Brandino’s Birthday at BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse

(HOLLYWOOD PRESS CORPS) — Burbank, CA — Wednesday, September 16, 2020 — We had an outdoor patio party for Brandino’s birthday on Wednesday, September, 16th. Brandino turned 66! He looks good for 66! The year 2020 has had many challenges but Brandino has been maintaining his physical therapy schedule and is in top physical shape. Brandino is a nine time Grammy winning Producer, Composer, Arranger and bassist. Brandino recorded the song “Singularity” with Robby Krieger in 2010. Brandino worked on Michael Jackson’s album entitled, “Michael”. He played bass on the song “War Toads” by the Doors. Brandino was Aretha Franklin’s road bass player for 22 years. He’s played with so many legends on stage and in the studio. He’s worked with James Brown, Ty Dolla Sign, Beyonce, Mary J. Blige and Stevie Wonder. Too many to mention. Brandino recently started playing the square neck dobro and is in the studio working on a new project. 

The roll call for the celebs that showed up was short this year but we had a few legends in attendance. Founding member of N.W.A., Kim Nazel, stopped by. He goes by the name Arabian Prince. Kim is a rapper, producer, singer, songwriter and DJ. He chatted with Kelly Keys. Kelly is a hip hop video and video game music producer. Ed Roth, keyboard player for the Robby Krieger band and the New Experience came through and said a socially distanced, “Happy Birthday!” Eduardo has a new album out called, “Cant Find My Way Home” featuring Robby Krieger. Check it out on Spotify.

Longtime Brandino friend and fellow Local 47 member, Jay Leach, stopped by and said Happy Birthday. Michael O’Neill is the guitarist for Barbara Streisand and an amazing jazz guitar player. Musician, Wayne Lindsey, was chatting with Brandino. Wayne is a musician, producer, arranger and  songwriter. Wayne has worked in the studio and on the stage with Miles Davis, Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wonder. Mike Albert is an American guitarist. Mike stopped by, stayed six feet away from everyone on the patio and paid his respects. Mike has played with Frank Zappa, Don Felder from the Eagles and he toured with Megadeth. 

The manager of the Seven Grand, Rick Taub, stopped by. Rick is  a big fan of Brandino’s. He was saying the Seven Grand is looking at January to reopen if things with the pandemic keep improving. 

Events photographer, Sanaz Danesh, stopped by and said happy birthday to Brandino and took some photos.

Brandino’s sister, Cheryl, made everyone feel welcome and brought out the beautiful birthday cake. Celebrity guitar tech, Sammy Sanchez, said happy birthday to Brandino. Music Publisher, Adrian Noriega, had dinner on the patio and chatted with people while trying to remain six feet away. Brandino’s neighbour’s, Boyd and Mary LaCrosse stopped by. Brandino says that Boyd saved his life.

Boyd and Mary LaCosse

We didn’t sing Happy Birthday this year or take a big group photo. We all had a lot of fun. This was the first event I’ve been to in six months. I was really nervous but had a great time and felt like I was still in my pandemic safety bubble. 

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