Pop Art at the Galerie Montaigne in West Hollywood

It was an amazing night on Friday, February 19th as the stars came out to West Hollywood check out art at Galerie Montaigne. The Hollywood Press Corps was on the red carpet at as the celebrities and artists arrived. Known for his Belgian neauvaux pop art, Georges Monfils was presenting amazing sculptures that everyone was talking about.

Raised in Flemish Belgium and Northern France, Georges Monfils’ style mixes his “old world” heritage with his exposure to the “factory” (Andy Warhol) cult. His style is referred to as “nouveau pop”.  No topic is “off limits” for Monfils. He had sculptures in the middle of the space that were made of vinyl records. One piece had a Star Wars theme that resembled Darth Vadar…on a turntable.


In the back of the main gallery was an egg chair by artist Jonathan Loubens. Decked out in skulls and spikes, the chair was a huge conversation piece. Actor John Savage agreed that it would look great in anyones living room.

Loubens uses inspiration from haute couture, music, and poetry, trying to create artworks that honor those arts. His career full of spirituality and eccentricity gave him the desire to explore new paths. He now dedicates himself to the creation of unique and priceless works of art.


Also on hand and walking the red carpet was artist Fano


After growing up in the fashion industry, Fano’s artistic fiber and undeniable talent were inspired after spending three years in Antilles with the love of his life. Out of nothing, he finds himself at the head of a fashion empire in the textile industry, after having created the “trapeze dress” fitting all morphologies. Between Paris and the Antilles island, he chooses to stay in the front line by designing all store-front windows of the boutiques he opens, himself, showing his unending controllable taste for creation.

In the back outdoor area was Loneroc (Laurent Proneur) —

Music and self-expression drove Laurent through significant success as both a producer and performance. Best known for being a part of the Street Art movement Laurent, then LONE, pioneered hip-hop in Europe alongside greats like MC Solar, Menelik, and NTM. Inspired by this new poetry, dance and fashion, Laurent expressed himself by creating a lifestyle of radical freedom that focused on color, impact, and pushing the boundaries of perception. Currently painting in Los Angeles, he describes his work as a “neoteric experiment in fine art graffiti”. Sometimes frenetic, but more often grounded in purposeful focus, Laurent’s work vacillates between instigating deep self-reflection or insisting the simplicity of a beauty moment.

His art has to be seen to be believed.

It was such a great night of art and fashion. The Galerie Montaigne knows how to throw a fun VIP event!

Dustin Brown

Dustin Brown

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