Jackson Browne Rocks the House at Lucky Strike Live’s Soundcheck Live

The Lucky Strike Live, along with Soundcheck Live, have been knocking the rock-scene out of the park on Wednesday nights. This Wednesday evening was even more amazing than usual.  Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Legend, Jackson Browne, performed his top songs to a packed crowd of star-struck fans, including this writer/photographer herself!

Jackson Browne opening up with "That Girl Could Sing"
Jackson Browne opening up with “That Girl Could Sing” Photo courtesy of Judy Hansen Pullos

The night started off with some fabulous musicians singing the classics. While the bands rocked on, Jackson Browne walked in and out of the crowd, mingled with fans, even shook hands and signed memorabilia.  At 10:30pm, the crowd went wild when Jackson Browne performed his highly-anticipated guest curated set, which included 6 of his hit songs from “These Days” to “On The Boulevard” to “That Girl Could Sing” and “Somebody’s Baby“.

Jackson Browne singing "On the Boulevard" Photo courtesy of Judy Hansen Pullos
Jackson Browne singing “On the Boulevard”
Photo courtesy of Judy Hansen Pullos

The set ended with a rousing encore of “Lawyers, Guns and Money” and Running on Empty”. The happy crowd praised Brownes performance and continued to sing and dance along with the resident house band as they played a live set of songs from Rufus’s “Tell Me Something Good” to perfectly ending the night with Traveling Wilbur’s “Handle With Care”.

The Soundcheck Live House Band
The Soundcheck Live House Band

Jackson Browne has always been an incredible musician and an iconic song writer and singer, but this mind blowing, free concert was beyond everyone’s hopes and expectations. This Soundcheck Live night will be a tough act to follow!



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