Hollywood film star, playgirl magazine star, model, celebrity fitness trainer, producer & LA HOLLYWOOD talk radio show co/HOST Derek Webb, has been selected to be nominated for the famous iconic star on the Hollywood walk of fame.  Hollywood film star actor Webb whose career in the Hollywood film & entertainment industry began when he was only 19 years old with his famous playgirl magazine star appearance is now a developed Hollywood actor & film star , playgirl magazine star, celebrity fitness trainer, LA HOLLYWOOD TALK RADIO SHOW co/host. This talented multi hypenate has now placed another big milestone in his Hollywood film & entertainment career.  At only 31 years old, Webb, the New Hampshire native, is now being  nominated for a star on April 2022.  

Webb who’s best known for his Hollywood hit featured film roles titles such as Hollywood Werewolf with Andy Dick, 14 ghost, Staycation staring Kelli Maroney, vulpes staring along side Hollywood icon sandy Johnson also know for being the cover man for Spotlight Entertainment magazine & soon will be on the cover of Hollywood Weekly Magazine says he’s is very honored thrilled to be receiving a nomination of this great historic size & magnitude.  “It’s an honor, aprivilege, with such more passion & integrity I have & will be a accenting the nomination for a star on Hollywood’s legendary Hollywood walk of fame. It’s an honor to be getting nominated for such a iconic historical award Hollywood achievement. I am very looking forward to the exciting experience & excitement this announcement is going to be given to my major audiences, fan base, supporters & more but more importantly, it’s such emotional iconic moment to have my name edged in to the nomination process & to be selected to be nominated for one of Hollywood entertainment industries biggest industry awards is a major hard earned achievement. I’m very honored proud to have obtain my self to be nominated for such beautiful award for such amazing phenomenal dedication hard work not only from my self but from all my fans viewers & audiences,” said Webb.  He has also confirmed he has spoken with the Hollywood chamber of commerce & the Hollywood walk of fame chamber of commerce committee who has informed him of how their nominee and/or nomination process works.
“What a phenomenal opportunity to have my name amongst amazing, iconic and legendary artists such as David Bowie, Michael Jackson and many other greats. It’s a true honor for me and my team,” he added. If not selected, Webb says he is very grateful and thankful for being nominated  and the thought that I was at least nominated, even if not chosen speaks volumes for all I have done & accomplished in my career look forward to many other great iconic legendary endeavors to come.” 

Dustin Brown

Dustin Brown

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