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The Fourth Annual Nollywood Awards is a Great Success

The fourth annual Los Angeles Nollywood Film Association (LANFA)’s Nollywood Awards took place on Saturday August 6th at the James Bridges Theater at UCLA. This event recognized renowned international talents in the film, music and media industries within the African communities globally. LANFA has experienced tremendous growth since it’s inception and wanted to appreciate all those who have stayed the cause and also given back to their communities. King Bassey is the founder of the Nollywood awards and LANFA. Mark Sevier was the LA Coordinator of LANFA and Amelia Johnson was the head of marketing. Additionally Mark won a best actor award for the film “The Chosen One.”

Mistress of Ceremonies Denise O'Brien, Founder of the Nollywood awards King Bassey, awardee Vida Ghaffari and presenter Ford Austin
Mistress of Ceremonies Denise O’Brien, Founder of the Nollywood awards King Bassey, awardee Vida Ghaffari and presenter Ford Austin
Awardee Mark Sevier
Awardee and LA coordinator for the Nollywood Awards Mark Sevier
Beauty queen and model Amelia Johnson and Mark Sevier
Beauty queen and model Amelia Johnson and Mark Sevier

HPC’s own Vida G. , who is also an award-winning actress and fashion and beauty blogger, was presented with a prestigious Excellence in Media Award at this prestigious event. Celebrated actor Ford Austin presented Vida’s award to her.  Ford is Vida’s co-host on their popular Facebook live show, “Live with Ford and Vida.”  “Live with Ford and Vida” was also an official sponsor of this auspicious event. Entrepreneur Laverne Tillis also presented this award to Vida.

Awardee Vida with her award and presenters Ford Austin and Laverne Tillis
Awardee Vida with her award and presenters Ford Austin and Laverne Tillis. Ford and Vida are dressed in Sai Suman Couture
Romane 4th from left with actor Said Faraj (second from left) and all the other awardees.

Also in attendance was filmmaker and awardee Romane Simon, who is also a prolific author. Simon has an interesting background. Originating from Haiti, his grandfather was Antoine Simon, the president of Haiti.

Presenter and founder of the World Networks Lousine Karibian with awardees Said Faraj and Vida Ghaffari

More info at http://www.Lanfaa.com

Photos courtesy of Mark Sevier and Bob Delgadillo

Dustin Brown

Dustin Brown

I am the Senior Editor at HollywoodPressCorps.com.

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LANFA Award-Winning Filmmaker to Screen His Films

On Saturday, September 12th at 1pm, Kelechi Eke, who was bestowed the Movie Achievement Award fron LANFA (Los Angeles Nollywood Film Awards), will be premiering his award-winning films, “The Other Tribes” and “Weeping Ashes,” as the ACME Studios in North Hollywood.

Award-winning filmmaker Kelechi Eke
Award-winning filmmaker Kelechi Eke with his award

“The Other Tribes” explores the biases tribes have towards each other and “Weeping Ashes is based on true events that primarily took place in Uganda.

Posters for Eke's "The Other Tribes" and "Weeping Ashes"
Posters for Eke’s “The Other Tribes” and “Weeping Ashes”

LANFA’s goal is to promote actors, actresses, directors and producers in Nollywood to Hollywood, and to develop a technique that will enable them to work together in producing quality films. This goal gives greater media exposure, increases awareness, visibility, and opportunities to those who need to promote their projects. This esteemed organization also wants to eventually build a healthcare center in Africa to give the best medical help for those in the film industries and others who can’t afford to do so. Another goal of LANFA is to construct a state-of-the-art studio in Los Angeles for the production of technologically advanced film, TV, and theatre projects. King Bassey is the founder and CEO of LANFA. 

I had the honor of being a presenter to my good friend, noted fashion designer Eugene Sidney, who received an award from this wonderful organization.  I also really enjoyed learning more about Nigerian films and that creative community. More info at http://www.lanfaa.com/

The trailers for “The Other Tribes” and “Weeping Ashes” are at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXluIl14BYk and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCGucwjX5VQ&feature=youtu.be

More info about these films at http://www.bigobi.com/ and for tickets to the screening, please go to http://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-other-tribes-weeping-ashes-movies-premiere-in-hollywood-september-12th-2015-tickets-18198961584



Vida G.

Vida G.

Vida is an actress and journalist who lives in Los Angeles, California. She is the co-founder of the Hollywood Press Corps.

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