Tony Franklin Releases Bass Recording Tutorial Through Pro Mix Academy

Hollywood, CA – May 7, 2017 – Pro Mix Academy founder and producer/engineer Warren Huart (Aerosmith, Ace Frehley, The Fray) has teamed up with fretless bassist Tony Franklin (The Firm, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Whitesnake) to release a bass recording and production tutorial through Pro Mix Academy. This course was recorded at Huart’s Spitfire Studio.

Tony Franklin on the red carpet in Hollywood, California. Photo courtesy Alex Kluft Photography


Franklin shows viewers how to record bass tracks through ProTools and discusses important elements like timing, getting the best tone, and how to properly play a fretless bass. Franklin takes us through 3 songs, each of a different genre and lays down the bass for them while working with a metronome. Fretted bass players are not forgotten in this video either as Franklin goes over recording tracks with a fretted bass and a pick as well as picking and muting techniques. On recording bass Franklin stated “My part is to support the song. Ultimately the bass is invisible for most listeners, unless you do something out of place”
The main topics Franklin discusses are: the decision-making process, how to achieve the sound you are looking for, creating the perfect bass part, fine tuning and editing in pro Tools, writing music charts, and being totally prepared for any recording session. Franklin also says about the bass: “People will feel you, and they’ll notice when you’re not there. Your job is to make people dance.”

Tony Franklin (L) with Warren Huart (R) at the legendary Sunset Sound Recorders. Photo courtesy Alex Kluft


This course also comes with an interview by Huart and Franklin where Franklin shares humorous insider stories of how he got started in music, meeting Queen bassist John Deacon, talks about his favorite basses, pick-ups, bridges and amps, and the origin of his signature bass line with Fender. He also discusses which basses lend themselves to playing live vs playing in the studio. Click here to see more information and to purchase the course.

Check out Tony’s website Fretless Monster:

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