Bioprile Secret Cream for Women from Japan

(HOLLYWOOD PRESS CORPS) — SEPTEMBER 6, 2017 —There is a new product for women that is gaining popularity in Japan. It is known as Bioprile.

This is a growth factor cosmetic. This cutting edge product is the first cosmetic to contain human growth hormone or stem cells. Growth factor contains a special protein that is important in the skins re-generation process. Growth factor also slows down skin aging. This amazing “secret cream” has so many health benefits and might be a revolution for women everywhere.

Biorpile is applied directly to the vagina. The skin in a woman vagina is different than the skin on the rest of her body. It’s more like the skin inside her eye. This skin dries out as she gets older. Biopile is applied directly into a woman’s vagina. While each woman has a different experience when applying a stem cell based product, here are a few things that women noticed;

● The skin on my entire body has become well hydrated and smooth after 1 – 2 tubes.
● My face feels tighter and looks lifted. People are asking me if I have lost weight and compliment me on how I look.
● I am less troubled with cramps and the uncomfortable pre-menstrual itch and the smell during the period is less bothering now.
● I am surprised that my skin appears lighter now.
● The amount and nature of my vaginal discharge has changed.
● The day after I use the serum, my body feels agile and I have more energy.
● I have many problems with menopause, but now I feel better.
● My vagina is no longer dry or itchy. I love her now!
● I am no longer bothered by urine leakage that has been a problem for a long time.
● My breasts are slightly firmer, my waist got smaller…I cant believe it!
● I feel more ecstasy during sex, and want to engage and experience it more. My partner is also impressed and more interested now.


By using Biorpile with 20% of stem cell fibroblast broth, a woman’s vagina as well her entire body can be rejuvenated.

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Email; brillante Co. Ltd

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