Multi Talented Actor, Producer, TV/radio host and fight choreographer Dainy Zaino Makes his Mark in Show Biz

Born August 2, 1960 Danny Zaino, originally from Long Island New York, is a noted actor, producer, TV / radio host and hand to hand combat fight choreographer for the motion picture and television industries. He is an instructor at the Famous Kahana Stunt & Film School located in Groveland, Florida. He is the owner and operator of his own production company Living The Dream Productions which produces the digital media publicity & promotions company MASBTV NETWORK home to Martial Arts Show Biz TV, Martial Arts Entertainment Radio, and Martial Arts Entertainment Magazine. His latest accomplishments include “The Road To Hollywood” MASBTV 7 Show News Season filmed in Los Angeles / Hollywood, and San Fransisco, California, New York, New Jersey, Georgia, and Florida; “Hard Core Cooking” with Danny Zaino where the audience will learn to cook traditional Italian and American dishes to include slap stick comedy routines with plenty of action and stunts; and the making of the documentary film “Born To Compete” – The Zaino’s, which is an epic 10 year project in the making, still in the pre-production phase to include a book which will be released to the public first by MASBTV Hollywood Publications.

Danny Zaino


 His noteworthy Martial Arts background:

Danny Zaino is a professional martial artist with over four decades of dedication to the industry currently holding the rank of “Kudan” (9th degree Black Belt) and is the Founder of the American / Japanese & Okinawan GoJu-Ryu Karate & Kobudo Federation.  Excelling in sports throughout his school years to include wrestling, football, and baseball. Danny began his martial arts carrier in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida in 1976 at the age of 15 with the local YMCA. Danny was a natural and gifted athlete and received the “Presidents Award” in High School for outstanding athleticism signed by President Nixon. Dabbling in the arts of Kang Do Kwon, Tae Kwon Do and GoJu-Ryu, Danny began serious training after high school when he joined the United States Army as a Military Police Officer in 1979. While stationed in Korea on the DMZ, he studied the art of Moo Do Kwon Tae Kwon Do. After a 12 month tour in Korea, he was transferred to Fort Bliss, Texas where he joined the United States Army Karate Team studying the art of Japanese GoJu-Ryu. During this time Danny competed and performed extensively on the international level. Upon completion of his Military service in 1982, Danny became a Florida Police Officer and earned the title of “Kumite (fighting) Champion” at the Florida Police Olympics in 1985. During his extensive martial arts career, Danny has produced over 50 plus Black Belts under his tutorage producing numerous State and World Champions to include martial arts actors. Among his many students Danny also taught his wife Theresa and three children Tony, Joey, and Dominique Zaino who are all accomplished martial artists and State / World Champions. From 2000 to 2008 he ran one of the top martial arts competitions and performance teams in the United States sponsored by Pepsi Americas called National Team Pepsi “Show Team” (now “Team Americas”) known for their unique and entertaining performances. Danny has been recognized by his peers numerous times and is the recipient of many Hall of Fame Awards to include: 1994 – 2007 – “Promoter of the Year” for his Battle of the Arts National Martial Arts Championships, 1997 – 1998 – “Outstanding Martial Arts Weaponry” for Innovative Weapon Design for his creation of the “Pure Warrior” Sports Tonfa for competition, 2002 – 2007 – “Coach of the Year” for his National Team Pepsi “Show Team”, 2006 – “Outstanding Show Team Award” National Team Pepsi “Show Team” awarded by famous martial arts actor YK Kim, 2009 – “Demo Team of the Year” Team Americas, 2012 – 2016 – “Outstanding Contribution in Publishing and Media Coverage” for his MASBTV NETWORK “Martial Arts Show Biz TV, Radio & Magazine”, and 2018 – “Goodwill Ambassador to the Martial Arts” for his years of dedication to the arts.

Martial Arts Champ Danny Zaino


Danny Zaino served in the United States Army as a Military Police Officer from June 13, 1979 to June 12, 1982. He served on the DMZ in Korea from October 18, 1979 to October 14, 1980 during the time of the assassination of South Korean President Park Chung-hee, the Gwangju Uprising (Massacre), and the Iranian revolution. He is the recipient of the Korean Service Medal. After his tour in Korea Danny served at Fort Bliss, Texas where he was a member of the United States Army Karate Team performing numerous demonstrations throughout Texas, Oklahoma, and Mexico as a recruiting tool for the United States Military. Danny was honorably discharged and to this day is an advocate for the PTSD Program for traumatized combat Veterans and their families.

Among his many accomplishments, Danny also worked as a professional tile, marble and stone contractor by trade.

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