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(HOLLYWOOD PRESS CORPS) — LOS ANGELES — August 8th, 2019 — The New Experience recently played the exclusive Los Angeles Whiskey bar, the Seven Grand. Located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles the Seven Grand is Los Angeles’ hottest  venue for music  and top shelf whiskey.  The atmosphere was oozing with cool as the band arrived. Brandino arrived early and took up a spot in the VIP area that had been set aside for the band. The Seven Grand features a Whiskey bible and makes amazing top shelf cocktails. The management for Seven Grand are super nice and were so stoked to have Brandino, Robby Krieger, Ed Roth and Dale Alexander play music for the night.

The featured singer was Haley Reinhart. Haley is a singer and songwriter from Illinois who is a top winner from American Idol. She’s currently on Interscope records. She sings so well with the New Experience. Brandino and Robby are so supportive of other musicians which is really rare in the LA music scene. Haley has passion for singing and is so talented.

Robby Krieger with New Experience. Photo by Sanaz Danesh
The New Experience at the Seven Grand. Photo by Dustin Brown

The New Experience got started with Booker T and the MG’s iconic tune, Green Onions. The New Experience was in the groove on this Thursday night. Brandino’s bass line had a heavy, confident feel. This was the best performance of the Robby Krieger fronted band. Next up, The New Experience played Valdez. Robby played a cool solo on guitar and Ed Roth played a cool clavinet solo. Ed Roth is such an important member of the New Experience. He has the ability to lay down a steady groove, but he also has the most amazing jazz chops in the business. Ed has played with everyone. Ed is known as a session player and someone with a lot of feel. Ed has a real upbeat spirit and loves to play keyboard.

Brandino is back!!!! Photo by Dustin Brown

The band picked up the pace on Revelation and went into a cool groove on a song called Breezin. The New Experience went on to play Event Horizon which is the grammy winning tune that Brandino and Robby wrote together. Robby brought it back to their blues roots with Red Rooster. They also played the jazz standard, Favorite Things. One more blues tune was Albert King’s Born Under a Bad Sign. They took it back to the Doors with Riders on the Storm. This is such a cool song that everyone at Seven Grand instantly recognized.

Ed Roth (L) hanging out with Brian Auger (R). Photo by Sanaz Danesh
Legendary keyboard player Brian Auger sat in with the New Experience. Photo by Sanaz Danesh

One thing that a lot of people might not know is that the Doors didn’t originally have a bass player. Ray Manzerak played the bass lines on an organ using the pedals. Maybe for this reason, Robby has cool organs and great keyboard players that come and sit in. Legendary Hammond Organ player, Brian Auger stopped by to play with the New Experience on Light My Fire. Brian is known for playing with Sonny Boy Williamson and Jimi Hendrix in the 60s. He sounded great on Thursday at the Seven Grand.

Shana Adler (center) was the opening act
Shana Adler (L) with Robby Krieger (R). Photo by Dustin Brown
Brandino (L) with Robby Krieger (R) at the Seven Grand in Los Angeles. Photo by Sanaz Danesh

Dale Alexander on drums was a real treat. The stage at Seven Grand doesn’t look like much, but the sound was perfect. Dale plays so well with Brandino. He has a lot of feel and doesn’t play too loud.

Brandino at the Seven Grand on August 8, 2029. Photo by Sanaz Danesh
The New Experience. Photo by Paul Lester
Brandino on bass with the New Experience. Photo by Paul Lester
Brandino on bass with the New Experience. Photo by Paul Lester
Brandino (L) with Robby Krieger (R). Photo by Paul Lester

The young crowd at Seven Grand was really into the performance. Seven Grand is one of downtown LA’s hottest bars and the scene on Thursday was off the hook. We look forward to the next performance of the New Experience!

Dustin Brown

Dustin Brown

I am the Senior Editor at HollywoodPressCorps.com.

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Celebration of Life: Haideh at Westwood Village Memorial Park & Mortuary

From left to right; Persian pop sensation Sattar, from West Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce Roozbeh Farahanipour, former Beverly Hills mayor Jimmy Delshad and LA City Councilman Paul Cortez. Photo by Sanaz Danesh
(Hollywood Press Corps) — Sunday, April 29, 2018 — The West Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, Pierce Brothers Westwood Village Memorial Park & Mortuary, and KIRN 670 AM SoCalPersian.com held a  celebration of life for Persian singer Haideh. Haideh was an iconic Iranian singer of classical and pop music. She was an ambassador to Iran. To many people she is timeless. She is considered one of the most popular singers of the 20th century Iran. Haideh rose to fame and captured the hearts of her nation when she began to sing with dramatic flair and a huge dynamic range in the 1970s. Like many of her countrymen, the Iranian Revolution of 1979 forced her into exile and she moved to Los Angles. When Haideh was 48 years old, she passed away from a heart attack in January of 1990. This memorial was an event to celebrate her life. Haideh’s albums are still bestsellers and her songs are played on Iranain television stations. Her amazing talent continues to enchant generations of people all over the world.
Guests enjoying the grounds at Pierce Brothers Westwood Village. Photo by Dustin Brown
Haideh’s neice, Sahar (L) with Roozbeh (R)
Haidaeh’s birthday celebration at Pierce Brothers Westwood Village. Photo by Dustin Brown
Dustin Brown from the Hollywood Press Corps (L) with Stan Scott (R) from Pierce Brothers Westwood Village Memorial Park & Mortuary
Haidaeh’s birthday celebration at Pierce Brothers Westwood Village. Photo by Dustin Brown

Sahar speaking at the memorial. Sahar is Mahasti’s daughter. Mahasti was the younger sister of singer Haideh.
Legendary Persian violin player Siamak Pouan. Photo by Dustin Brown
Haideh’s son, Keyvan Nouri (L) with Roozbeh Farahanipour (R). Photo by Dustin Brown
 There were so many Iranian celebrities and politicians from all over Los Angeles in attendance. This event was hosted by Farangis MC & Gharib Afshar.  Farangis MC began with an introduction. Stan Scott from Pierce Brothers Westwood Village Memorial Park & Mortuary spoke about the Dignity Memorial. West Wood Village Memorial Park is such an amazing place. It’s the resting place of so many luminaries. People like Jack Lemmon, Hugh Hefner, Marylin Monroe, Don Knots, Bob Krane and many of Hollywood’s legends are interred here.
Roozbeh Farahanipour from the West LA Chamber of Commerce is the owner of the Delphi Greek, the only Hellenic, or Greek, restaurant in Westwood. Photo by Dustin Brown

Next to speak was Roozbeh Farahnipour from the West Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce. Roozbeh is such an amazing person. Known for being a leader in the movement for Iranian cultural resistance and the chairman of the Marz-e Por Gohar resistance movement which advocates the overfthrow of Iran’s Islamic government, Roozbeh connects so many Los Angeles business people. His position at the West Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce and running his restaurant, Delphi Greek, on Westwood boulevard, keeps Roozbeh very busy.

LA City Councilman Paul Coretz from Fifth District. Photo by Sanaz Danesh

Next up to speak was city councilman Paul Coretz from the City of Los Angeles’ Fifth District. Paul is such a great public speaker and always has something interesting and funny to say. Haidehs’s son, Keyvan Nouri, spoke about Haideh’s life. A few of the speakers spoke in Farasi, so was is difficlut to understand them, but I think most people were speaking on their connection to Haideh and how special she was. Parviz Garib Afshar spoke a lot in farsis but in the end he said a few words in english about Haideh.

Persian pop singing sensation Sattar. Photo by Dustin Brown

The next speaker was Hassan Sattar. Mr Sattar also sang two soulful songs. Sattar is known as an Iranian pop star who also sings classical. He became famous in Iran before the Iranian revolution of 1978. He had become a Phalavi Royal Family court singer up until the policitcal uprising in the 1970s. It was a real treat to hear Sattar perform. The crowd was trying to push into the tiny chapel to take a video on their iphones.
Former Beverly Hills mayor Jimmy Delshad. Photo by Dustin Brown
 Next to speak at the Memorial for Haideh was the former mayor of Beverly Hills, Jimmy Delshad. He spoke about his experience as an Iraninan in Los Angeles and how he wanted to become mayor to make a change. He also spoke about Haideh and how amazing she was in her singing. Next up was Westwood Communtity Council Chairman Steve Sann. Afghan songwiter, Farid Zoland, spoke about his colaboration with Hiadeh. Communtity College Representative Scott Svonlin spoke about his commitment to provide one free year of community college to Los Angeles resident high school students. Mr. Svonlin said that he supports former President Obama’s commitment to provide free communtiy college to anyone. He continued to say that Mayor Eric Garcetti and Govenor Jerry Brown were commited to a project that gives students one year of community college for free. So, together, students can have two years of free community college.
Roozbeh Farahanipour (L) from West LA Chamber of Commerce, LA City Councilman Paul Coretz (C), and Keyvan Nouri (R). Photo by Sanaz Danesh
Roozbeh said a few words in closing about Haideh and her amazing life. Haideh’s son, Keyvan Nouri, also said a few words in closing. Haideh’s music still inspires many Iranian and Farsis speaking people.
Dustin Brown

Dustin Brown

I am the Senior Editor at HollywoodPressCorps.com.

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