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Multi award-winning filmmaker Dustin Ferguson, a fellow Dustin, is having a fundraiser for his much anticipated film “Robowoman.”  This will be in the memory of his late producer Randy.

Image via the fundraiser’s go fund me page

Here’s the touching post Dustin wrote on their go fund me page:

“Our friend and Producer on “RoboWoman” recently passed away during pre-production on the film. He financed our upcoming spectacular Special F/X by the talented Joe Castro (Wishmaster 4, Night of The Demons 3), but unfortunately he didn’t make it long enough to help see his film all the way to completion. He was our sole Producer on the movie as well as a friend to many people on the team. While we weren’t able to receive his remaining contribution in time, we all feel it’s important to see this film through so we can dedicate it in his memory. He was a huge part of getting this film off the ground, and it wouldn’t have been possible without his selfless aid. Previously, he had financed the majority of “Nemesis 5”, which had a recent red carpet awards sweep (“Best Director”, “Best Film – Science Fiction”, “Best Actress” and “Best Actor”) and he was there to experience it in person, confirming his faith in the future success of our next project together, “RoboWoman”.

There was only $3000 left from his contribution, so if you can find it in your hearts to help contribute a small amount so we can atleast reach that goal, we will have the minimum we need to finish the film he helped us start, which is planned to resume production on November 8th, 2018″.

Here’s a link to their Go Fund Me page:

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