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Fusion Designs Caricatures: Live Art Entertainment Experience at Paris Comic Con

Superheroes saved the day at Paris Comic Con. Angel Lopez and Kevin Cardona, founders of Fusion Designs Caricatures, and their crew Sandra Carrano, Amy Jimenez, Erick Macias, Alex Casanova, Sam Sellers, Chris Meesey and Damion Dunn flew all the way from LA to attend one of the most pop-cultured and artistic convention. They are talented artists who come from different backgrounds. Most of them worked at Universal Studios or Six Flags before conquering the world’s greatest conventions. Now they travel the world together and produce amazing caricatures and artworks.

With Angel Lopez, co-founder of Fusion Designs Caricatures

Hollywood Press Corps had the pleasure of meeting Fusion Designs at Comic Con Paris 2016. They are approchable guys with a great sens of humour. Their booth atmosphere is laid-back and friendly. Although poorly located on the mezzanine of the convention center, they didn’t go unnoticed. Armed with pastels and air paint, they were busy drawing and connecting with the public.

“Caricature me like one of your French Girls” should have been how the quote goes. Because what’s more amazing than a piece of art done by a caricaturist. Portraits on oil canvases or photoshoots are overrated; caricatures are the real deal. Cheaper, faster and funnier, they bring something more to the picture. Moreover, their talent and the quality of their works are way higher than the usual caricatures you may find in the streets.

I had the honour of getting my caricature done by Chris Meesey (aka Meesimo). Trained by Tom Richmond and Ed Steckley, he is regarded as the most talented artist by his colleagues. Illustrator, caricaturist, painter… he wears many hats. He has published several books and produced comic books (Knucklehead Comics, SWALLOW, Extremities). On his website, you can check out his amazing artworks: http://meesimo.com
He is really easy to talk to. Everyone was gathering around, admiring the prodigy at work. Seeing the result of the caricature was impressive. The way he captures one’s personality in a caricature is rare.

Caricature by Chris Meesey

Erick Macias and I got to talk and know each other while Chris was drawing me. “The most popular demand from people is to be drawn as Harley Quinn.”, Erick told me jokingly adding that they don’t seem to care how insane of a character she was. But that’s what caricatures are about, self-deprecation. Erick produces beautiful caricatures. He is a skilled and self-taught artist and knows the value of communicating with the person he is drawing.

Dustin Brown also had his caricature done by Chris. Here is his experience:

“I had the opportunity to get a Caricature drawn by Chris at the Paris Comic Con. Chris is a talented artist that draws caricatures for Fusion Designs. The Comic Con event was winding down on the the Sunday that I attended. Fusion Designs was busy drawing some of the people in attendance. Chris chatted with me as he drew. I asked him to make me a superhero. We decided Batman would be the best choice. Chris works so fast. I couldn’t see what he was drawing. We talked about comedy writers from Saturday Night Live and Chris’ experience as a caricature artist at Universal Studios in Hollywood. The end result was just amazing. Chris is truly a master level artist. I didn’t get a chance to speak with Chris after he showed me the drawing he made as he had to start on another one. I will cherish the drawing of me as Batman with an over sized chin. I’ll always remember the 2016 Paris Comic Con and the great day I had. All the people at Fusion Designs were so nice. It was such a great experience. “

Dustin Brown and Chris Meesey

The friendliness of the artists at Fusion Designs takes away the intimidating process of getting one’s caricature done. For 10 to 20 minutes, you get to sit, talk and laugh with the caricaturist. At the end, it feels like you have to say goodbye to an old friend.

Damion Dunn’s artworks were also spectacular. He worked at Universal Studios Hollywood as a caricature artist and is now illustrating and working with Fusion Designs. His drawings of futuristic, estranged creatures are fascinating. He has is own style and brings something unique to his caricatures. On his blog http://damion009.blogspot.fr, he shares his latest pieces and his love for art. He also showed us a caricature of the crew he had done as a gift. It allow us to see the Fusion Designs crew as one big family, passionate about what they are doing.

Snapshot of the gift artwork on Damion Dunn’s phone

You can follow them on Facebook and Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/fusion_designs/ to see their incredible artworks. And you can even email them at http://services@fusiondesigns.biz if you want to host a unique live art entertainment experience in your living room!


Laurie Le Bomin

Writer and photographer based in Paris, France.

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Comic Con 2016

Do you ever wish to save the entire world with cool superpowers and tight spandex like I do? The answer should be yes. Otherwise you may be living in another dimension were pop culture doesn’t exist because every human living in the 21st-century on planet Earth is obsessed with space raccoons, storm troopers and meta humans.
Just go to the Paris Comic Con and you’ll understand. This year, cosplayers from all around the world joined forces to showcase their best costumes. From Jedis to Harley Quinn and the Joker, every cosplayer had their unique style, walking among the visitors and taking selfies with them.

I had the chance to cover the first day (October 21st) of the 2016 Paris Comic Con and be part of this intense 3 day exhilarating convention.
The convention center opens at 9:30 am and arriving early is the best way to beat the crowd and avoid the long lines that start to form rapidly at animation booths. You could take pictures with BB-8, stormtroopers or even get a polaroid photo of you at the Instax by Fujifilm booth.

Cosplayers at the VR booth. Photo by Laurie Le Bomin
Cosplayers at the VR booth. Photo by Laurie Le Bomin

The VR experience was also popular. The PS4 instalment allowed visitors to fight crime as Batman and the Partouche Booth offered a Roller Blaster 4D experience.

Canal was a generous exhibitor, handing out bags and entertaining visitors with quizzes and opportunities to win gifts.
Many exhibitors not only promoted their brand and merchandise, but they were also eager to share their passion. Figurines, t-shirts, comics and costumes were a big hit among fans.

Even if you left your light sabre at home (because of safety regulations of course) you’ll have plenty of opportunities to demonstrate how well you use the force. There was a light sabre initiation proposed by the Light Sabre Sport League and many other opportunities to get your hands on one.

Light sabre initiation. Photo by Laurie Le Bomin.

There were plenty of Star Wars themed activities; ranging from photos to conferences.
I attended the masterclass delivered by Lorne Peterson, FX artist. He created most of the models for Star Wars. He shared his experience with humour and gave us funny behind-the-scenes anecdotes.

Lorne Peterson. Photo by Laurie Le Bomin.

At lunch time, superheroes get hungry as you’ll witness spidermen and batmen waiting in line to get a hot dog or fresh crepes at the food corner. I decided to try Japanese delicacies. I even treated myself to a freshly baked matcha and dark chocolate cookie.
To feed another hunger, the one for series and movies, I went to see the Warner Bros. Television event which projected trailers for up and coming movies and the first episode of the Season 3 of the Flash. After that, the pilot episode of Supergirl was on the menu.

Star Trek Cosplayer being interviewed. Photo by Laurie Le Bomin.

Erik Larsen, illustrator known for his work on Spider-Man Marvel and other comics gave a conference. Visitors got to discover his career at the Masterclass room.

Other talents were here; actress Eliza Dushku, costume designer for Agent Carter Giovanna Melton, actress Carice Van Houten, cosplayer Leeanna Vamp, comic artist Trevor Hairsine, HBO storyboarder William Simpson…

The highlight of the day was the Luke Cage panel. Actor Mike Colter, costume designer Stephanie Maslansky and illustrator Shawn Martinbrough gave us an insight of the creation of the new Netflix show. Everyone was listening attentively to the interesting process of how the character was brought to the screen.

Luke Cage Panel. Photo by Laurie Le Bomin.

After clapping my hands cheerfully to several rounds of applause, I went to the mezzanine floor of the convention center. The atmosphere was laid-back and intimate. Illustrators were signing books or artwork and connecting with their fans.

I came across the Fusion Designs Caricatures booth. These guys offered amazing artwork.

To end the day on a good note, I attended the Premiere of the movie Arrival. It was such a compelling movie. The kind that makes such an impactful impression on you that you want to see it again. Just like how badly you want to go to Comic Con again next year!

The opening day of the Comic Con 2016 in Paris was a gathering of visitors and die hard fans wearing spandex and other cool costumes. At the masterclasses and other conferences, we had the chance to listen to professionals who described us how they created these great projects. We also got to see an exclusive of the Arrival, never shown before. Comic Con 2016 was a marvellous experience. Hollywood Press Corps is looking forward to the third edition next year.


Laurie Le Bomin

Writer and photographer based in Paris, France.

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MaMA Festival: The Music Marathon To Run To in Paris


It’s 3 days, 145 concerts, 15 venues and 81 conferences for professionals.

If you love music more than running a marathon, then you are probably like everyone else. And thanks to the MaMA Festival, you will be able to have your own marathon; that is to say dance the night away to diverse and incredible musical performances.

With 15 venues you won’t have to run a mile to get to (they are all located in the same area of the neighbourhood of Montmartre and everything is within a five minute walking distance), the MaMA offers a unique live music experience. Moreover, you get some fresh air between concerts, talk business or if your feet get tired dancing there’s also the Metro 2 you can ride and bars to keep you hydrated!

The best part of the MaMA festival is that there is always a concert scheduled somewhere. Conveniently, there is an app you can download on your smartphone. You will have all the information about the artists and the schedule. Picking a random venue and letting yourself be surprised by a new band or singer (you will now be obsessed with!) is exciting.

I had the chance to go to the Festival for The Experience Magazine. Here’s my experience:

Day 1: Jazz, electro, guitar acoustic, reggae… a night to remember

On the first day, Gaspard Royant showcased his smooth dance moves and jazzy tunes at the Cigale.
The Slow Show gave the crowd chills with heartfelt and emotion filled songs at the Divan du Monde.
Nouvelle Vague electrified the scene with passion and devilish lyrics.
In a softer atmosphere and more private venue, Siv Jacobsen at Au Petit Moulin and Charlie Cunningham at the Theatre de L’Atalante transported us, playing acoustic guitar and putting us in a mellow mood.
After that, the Legendary Tigerman’s mad rock and roll performance and Biga* Ranx’s fast pace rapping and reggae hip hop style turned our heads around, making it a night to remember.

Gaspard Royant
Gaspard Royant perfoming at La Cigale, Paris. Photo by Laurie Le Bomin.

Day 2: The marathon continues with rap music, electro, disco pop…

Youssoupha, a well-known French rap artist, performed in front of an admirative and playful crowd. He shared so much energy and emotion with the crowd in celebration of the record label BELIEVE’s ten year anniversary.
Then, a beer in hand and Shannon Wright on stage playing piano and singing enchanting melodies was the ideal setting to relax.
The duo Tambour Battant took everyone back in a party mood. Electronic sounds and drums shook the whole venue of La Boule Noire.
Kumisolo played with the Kung Fu Boys at Le Bus Palladium. She’s a lovely singer that blends disco pop and French songs beautifully and humorously. Her soft voice and upbeat songs were a splendid way to end the night.

Day 3: The grand finale: French and British gems

On the third day, jazz player Guillaume Perret fired up the stage with psychedelic saxophone harmonies and gave a powerful visual experience.

Guillaume Perret
Guillaume Perret on stage. Photo by Laurie Le Bomin.

Pogo Car Crash Control, a young energetic French rock band performed while flipping their hair to the beat of the drums and bass guitars.
Samba de la Muerte introduced fascinating experimental sounds at the Divan du Monde.
At the Cigale, the venue turned into a club thanks to the electronic mixes of La Fine Équipe. Then, French dandy singer Christophe enchanted the crowd with his velvety voice full of emotions.
Two Londoners performed at the Boule Noire. First, Jelani Blackman, a rapper and saxophonist. Then Jake Isaac, who recently signed a record deal. Both were immensely talented. Especially Isaac who took his acoustic guitar and sang among the crowd. His last song, performed a cappella, was poignant and heavenly. The perfect notes to end the marathon and head to bed.

Jake Isaac
Jake Isaac performing among the crowd. Photo by Laurie Le Bomin.

Of course there are so much more concerts I did not get to attend but my ears, eyes and heart are pleased with the ones I saw.
As the MaMA Festival is mainly a professional event, this is the business playground to go to for people working in the music industry. It is a great opportunity to network and discover new artists. But curious people and music enthusiasts are welcome too. It’s a breathtaking event everyone has to experience!

check out their link here;




Laurie Le Bomin

Writer and photographer based in Paris, France.

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