinel from Maniac. He dug the vibe,” said Moutsatsos.

He’s in pre-production on the Butcher 2, which stars Olsen as well.

The film’s trailer:

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