(HOLLYWOOD PRESS CORPS) – Popular Orange County-based band, Ravenscroft, has announced the release date for its much-anticipated EP “Rebel,” scheduled for March 25th, with the CD release party to be held at The Slidebar in Fullerton California with Killset. This is after serving its fans with some of the good music to expect from the EP. Pre-releasing two singles from the upcoming EP, fans of the band and music lovers, in general, are already being thrilled with two timeless crowd-pleasers that have a slightly nostalgic vibe. “My Dearest One” and “The Chase” is a small dose of the unique style the band is known for.


Music has evolved over the years. However, while some music makers have come, spending relatively short span, others have established themselves as industry movers, creating hits after hits, and using their unique and genuine styles to serve fans with the best of music. One of such music makers is Ravenscroft, offering a fantastic alternative to the sounds that seem to have bored lovers of good music.

Ravenscroft has been able to position itself as the go-to band for unique music experience, giving everyone something special with their creative style that has been described as alternative rock. The band’s creativity and ingenuity are evidenced in “My Dearest One,” as the emotional song offers lovers of rock ballads and 90s alternative with a luxe musical accompaniment and moving rock vocals.

The band of four talented musicians – Ralph Buso (Vocals), Brett Gorke (Guitars), Devin Baker (Bass), and Pat Magrath (Drums), with individual backgrounds and eclectic educations has been able to present handsomely delivered the melodic alternative rock. The uniqueness of the band comes from its Melodic, Hard Hitting Rock that comes from the Soul.


With sounds inspired by the very Best of Old School and New School Hard Rock/Metal, the band offers a different type of thought-provoking music to fans across the globe. While the sounds of the band might feel very familiar, it remains very new, original, and cutting edge. “The craftsmanship and musical ingenuity of Ravenscroft is enough to leave audiences speechless. Rebel by Ravenscroft – Timeless Masterpiece ” – WARLOCK ASYLUM

The popularity and acceptance of the band are evidenced by its massive online and social media presence, with its Twitter page having more than 40k followers and the numbers increasing by the day.

The much-anticipated EP contains 6 electrifying songs, and the release of the EP on March 25th is set to be the release of powerful music sounds that will change the industry forever.

“Denomination” is a hard-hitting “brain worm” that gets stuck in your head. There are a lot of cool riffs and hooks and it’s nothing less than genius to have this as the opening of the EP. All great rock bands need a ballad and Ravenscroft has written an epic and strong song with “My Dearest One”. – Act/One Act/One Magazine ” Stand Up is an aggressive call to arms, The Chase is a white hot slice of melodic metal, one that doesn’t compromise on wonderful sonic detail and infectious groove but still falls on you like a ton of bricks and the title track is the perfect fist in the air anthem that will unite old fans and new followers alike.” – Dancing About Architecture



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