The energy level at the Canyon Club in Agora Hills on Friday night was high and the 80’s vibe was strong as the crowd anxiously anticipated the arrival of Fee Waybill and “The Tubes” to hit the stage. But before the hit band of 40 years of iconic music appeared,Continue Reading

The Ultimate Jam crew brought us back into the major era of rock and roll on Tuesday night at the Whisky. Singing songs from the 80’s and dressing in shimmering gold Lamé, each and every performer gave 110% and transported the audience back three decades, to a time that fashion forgot!Continue Reading

Another Tuesday night success at the Whisky A GoGo and the Ultimate Jam Night. The talent is always unbelievably awesome, but this time there were wild and crazy stunts in addition to some of the biggest names in rock and roll history – all under one incredible roof! The night opened withContinue Reading