Quynh Paris’ Futuristic Fall/Winter 2016-2017 Show

The stars sparkled in the sky and on the runway at the super sparkly “The Light of the Stars” Quynh Paris Fall/Winter 2016-2017  at the Pacific Design Center (PDC).  The PDC turned out to be the perfect venue for Quynh as it was a romantic setting with a vast runway surrounded by water, which really highlighted Quynh’s futuristic designs, which were inspired by the elements.

“My couture pieces and my ready to wear pieces have the same inspiration: the universe and all its stars. Via my couture pieces we can see nebulae, planets, light beams…In my ready to wear pieces we can see the trajectory of lights, either straight lines or curves,” said Quynh.

All this made for a vivid, whimsical and exciting show. It was reminiscent of Jane Fonda’s Barbarella on the runway.

Acclaimed designer Quynh has a great mix of East meets West given her worldly outlook and the fact that she has studios in Paris, Saigon, and Southern California!  Even the crowd at Quynh’s events was worldly with prominent members of the Vietnamese community like the Mayor of Fountain Valley Mike Vo to noted members of the press and Vietnamese artists as well as a European , Middle Eastern and American guests.

I also enjoyed the opening of the show, which started with a spirited performance from international singer Thanh Thoi. Thanh was dressed to impress with a top hat and a cool bespoke jacket designed  by Quynh. His rendition of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” added to the ethereal theme of the evening and was a stellar beginning.

“Thanh comes from Australia. I loved his voice and presence  the first time I heard him sing. He is not only a singer, but  also a dancer and a stage director,” she added.

He has much in common with Quynh, who is an accomplished painter, dancer and violinist before she became a fashion designer. This multi-talented artist  incorporates her love of these art forms in her stylish couture collections with volume, asymmetric constructions, 3D sculpture structures that have a life of their own, as well as fluid movements, painting and her use of rich colors and intricate details.

More about Quynh at http://www.quynhparis.com/

Vida G.

Vida is an actress and journalist who lives in Los Angeles, California. She is the co-founder of the Hollywood Press Corps.

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