(HOLLYWOOD PRESS CORPS) — Los Angeles, California — The Hollywood Press Corps recently stopped by Gokoku vegetarian Ramen shop in studio city with celebrity social media influencer Sai Suman. What an amazing and fun lunch. Sai is a Celebrity Designer & Social Media Influencer with over three million followers. Sai wore a beautifulContinue Reading

Do you ever wish to save the entire world with cool superpowers and tight spandex like I do? The answer should be yes. Otherwise you may be living in another dimension were pop culture doesn’t exist because every human living in the 21st-century on planet Earth is obsessed with spaceContinue Reading

The Cookie Kahuna and his new bride Carol are an inspiration to romantics everywhere. The Hollywood Press Corps was invited into their home to talk about love, life, and the resurgence of the perfect cookie. You may remember Wally Amos from the 70’s when he became the “Famous Amos” cookieContinue Reading

Vacationing in Ocho Rios Jamaica I had another opportunity to go on vacation which was to Ocho Rios, Jamaica. The vacation started off bad, as my American Airlines red eye flight was delayed by an hour and I was stuck at LAX. When I finally reached Miami, I had toContinue Reading