Culinary Meets Fashion: Gokoku Vegetarian Ramen Shop With Celebrity Social Media Influencer Sai Suman

(HOLLYWOOD PRESS CORPS) — Los Angeles, California  The Hollywood Press Corps recently stopped by Gokoku vegetarian Ramen shop in studio city with celebrity social media influencer Sai Suman. What an amazing and fun lunch. Sai is a Celebrity Designer & Social Media Influencer with over three million followers. Sai wore a beautiful canary yellow gown that had heads turning.

To start our Influencer Lunch, we had the Gyoza dumplings in chili oil. This is eight pieces and boy was it spicy! So tasty and delicious! Gokoku serves an amazing plant based Chinsese Food and its hard to find in Los Angeles.

We also had a Vegan Bao appetizer.  This is two pieces of delicious vegan bao. We kept going and we got the Salmon Lovers Roll. Inside was takuan(a kind of daikon radish), bean sprout, vegan crab meat, cucumber and Ponzu sauce. Wow is that tasty! We also got a chance to try the Dynamite Crab Meat Vegan Roll. This was eight pieces of delicious imitation crab meat, spicy vegan tuna, cucumber and avocado. 

We also got to try some of the Curry Ramen. This was so good! This dish features vegan ramen noodles, kale and kabocha. It’s served with a very spicy curry broth. This is a great Curry Ramen. You gotta check it out. 

When we arrived for lunch, Sai Suman was in a beautiful yellow gown that featured a prominent butterfly chest piece. She also had on an emerald green headpiece. Heads were turning and people were taking iPhone pictures on our way in. When we arrived and got settled in we started with the spicy dumplings. There’s tons of chili oil. We couldn’t stop eating them to be honest. 

The Teriyaki Soy Chicken was the stand out dish. This is unlike anything I’ve had in Los Angeles. It’s a version of Chinese food made out of soy, but it tastes like chicken! The bao was very good. I could’ve eaten one just for lunch. The dynamite roll was delicious. It tastes like real creamy scallops on top of a crab roll. The salmon lovers roll was also so good. Tons of bean sprouts, vegan crab, and cucumber. Just a little bit of Ponsou sauce. 

We got a chance to speak with owner, Shanshan, and she told us about her inspiration to start. The idea for the restaurant was from her grandmother who is no longer with us. Shanshan is so nice and very knowledgable about all of the dishes that Gokoku serves.

Shanshan Liu Estacio (L) with Sai Suman (R) photo for Hollywood Press Corps 2024

Gokoku is delicious food and a very friendly staff. It’s located in studio city and there is plenty of parking. Check out the website for Gokoku here

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