Celebrity Hypnotherapist Julian Ufano-Leon Expands His Practice


Due to demand, noted celebrity hypnotherapist Julian Ufano-Leon is expanding his practice to house calls especially for his celebrity and VIP clients that need more personal care.

Celebrity hypnotherapist Julian Ufano-Leon

He specializes in working with clients who are experiencing stress, anxiety, fears, phobias, addictions, clients seeking relationship enhancement, weight management and career improvements.

Combining his 16+ years of experience as a child and family counselor for at risk youth along with his hypnotherapy training, Julian is extremely effective when working with individuals suffering from issues such as relationships, social phobias, anxieties, and mental blocks. He enjoys watching his clients transition from a certain state of mind, into confident, assertive and motivated individuals, reaching their goals.

Julian is welcoming to his clients, and allows them to feel safe. He listens, using a non judgemental approach, empathizes with clients and their needs. He is able to identify blocks, fears, and negative associations quickly, which allows him to work effectively, getting impressive results.

Julian has watched numerous clients achieve success in taking exams such as the BAR, the MFT exam and other state issued tests. He has helped many clients with career success, managing weight, gaining anger management skills, working through abuse issues, forgiveness and increased self-esteem. In addition to all of this, he specifically has helped athletes improve their game, dancers flow in the zone and as well as actors get into character.

Previously working as a counselor for troubled youth and their families, Julian has a natural passion for helping individuals realize their dreams, conquer their fears and achieve their goals. His experience as a Behavioral Specialist, coupled with his training as a hypnotherapist grants him the ability to work with a wide variety of people. He attributes his success in this industry to many years of experience, thousands of live sessions, the ability to build rapport quickly, listening to clients’ needs and understanding deep rooted associations in order to help clients create a better sense of well-being for themselves.

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