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Dwell on Design LA 2015

By Adrian Brooks CollinsJune 1st

From the green conscious, no-paper, Dwell on Design LA 2015 App, to the pic perfect, life size mockup of Elan Musk’s with UCLA’s Hyperloop, this year’s Dwell convention is clearly innovation driven.  The concave OLED 4k pixel LG 32” screen is an eye-popping counterpart to their spokesmodel and design icon, Nate Berkus.  Where else would you find a folding bicycle helmet prototype and a family sized hanging indoor outdoor patio pod under one roof?  Whatever your plans make time to visit this truly exciting collection of countless building, design and decor notes in an orchestra of color, light and space.  With the construction boom, renovation and real estate valuation, there’s no greater, friendlier, and culinarily enhanced environ to explore.  The DODA 2015 App easily assists you with a virtual walk through and tour, talk and presentation scheduling so that seeing it all is doable.  The careful layout of plant laden and tastefully appointed rough, hewn repurposed wood and stone composite slabs are a workshop of possibility waiting to be bring your design dream to life.

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