Memorial for Designer Sue Wong’s Beloved Mother

We at the Hollywood Press Corps want to convey our condolences to renowned fashion designer Sue Wong for the loss of her dear mother.

Sue's touching eulogy to hear beloved mother. Photo courtesy of Sheri Determan photography
Sue’s touching eulogy to hear beloved mother. Photo courtesy of Sheri Determan photography

The memorial for her mom was a lovely tribute to an amazing lady. We think Sue said it best when honoring her dear mother, so we have posted her moving eulogy for her dearly departed below…

A long time ago, seemingly in another lifetime, I was born into humble circumstances in a remote rural countryside in southern China.  At the age of five, I was spirited away from Maoist China by the courageous leap of my mother, who risked all to be reunited with my father–the one love of her life. She courageously bribed a border guard with her wedding jewelry sewn into a small pillow, who released us to our freedom in free British Hong Kong…
My beloved Mother has transitioned into the realm of Spirit, and is now an Angel of Light. She succumbed to the congestive heart failure that had plagued her for the last three years, as well as to the dementia that had tragically ravaged her memory. I am relieved that she is finally at peace and and has joined the ranks of Angels. I know that she was greeted by all those who loved her and that she is now reunited with my father and my two brothers for all Eternity…Losing one’s Mother is a major rite of passage and a huge milestone in our lives. Ultimately, I am deeply consoled by the comforting knowledge that Flesh corrupts but Love and Spirit are forever imperishable and eternal–LOVE NEVER DIES…In the end, we are returned back to the stardust Source from whence we came. We are all passing through this temporal and transitory realm of human existence only. We are here to live, to love, to learn our lessons and then we move onward to continue our cosmic journey of soul progression. I am grieving but also releasing my Mother’s spirit back to the Stars, the Galaxies, the Cosmos and beyond. I hope for her soul to be set free so that she can soar in her spirit’s flight and odyssey of self-evolution.

My Mother was truly the most generous, magnanimous, loving spirit, and a huge guiding force and presence in my life–I am eternally indebted for the immense and immeasurable love that she so unconditionally gave to me and to all whom she embraced. As well, my Mother was my most important teacher of Truth and Light… I will miss her most profoundly, deeply–more than words can ever describe…
My recent casting in the film adaptation of THE JADE PENDANT came to me at a propitious time. I  am sensitively aware of the dual nature of existence, when messages from the sub-conscious filter to the surface and manifest themselves in REAL time. We never quite understand the profundity of life, until we observe its entire panoramic tapestry. I felt drawn to the story when I saw the obvious strong connections between the characters that originated from the Taishan region, the land of our ancestry. The Taishan region of southern China where my parents and I came from produced the first Chinese settlers in America. My own Great, Great-Grandfather worked on the railroads near Sacramento in the 1800’s and directly contributed the building of America. This resonates profoundly with my parent’s story of sacrifice and determination–the migration to America being the very core focus for opportunities and economic success that were promised on Gold Mountain. The film is a very timely and compelling film adaptation of the celebrated novel, THE JADE PENDANT. It is an epic love story that takes place in the United States circa 1871 between two Chinese immigrants in Los Angeles. The novel was written by L.P. Leung nearly forty years ago, and the film is directed by Po Chih Leong, and we are blessed with both of their presence at my Mother’s memorial today.
As the fates would conspire in profound ways, proving that there is always a much higher power that guides us, my Mother wore a jade pendant for sixty years which she held very close to her heart. It carried an insurmountable significance of making her immigrant dream a manifest reality–an incomparable reminder in my life of what she and my Father accomplished through sacrifice and tenacity. Jade carries powerful significance in the Chinese culture, not only because of its beauty, but more importantly its meaning and humanity.I now hold my Mother’s jade pendant in my hands and her immeasurable generosity of spirit, her virtue, wisdom, and unending loyalty and devotion sing the anthem of her enormous and courageous soul that will resonate forever in my heart. Everything I am today and have accomplished, I owe to my Mother. She IS the beauty of my Jade Pendant in a most powerful, multi-dimensional, sacred way–my priceless jewel that reflects everything I stand for—characteristics that are a prerequisite to integrity, honor and excellence. …I am honored that she was my Mother, the strong Goddess-Nurturer who gave me the gift of LIFE…

Last week, I journeyed to the set of THE JADE PENDANT, filming my scenes in the movie and understood that my Mother’s spirit was at the core of my involvement in this project. The timing of recent events – in conjunction with this fine quality film adaptation–were indeed a message from the Universe. My Mother will always be my most sacred teacher and I am honored to cast the Light of my sacred gem (from her life journey and trajectory of her Jade Pendant) as an inspiration to this fine movie project, THE JADE PENDANT… And so the noble truths and the profound teachings of Beauty, Love and Light–all that which inspires and uplifts the Human Spirit is continued in perpetuity…My Mother and her sacred Jade Pendant will live in my heart forever.

Thank you to all my dearest friends and members of my clan—-who so generously gave of your kindness and heart to my sweet Mother.  For those who have been kind enough to send your lovely thoughts, flowers, and to attend this service, my family and I thank you a THOUSAND folds for your thoughtfulness and care. May her spirit now in full radiance return all your love and may she bestow upon you all her blessings in reciprocity so that the precious gift of Love is now complete–in an eternal full circle of hope, love and compassion.
In the final analysis, when all is said and done, it is one thing alone that conquers all and that which immortalizes our existence here on earth: LOVE. Love transcends all, aspires to all things and unites even loved-ones divided by the physical boundaries of mortal existence. I still vibrantly feel my Mother’s  love all around me–she is transcendently everywhere and I am so blessed to know the greatest blessing she gifted me with–LOVE; then, now and forever…

Vida G.

Vida is an actress and journalist who lives in Los Angeles, California. She is the co-founder of the Hollywood Press Corps.

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