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The Hollywood Press Corps recently got a chance to interview Julia Marie. Her new release “Just A Moment” is now available on Soundcloud here: and will be available worldwide on July 15th. Composed by Julia Marie and veteran producer Peter Rafelson. Her debut EP is set to drop this summer. Her single entitled “Just a Moment” is a pop tune that has a full sound and poetic lyrics.

Julia Marie strikes a pose in the high desert of Southern California
Julia Marie strikes a pose in the high desert of Southern California. Photo courtesy Marie-Claire Bozant for the Hollywood Press Corps


HPC: Can you talk about recording your debut single “Just A Moment”?

Julia Marie: This is actually the first song that Peter and I worked on together! We started by sharing ideas and musical inspirations then spending hours sitting at the keyboard figuring out chord progressions, vibes and melodies we liked, and crafting lyric ideas.
HPC: How did you meet Peter Rafelson?

Julia Marie: I first contacted Peter because he owns and runs an awesome recording studio in LA and I wanted to learn more about recording, sound engineering, and the business side of music. When we met up we found that we had similar music inspirations and he really responded to my voice so we instantly started writing together!

Julia Marie and her dramatic side
Julia Marie and her dramatic side

HPC: Can you describe what it’s like to work in the studio?

Julia Marie: Working in the studio is a much more fast-paced process than working on my own. An idea gets translated into a recording and a completed song in the blink of an eye when you’re in the studio. It’s amazing how much you can get done with two people in a little room with an idea, a microphone, a computer and some instruments! It’s been a really interesting and new process since this is my first time co-writing and co-creating something from scratch with someone.

HPC: How long have you lived in Los Angeles?

Julia Marie: I was actually born in Los Angeles and live here most of my life!

HPC: What’s your favorite instrument?

Julia Marie: One of my absolute favorites is the sitar.

HPC: How did you become a singer?

Julia Marie: For as long as I can remember I’ve always been singing. I guess I was born this way!

HPC: You and Grammy winner Omar Akram recently attended the Chinese American Film Festival. How was your experience?

Julia Marie: We rolled up to the Ricardo Montalban Theater and there was the entire Chinese entertainment industry there! Omar Akram is a super talented guy and a pleasure to work with. It was an awesome experience to get on stage and perform for such an amazing audience and to have our performance broadcast all over China!

HPC: What’s the first concert you ever went to?

Julia Marie: My first proper show that I went to was totally epic. I was 15 and Radiohead was on their IN Rainbows tour but their show in Los Angeles was sold out so my mom and I drove all the way to the border of Mexico to catch their show in Chula Vista and it was mind blowing of course!

HPC: What is something would surprised our readers to know about you?

Julia Marie: I’m actually a car girl! I grew up around beautiful vintage cars and my name Julia was actually inspired by the Italian carmaker Alfa Romeo’s “Guilia.”

HPC: What does the word “art” mean to you?

Julia Marie: To me creation is art. I look at nature and I see art because it is Mother Nature’s creation. I believe every human is born with the ability to create with their hands, mind or imagination and to make art. It’s sort of like a spark of magic that is within each of us.

HPC: What’s next for Julia Marie?

Julia Marie: I’m going to be playing a bunch of shows in Los Angeles, releasing an illustrated video for my quircky song “Waiting on a Miracle” and an epic music video for “Here and Now.” I’ve also had two remixes released for “Just A Moment” by JL and Descent, which you can here on my soundcloud.

Check out "Just a Moment" on Soundcloud.
Check out “Just a Moment” on Soundcloud

“Just A Moment” (JL Remix) :

“Just A Moment” (Descent Remix) :

HPC: Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Julia Marie: I hope in 10 years that I have traveled all over the world and had tons of new experiences and adventures!

What a great interview! I’ll never forget that you’re named after an Alfa Romeo! I hope you use a sitar on one of your upcoming tracks!

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