Fabulous Make-up Artist

Fabulous Make-up Artist!

Well loves, I know you all have missed me, as I have been gone for awhile…well my mom had a stroke and my grandmother passed away. It has been a trying time, as I have missed you all terribly. Nevertheless, I met this fabulous young lady who is a great make-up artist!

She can transform you into a different person. I have posted a few pictures for your viewing pleasure. If you would like your make-up done for weddings, night on the town, prom, birthdays or you just want to look fabulous, contact Destinee!

before and after

destinee pictures

Destinee is also available for videos, fashion shows, and photo shoots. Destinee will travel, so what are you waiting for? Email her at destineeajefferson@gmail.com.

Until next time!

Monica G.


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