Brooklyn-Based Future Wave Band The Fantastic Plastics Release Their New Single “We are Obsolete”

The Fantastic Plastics
The Fantastic Plastics

The Hollywood Press Corps recently got a chance to interview Brooklyn-based Future Wave band, The Fantastic Plastics. They just dropped a new single and they’re calling it , “We are Obsolete.” The track is just one cut from their forthcoming full-length album, Devolver.

You can stream it/snag the embed here:

Here’s the interview;

1. What is the concept of The Fantastic Plastics?
We are from the present time that the people of the 1950s / 1960s envisioned when they dreamed of the 21st century. People 50 years ago had such optimism for the future. They thought the future would be a panacea as opposed to the dystopia it has become. We are from that optimistic future, that alternate dimension, transported here and now that we are here we will make it all better.

2. What are your influences?
We are equally influenced by music, books and movies. Most of our influences do not exist in this dimension. However, since arriving, we have found inspiration in Gary Numan, DEVO, Kraftwerk, B-52s, and The Ventures to name a few bands. From the literary world, we are mostly inspired by William Gibson’s Nuromancer trilogy and George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty Four. When it comes to film we take fashion inspiration from Barbarella, 2001 A Space Odyssey, THX-1138 and many more from the genre.

The Fantastic Plastics
The Fantastic Plastics

3. Have you ever been to Japan/do you know any words in Japanese?
We have not been to Japan, but it is our goal to get there soon. They seem to be the closest society to that optimistic future we spoke of; especially in fashion and design. Of course we know the phrase: domo arigato Mr Roboto.

4. If you could be any instrument what would it be?
The “Holophoner” from Futurama.

5. What is something that would surprise people to know about you?
Trans-dimensional travel has caused us to constantly crave something you people call a “Cheez-It.”

6. What are your thoughts on New York City fashion?
We love that NYC fashion is such a mix and that you can express your creativity and personality through fashion without judgment. However, on the other hand, this is also a very corporate city, with a larger number of people who feel the need to conform in that world. This is why people from other cities equate New Yorkers with always wearing black. We are just hoping to influence more people to wear silver futuristic space suits on a daily basis.

7. What does “gentrification” mean to you?
Supposedly it means progress but we find that hard to believe. They destroy and tear down old buildings that have stood in some cases over 100 years and replace them with cheaply made glass boxes. We’d like to see self-sustaining architecture. Buildings covered in solar panels with garden rooftops meant to last hundreds of years and off the grid completely. That would be progress.

8. Can you tell us about an interesting experience on the New York City subway?
We could tell you many, but most are x rated and or involve things that would turn your stomach. We once did a photo shoot on the subway for our “Outsiders” EP that involved us wearing some huge furry neon insect masks and silver space outfits. We were amazed that nearly no one batted an eye or gave us a second glance. That right there says a lot about New Yorkers and NYC Fashion.

9. What was the last book that you read?
UBIK by Philip K. Dick. It is a trip to read. We read somewhere that Michel Gondry was trying to adapt it into a movie. Fingers crossed.

10. Do you have any words of wisdom for your fans?
Keep Moving Forward
This was such a fortunate experience to interview the Fantastic Plastics! Stayed tuned to the Hollwood Press Corps for future announcements regarding the upcoming album, Devolver.


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