Electro-Pop Artist and Social Media Activist, Alek Sandar, Drops His Hot New Single


July 6, 2015

(New York, NY) NYC-based electro-pop star, Alek Sandar, takes a stand on social media with his latest single, “P.O.R.N.” This club-ready track features transgender advocate, performer and socialite celebrity, Amanda Lepore. This pairing was inspired by Lepore’s lifestyle of transforming herself into the ideal looking woman with a perfect shape. The aim of the track, according to Sandar, is to show the world that through our self-absorption and public self-expression on social media, life becomes pornography. As the first

Alek Sandar Drops his new single
Alek Sandar Drops his new single

generation to have this in-your-face pressure to get “likes” and “followers,” this single seeks to open eyes on many levels and hints that society is missing the real message behind music and behind life because we’re all too busy comparing the stats, rather than creating a dialogue.

Alek Sandar's hot new single P.O.R.N.
Alek Sandar’s hot new single P.O.R.N.

Born in Sofia, Bulgaria and raised in Germany, Sandar is well-known in Europe and currently making his American debut. Sandar is a top music producer in Eastern Europe (Bulgaria and the Balkans) and has made hit records for various artists, including Kimbra, Oscar Loya, Frankmusik, Andrea and Jérémy Amelin. He’s also the co-founder of Berlin-based dance-pop label, Splendid Sound Records, and has produced music for Universal Music Germany and Payner Music Bulgaria. Having only been in The US since 2009, he’s already played major venues in NYC, including Webster Hall during NMS New York Music Festival in 2012 and Terminal 5 in 2014. Along with his close relationship with Amanda Lepore, Sandar has also become friends with celebrity personalities like Richie Rich, Patricia Field and Susanne Bartsch.


Alek Sandar creates sex-centric, high-energy music that’s heavily influenced by pop, EDM and hip hop, with Balkan, Arabic and Eastern European-infused musicality. With hit his prior singles, “Creature in Me,” “Say That You Love Me,” “It Ain’t Over,” “You and Me (feat. DESS aka Desi Slava) and “Peaceful Place” (a duet with Balkan superstar, Andrea), Sandar’s new album has been highly anticipated by fans all over the world. Don’t miss “P.O.R.N.” and stay tuned for more singles throughout the summer!

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