The Industrial Evolution Collection is an imaginative and dark projection of a post apocalyptic future where the human species has lost control over what it had previously manufactured.  The products of industry that were formally used as vital pieces in the construction of the human’s built environment are now aliveContinue Reading

Superheroes saved the day at Paris Comic Con. Angel Lopez and Kevin Cardona, founders of Fusion Designs Caricatures, and their crew Sandra Carrano, Amy Jimenez, Erick Macias, Alex Casanova, Sam Sellers, Chris Meesey and Damion Dunn flew all the way from LA to attend one of the most pop-cultured andContinue Reading

  Actress and model Blanca Blanco arrived at the Night of 100 Stars and turned everyone’s head in a stunning and unique gown by Haute Couture designer Quynh Paris. The shimmering, romantic violet gown accentuated the beauty’s curves and offered a peek-a-boo view of her legs. The movement of theContinue Reading

The Oscars 2016, product placement company, Madison & Mulholland featured a super-sized 20’’gift bag filled with all items for travel, beauty, fashion, and the home. Here’s a look at over 25 of the brands featured! Some of the top A-list celebrities receiving Madison & Mulholland included Amy Schumer, Angelina Jolie,Continue Reading

By Adrian Brooks Collins – June 1st From the green conscious, no-paper, Dwell on Design LA 2015 App, to the pic perfect, life size mockup of Elan Musk’s with UCLA’s Hyperloop, this year’s Dwell convention is clearly innovation driven.  The concave OLED 4k pixel LG 32” screen is an eye-poppingContinue Reading