Dwell on Design LA 2015

By Adrian Brooks CollinsJune 1st

From the green conscious, no-paper, Dwell on Design LA 2015 App, to the pic perfect, life size mockup of Elan Musk’s with UCLA’s Hyperloop, this year’s Dwell convention is clearly innovation driven.  The concave OLED 4k pixel LG 32” screen is an eye-popping counterpart to their spokesmodel and design icon, Nate Berkus.  Where else would you find a folding bicycle helmet prototype and a family sized hanging indoor outdoor patio pod under one roof?  Whatever your plans make time to visit this truly exciting collection of countless building, design and decor notes in an orchestra of color, light and space.  With the construction boom, renovation and real estate valuation, there’s no greater, friendlier, and culinarily enhanced environ to explore.  The DODA 2015 App easily assists you with a virtual walk through and tour, talk and presentation scheduling so that seeing it all is doable.  The careful layout of plant laden and tastefully appointed rough, hewn repurposed wood and stone composite slabs are a workshop of possibility waiting to be bring your design dream to life.

Rate sheets are available to the trade and retail and many experts, technicians and designers are available to answer specific questions about product and materials revelation and integration.  Cascades of hand blown and cut glass lighting fixtures abound as well as floor-to-ceiling, curved sliding glass doors beckon the visitor.  Hanging plant and extended awnings present appealing cost saving and space cooling options.  Solar collector panels and their developers await your trickiest questions and concerns about getting off the grid, favorably.  Even test driving Porsche’s SUV is possible if you’d like to.  Eye-catching steel sculptures, accent, wall and freestanding pieces might just be the right touch for your commercial, residential or civic statement.  Just walking through the diverse environment can trigger great waves of inspiration.

Every facet of the green conscious, sustainable, environmentally conscious insight is represented; from prefab, modern, classical and beyond.  Stairways, flooring, accessories, fountains, closets, bathrooms, art and builders are teaming with ways for you to live out your dream home design.  Design services, ASID, furniture and global buyers are at the ready to move you from what is, to what will be.  There’s even an event map on the app to guide you about. Comfortable, open seating arrangements welcome you to equally interesting panels of sought after leaders in this diversity of design.

There are outside, off-site building tours to attend and famous architects and designers to meet and hold first-hand, candid discussions with while sipping your favorite beverage or nibbling your favorite cheese…  It’s as though you opened the latest Dwell magazine and magically stepped into the hippest universe of design possibility ever.  You’ll feel right at home here with the flavor of cozy home furnishings here contrasted with large scale architecture models and fabrications that serve to inform you on the how-twos and wherefores of an ever expanding field of unification between passion for design and integration of technology.  Plan to spend half a day with a savvy friend or make new ones will the inspiration lasts, and lasts.


Dustin Brown

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