Motown Maurice and his Rise in the Entertainment Industry

Motown Maurice is a jovial and personable guy who is hitting the Tinsel town scene in full force and will go far in Hollywood! Born in Brooklyn to West Indian parents, and raised in Tampa, Motown earned his degree in Broadcast Journalism from Florida A&M University (FAMU). Initially, he planned to become a reporter, but after one newsroom internship, he decided to shift gears. Following his strong entrepreneurial spirit, Motown founded his own video and photography company, which was a very successful venture.

Motown Maurice
Motown Maurice

In 2007, Motown created an interactive town-hall series that provided a consistent platform to address community issues and concerns. Each discussion focused on a specific topic and featured a panel of experts including authors, attorneys, motivational speakers, historians, politicians and more. The forum had a huge social and economic impact on thousands of lives in the Tampa Bay area. “I know how to bring people together and I have been doing that for a very, very long time,” said Motown. Like the captain of a ship,  he even created jobs with (paid) stipends and fosters a strong sense of community. “Community does motivate me. It’s in my roots, being a part of the community. All of my efforts in the community in Tampa, Florida and at Florida A & M University set the foundation for all the community outreach I do now,” he added.

Motown Maurice takes a leap of faith!
Motown Maurice takes a leap of faith!

After two and a half years of inspiring others as a community organizer, Motown began to realize his own comedic strengths. By combining his sense of humor, charisma and leadership, he discovered his calling in the late-night arena.

By leveraging his well-established business relationships, Motown Maurice set forth with a vision, and a mission, to make Tampa the next destination for late night television. In order to complete this epic undertaking, he mobilized over fifty volunteers, maxed out four credit cards, and recruited a major sponsor. Motown then reserved multiple paid-programming slots on Friday nights to make this grassroots movement a reality. The coverage area encompassed Tampa and nine surrounding counties. On January 23, 2010, “The Motown Maurice Show” premiered in front of a live studio audience. The immediate success of the show earned him a Key to the City presented by Mayor Pam Iorio on the fourth episode.

 After successfully completing a full season of the late night show, Motown realized Florida was not fertile enough for this massive undertaking. Giving up on late-night was not an option, and as a result, Motown headed west to begin an epic journey.

“I am the future of late night television and it’s only a matter of time before I claim my throne. I know where I’m going to end up and I’m also fulfilling that goal right now with the independent projects that I produce.  Being a late night talk show has little to do with talking, but moreover creating a platform for people to showcase their talents and their projects. I am on a smaller scale, doing everything that a late night talk show should be doing and I enjoy sharing my platform and helping others get exposure,” said Motown. 

In 2010, Motown officially relocated to Los Angeles and immediately signed with First Class Talent Agency. A few years later, he signed with McGuffin Talent Management. Trained at the well-respected Uprights Citizens Brigade, Motown was twice awarded with their highly selective diversity scholarship. He is also the founder and director of “The Quarterly Wrap Festival.” It was established in 2013 with a focus on film screenings. In 2015, the festival presented a monologue competition for up-and-coming actors with featured industry judges. This year its doors are open to a variety of acts in a series of talent showcases.

Motown Maurice takes a leap of faith!
Motown Maurice takes a leap of faith!

One of Motown’s most prized creations is his web series entitled “The Late Night Experiment.” It’s a semi autobiographical dramedy that follows the plight of a relentless adventurer willing to sacrifice everything in order to achieve his destiny. There are total of 6 seasons and 36 episodes. Among the satire in the new media series, there is documentary footage that discloses many personal struggles such as homelessness, rejection and a meal plan restricted to sardines and crackers.

Coast to coast, Motown continues to create and develop new material. His ideas are intelligent, humorous, quick-witted, edgy, and unpredictable. Motown Maurice embodies a strong dedication to his craft. Much of his achievements have received positive acclaim in several newspapers and magazines. His works and actions speak volumes, which has made him a respected figure with his fan base. Since there is no manuscript for becoming a successful late night talk show host, Motown Maurice continues to relentlessly trail-blaze the path towards national syndication.

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