The Queen Mary’s Scary Adventure


Boo! Did I scare you? Well I was definitely scared at the Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor Event! When you first arrive, you get an opportunity to take a picture with a monster. As you walk through the gates, wow… Monsters are everywhere waiting to frighten you. image

Although there were many interesting characters, I have plenty of pictures for you. When I went into my first maze “The Voodoo Village”-I wasn’t scared (at least this is what I thought). It was really dark inside. As I walked through “The Voodoo Village”, a monster jumped in front of me, however, I was to cool to scream-although I wanted too (I was in this maze alone and went to provide feedback for all of you). So I quickly, turned on the flashlight of my I-Phone and hurried to catch up with the people in front of me. Inside the maze, there was bridges, monsters, caskets, voodoo mannequins you name it. When I finally got to the end, I was excited that it was imageover-too scary for me. The next maze, “The Circus-Big Top Terror” wasn’t scary (at least this is what I thought).

As I walked to the “Circus”, there were two workers that asked me “are you alone”? I said yeah, why? “You are sooo brave. Why don’t you wait for the other people that are behind you before you go inside”, they stated. In the back of my mind, I was like who’s afraid of clowns, I’m not. In order to appease the workers, I waited for the others. As we all walked through the maze, it was a bridge that was spinning. I’m clumsy, I’ll admit it, and keep falling over. Anyway, as you walk through the maze, you get confused as there is no exit. So I asked one of the clowns how do you get out? She pointed at the balls (you know the ones at Chuckie Cheese where the kids like to play and has many germs?). In the balls was this crazy looking clown waiting to get you. The clown that I asked said jump in, it’s super fun…yeah right lady, that other clown is going to get me. Whew…I made it out alive… I was glad that maze was over.  The next maze I decided to checkout was SoulMate.

The “Soul Mate” maze was on-board the Queen Mary. You have to climb up stairs-so if you don’t like stairs-this isn’t for you. Of course I had my flashlight on, and one of the monster’s jumped at me and stated, turn off the light, that takes the fun away, so I did, but I wasn’t

imagehappy.  Soulmate is where Graceful Gale lures potential suitors with her charm. There are plenty of monsters on board, and plenty of caskets. Toward the end of the maze, Graceful Gale will let you take pictures of her, while one of her suitors who you think is a mannequin jumps out at you! Be very afraid! Although there were other mazes, my last maze and favorite was Lullaby.

The new Lullaby maze takes the visitor on a spine-tingling trip through the story of little Scary Mary. The first Mary (there were many) is a little innocent child-but not that innocent, she will kill you. She interacts with patrons by asking questions, and wanting to play games. It’s fun to interact with her, until she tries to kill and follow you. As you go through the maze, there is another Mary that wants to play hide and seek, don’t hide with her-keep walking she will try to get you. In this maze patrons have the opportunity to interactive with Mary. I recommend this one before the others, as this one was fun!


Well loves….until my next blog…talk to you later, who knows where I will turn up next.

Monica G.

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