‘Ed and the Living Dead’ Launches their Indiegogo Campaign

Arizona-based filmmakers Brandy Mason and Tim Fattig recently announced the launch of the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for their much anticipated upcoming horror/comedy film, Ed and the Living Dead, which is set in the summer of 1959 and featuring the “world’s worst filmmaker,” Edward D. Wood, Jr. (Plan 9 From Outer Space, Glen or Glenda).

Producer/director Brandy Mason, a seasoned horror filmmaker with more than thirty credits, among them Don’t Fuck in the Woods and its upcoming sequel, WrestleMassacre, helms this film.

“The zombie film is an incredibly durable sub-genre, but sometimes it needs a little twist to be really engaging. Dropping iconic figures like Ed Wood and Criswell into the mix and setting the film in the 1950s instantly changes what the audience will expect from the story,” said Mason.

Ed and the Living Dead features a terrific ensemble cast of established and rising stars from the horror genre. Jason Crowe (Volumes of Blood, The Bad Man) stars as the high-strung director Ed Wood, while David E. McMahon (American Guinea Pig: The Song of Solomon, Bonehill Road) plays Wood’s long-suffering film producer, George Weiss. Also starring in this much-anticipated zomb-edy: HPC’s own Vida Ghaffari (RoboWoman, Holy Terror, where she was  billed as the “Persian Linda Blair” for her performance), Angela Pritchett (Steve: Death Collector, Partners); Kaylee Williams (Mrs. Claus, Ahockalypse), Charles Chudabala (Nightshade, Ugly Sweater Party), Ryan Brewer (Larry and the Monsters, Never Been to Graceland), Julie Anne Prescott (Clownado, Teacher Shortage), Brett DeJager (10/31, Bonejangles), Mindy Gilkerson (The Second Coming, Art of the Dead), Nick Payne (All Eyez on Me, Kickboxer: Retaliation), and noted actress Maria Olsen (Paranormal Activity 3, All The Creatures Are Stirring).

Musician and film composer Rocky Gray (The Barn, 10/31) will be providing the film’s score. Illustrator William Skaar (Heavy Metal, Deanna of the Dead) designed the film’s poster.

Rising Fire Films LLC, the film’s production company, was created in 2011. Best known releases for this company are Fireside Tales, Monkey Farm, and Friday the 13th: Legacy (a viral-sensation fan film) are its’ best-known releases to date.

Ed and the Living Dead is sure to become the ultimate cult zombie horror classic! If you are interested in backing the campaign, you can do so here:


Imdb link:


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