Brandino’s Birthday, Roast & Recovery 2018

(BURBANK) September 19, 2018 – Kevin “Brandino” Brandon celebrated his 64th birthday and recovery at Tallyrands Diner in Burbank. Brandino has been working hard in physical therapy at Kaiser Permenanente. A few of the staff members from Kaiser were at the party to sing happy birthday and otherwise chat with friends, neighbors and other people close to Brandino. This last year was tough on Brandino and he had a major health scare that saw him hospitalized. He’s been working hard and was happy to have his friends and family around him during his birthday. Brandino donned a doctors coat and proclaimed himelf “Dr. Brandino” after learning so much from Kaiser.  Brandino’s sister, Cheryle, was the host for the evening. She was reminicing about her high school days when Brandino, Doug Jr., and Cheryle were all in a family band together back in 1969. She told me about the time that Doug had the idea to drive to Colordao to play a gig once. It took Doug and Brandino 20 hours to drive to Colorado while Cheryle flew in. She said the gig was fine, but that Doug and Brandino were singing the blues when they had to drive back to Los Angeles after the gig. Cheryle said it was the last and only time they played a gig in Colorado.

Group shot. Photo by Dustin Brown
Raymond Pounds – drummer for Stevie Wonder. Photo by Sanaz Danesh
A member from the Los Angeles Fedration of Musicians Local #47 was on hand and many people insisted their union dues were paid up. Iconic LA jazz singer Janis Mann was posing for Instagram photos and being herself. Janis can be seen performing at the Write Off Room, Catalinas and the A Frame.
Brandino (L) with Vince Wilburn Jr (R). Photo by Sanaz Danesh
Harvey Newmark from the Long Beach Symphony Orchestra. Photo by Sanaz Danesh

Freelance profesional bass player Leslie Baker (Dave Mathews Band) was enjoying the menu at Tallyrands and chatting with Brandino. Bassist and composer, Edwin Livingston, who is a close freind to Brandino was hanging out with many of the jazz musicians who came to celebrate Brandino’s birthday. Drummer and nephew to Miles Davis, Vince Wilburn Jr, was talking to Brandino about appearing on his radio show for KPFK (90.7FM) called “Evolution of the Groove.” Musician, producer and songwriter Wayne Leslie was happy to see Brandino make his speech. Wayne is the former keyboard player for the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. There were many more friends, family and neighbors in attendance. The Hollywood Press Corps had the talented photographer Sanaz Danesh at the event.

Brandino (L) with Leslie Baker (R). Photo by Sanaz Danesh

Brandino is a Grammy winning producer, composer, arranger, and bassist. He also plays jazz flute. Brandino has created music for many TV shows. Brandino created a tune called “Singularity,” which was nominated for Best Pop Instrumental Album of the Year in 2011. Brandino recorded this with Robby Krieger of the Doors. Brandino has worked with Aretha Franklin, Ty Dolla $ign, James Brown, Michael Jackson, Bootsy Collins, Justin Timberlake and Mary J Blige. Brandino is known as a hard worker, a teacher and a living legend. Check out the link to Brandino’s website to read his incredible story;

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