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Street is a really compelling action film directed by Bradford May and starring Casper Smart, Remo Street is a 23-year-old former wrestling champion with an unbreakable heart and spirit. Street spends his days job-searching and nights training with whatever and whomever he can. It seems like his life long dream of becoming a professional fighter just might elude him until one fateful night when destiny decides to take him in a new direction. While finishing up one of his daily job hunts he is forced to fight for his life when a potentially dangerous chance encounter with a beautiful woman puts him in the corner of an up and coming champion; A Russian gangster and the seedy underworld of arson, gambling and bare knuckle underground boxing. His passion for fighting becomes a struggle to train for a heartless champ and keep his beloved family safe while balancing between the two vastly different worlds.

Street Movie Poster
Street Movie Poster

“Street was truly a passion project for me,” said executive producer Lyle Howry.

Shashawnee Hall as the kindly Coach Oz
Shashawnee Hall as the kindly Coach Oz

“I have been in the martial arts world for over 2 decades in live action and reality shows and involved in several action films. So I decided to roll with the times and create an MMA related film that was a feel good film like Rocky with a touch of bloodsport. I intend on making STREET a franchise like Rocky and we are working on the next script now. I feel STREET is a feel good film about the underdog who makes good,” he added.

Actor Max Ryan is oh so evil as the Russian mob boss
Actor Mark Ryan is oh so evil as the Russian mob boss

Smart is effective as Street and meets up to the physical challenges of his role, but I really enjoyed the work of the character actors in this film. Mark Ryan is a standout as the evil Russian mob boss without being stereotypical or cartoonish. Shashawnee Hall is also wonderful as the kindly Coach Oz, who gives his athletes a lot of tough love, but truly cares about his players. All in all, it’s a wonderful ensemble cast with many edge of your seat, nail biting moments.

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