Los Angeles Food and Wine Festival

Guest blog from Monica G.
Her review about LA Food and Wine Festival.

The Los Angeles Food and Wine Festival was Fabulous!
Guests had the opportunity to taste celebrity chef’s food bits around the world creations and try different types of wine. They were beef, salmon, pork, crab, salad, fruit creations, desserts, and let’s not forget the wine. My favorite food of Sunday night (and there were many) was Chef Chad Coby. Chef Colby made this awesome pasta with cream sauce and chicken which was DELICIOUS! This “fat” girl went back to his station three (3) yes I said it three times! I couldn’t contain my food cravings. Then toward the end of the night, Chef Colby made this awesome dessert (a type of custard). As I ventured to other food stations, with wine of course, I tried Adrian Giese (Mastro’s Steakhouse Chef) steak. As you all know, this is a FABOULOUS steakhouse, which I had the opportunity to dine at the restaurant in Costa Mesa (it is pricey, however well worth the dining experience). Let’s just say I went back for more steak a few times, as it was cooked medium rare and oh so juicy with a little spice. Bravo Chef Giese! Anytime you need me to sample your new ideas, I am here for you! I encountered another Chef, John Cox who was very funny, (can you believe I tried to sneak to the front of the line?) well the line was long so I had to investigate right? Chef Cox stated, well you have to wait like everyone else, but if you tweet me, I may just “consider” letting you in front. Well let’s just say, I had to go back to the end of the line, but it was well worth the wait, it was DELICIOUS and went back to the end while eating the beef for more. No need to say where’s the beef as it was right there! Next was Joseph Conrad (Bourbon Steak) which was very good. I am going to travel to Glendale, just to try more bourbon steak. Lastly, there were all types of wine. My favorite wine of the night was from Kracher of Austria. I couldn’t get enough of this wine, it was sweet and tasty! Last but not least, “Common” the rapper and actor closed the wine festival with a spectacular musical performance! Everyone was dancing, even an older couple I met!

Well everyone this is my very first blog as the talk show host, Wendy Williams always state “Say It Like You Mean it”, and I did. Until next time, as I sing Diana Ross “I’m coming out” as a blogger that is!

Peace, Love and Blessings!

Monica G.

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