GUARDaHEART Foundation Presents Unmasked Heart Disease Featuring DIABETESpredict.

GUARDaHEART Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to fighting heart disease with the mission: “LEARN. DETECT. PREVENT.” GUARDaHEART works with strategic partners, healthcare providers, and other non-profit organizations to promote awareness through education and risk detection tools, to ultimately empower preventative action and reduce the risk of heart disease worldwide.

DIABETESPredict is an advanced genetic testing for the prevention of diabetes. DIABETESpredict is a laboratory test that provides a high-sensitivity and high-specificity evaluation of the genetic predisposition to develop diabetes.

PULS Cardiac Test is a simple, non-invasive blood test that predicts the likelihood of a patient having a heart attack within the next five years. It works by detecting the true leading cause of heart attacks: Unstable Cardiac Lesion Ruptures. PULS Cardiac Test Wins 2016 Diamond ABBY Award for Innovation in Healthcare.  Dr. Douglas H. Harrington is the inventor of the PULS Cardiac Test.  A complimentary PULS Cardiac Test was made available to any guest that wished to take the test at the event. 

Douglas S. Harrington, MD will speak about DIABETESpredict and PULS Cardiac Test. Dr. Harrington is the Chairman of the GUARDaHEART Foundation and a Fellow of the American Society of Preventive Cardiology and the American Society of Clinical Pathology. 

Estrella Harrington (Founder of GUARDaHEART Foundation), Dr. Douglas S. Harrington (Chairman of the GUARDaHEART Foundation, Fellow of the American Society of Preventive Cardiology), Braunwyn Windham-Burke (RHOC), Richard Nevels (Actor/ HBO’s Insecure), Jeremy Miller (Actor/ Growing Pains), Ryan James (Actor/ Amazon Prime’s The Underground Railroad), Deja Mattox, (Plays Savannah in Disney ‘Big Shot”), Dave Meadows (Military Navy SEAL, Producer), Simon Lunche (Music Artist), CC Perkinson (Lifetime actress, NBC reality star, Professional Jockey), Nimi Adokiye (Actress, Bob Hearts Abishola), Annie Nelson (Author & Founder of American Soldier Network), Dusty Lang (Six Gun Sal, Southern Rock Band -Rhythm Guitarist), Matt Geinitz, (six Gun Sal, Southern Rock Band-Bassplayer), Juliet Ramos (Model), Neil D’Monte (Actor Storyboard Artist), Michelle Ware, D.0. (Board Certified Physician, Owner of Los Feliz MedSpa), Tom Hallick (Young & Restless), Jane Galloway, (Dr Jane Galloway Founder of T.R.I.B.E.), Anthony Pazos (WE tv’s L.A. Hair,) attended or were expected to attend.

The event took place at a private residence in Newport Beach with drinks, heart healthy food and entertainment provided. Snacking and drinking libations while overlooking the bay filled with yachts, all while supporting good health is an ideal way to spend a Saturday in Southern California.

A Night of Shopping, SEx and Rock N Roll

 “A Night of Shopping, Sex + Rock N’ Roll with billion dollar disruptor and founder of the media dubbed “female  viagra” Cindy Eckert and Celebrity Fashion Designer Nikki Lund”, in Dallas, Texas was a tremendous success! The evening included the release of Nikki Lund’s newest Destiny collection inside MKT Store hosted by Nikki Lund and Cindy Eckert CEO/ Founder of Pink Ceiling. The night began with celebrity arrivals who graced the pink carpet as they mingled with the media. Amanda Orso, The High- Low Hostess entertained the star studded group with her Covid themed signature cocktails, aperitifs, and exquisite decor. All celebrities and media were gifted  a custom swag bag created by The High-Low Hostess. To top it off all guests will had a chance to shop Nikki Lunds Collection first! Special thanks to our sponsors; Didiani Beauty,Floetic Beauty, Vitabrid C12, Luxie Beauty, Kelly’s Kreations Soy Candles, Frenchie Baulè Vodka, Zonin, Haywire, and Baloons WOW.
Thank you to all celebrity talent that attended:  Nikki Lund, Cindy Eckert, Taylor Tomasi, Erica Rose (The Bachelor, Below Deck), Amanda Orso (High-Low Hostess), Manny Fresco (Social Influencer), Kari Brittingham (RHOD), D’Andra Simmons (RHOD), Cindi Rose (Married to Medicine), Dr. Jessica Sheperd and many more. 

Growing up in Los Angeles, Nikki Lund cultivated the three unique passions that would come to define her empowering life journey and multi-faceted career. She can trace her success as a world renowned fashion designer to those moments she spent learning to sew watching her mother and grandmother. As a songwriter and musical artist, she was inspired by her mom, who sang Italian opera, and her dad, a bass player. Her performances and popular recordings with her brother Trevin (including the rock band Secret Minds and her current dance/pop tracks) had their roots in having their sister shoot artsy music videos when they were kids. And when Nikki sold $10,000 worth of butterfly hair clips on a trip to NYC at age ten, she offered a preview of her incredible ongoing run as the visionary fashion entrepreneur behind the global brands Eccentric Symphony, White Trash Beautiful and Nikki Rich.  

For the creative hyphenate, Renaissance woman and cultural tastemaker, all of these previous accolades laid the foundation for breakthroughs on all fronts in 2016. Returning to her first love of making edgy, high octane music, Nikki (recording with Trevin on guitar) kicked her career as a pop/dance artist into high gear with the release of her powerhouse single “Love Overdose.” The track, co-written with Lauren Christy of seven time Grammy winning songwriting/production team The Matrix, reached #12 on the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart.

She brings that same passionate spirit to her new Nikki Lund signature clothing line. The 200 item collection incorporates elements of her previous three brands. Nikki believes there is something effortlessly cool about California style, and her goal is to bring some of that breeziness to women’s wardrobes. Doing a little research into what makes women crave the style of “beach babes,” she learned that it’s because they are surprisingly polished, though it never feels like they try too hard to create a great outfit.

“The Nikki Lund signature line has some of the edgy elements of White Trash Beautiful and Nikki Rich,” she says, “and goes back to the Eccentric Symphony styled loungewear that allows savvy women consumers of all ages to dress up and dress down with a rock and roll edge. I focused a lot of my favorite silhouettes from throughout my career that are great for mix and matching, including blouses, dresses and jackets. It’s functional clothing, washables and wearables that translate to day or night wear.” 

Emerging as a force in the industry after cutting her teeth in the NYC fashion world working runway shows as an intern for Jill Stuart and Anna Sui, Nikki has put on dozens of wildly successful runway shows for her various lines. She has been widely celebrated for her sophisticated, fashion forward ready-to-wear designs and custom creations for a host of   superstars, including Carrie Underwood, Kate Beckinsale, Robert Plant, Miley Cyrus, Nicole Scherzinger, Heather Locklear, Blake Shelton, Jon Bon Jovi, Kelly Clarkson, Demi Lovato, Steven Tyler and Britney Spears.

“My new brand Nikki Lund represents the first time I had enough faith in myself to launch a brand completely by myself,” Nikki says of the line, which is completely manufactured in Los Angeles. “I have the most fun creating something from nothing and seeing how people respond to my ideas and designs. I’ve always been a rock and roll chick pushing the envelope. When people check out my clothing and my songs, I want them to know I’m an outside the box thinker, a genuine, down to earth artist who is committed to the fashion and music industries for the long haul. I also create contemporary paintings and am a passionate ambassador for the children’s charity Art of Elysium. I’m working towards a future of value and usefulness. I like helping people with my God given talents. I am a funnel and will keep giving back and exploring all the limitless possibilities. As long as I have breath in my lungs, I have a purpose to fulfill!” As seen in; The U.S. Sun, Entertainment Tonight, Hollywood Life, Vogue 


Self-made and stiletto strapping, Cindy has built two businesses from scratch and sold them for record setting returns. Her exits total more than $1.5B. See why Fortune called her “a tireless force of nature” and Entrepreneur Magazine put her on their cover of Women to Watch.

Cindy has been featured in…

Entrepreneur | Fortune | The New York Times

Vanity Fair | Inc. | The Tim Ferriss Show

Forbes | TEDx | MSNBC | Fast Company

Multi-Instrumentalist Brandino Returns!

(HOLLYWOOD PRESS CORPS) — Los Angeles, CA — Monday, June 14th, 2021 — The Hollywood Press Corps recently caught up with Brandino. Brandino has been working on various projects for TV during the pandemic. Now that things are opening back up again, Brandino has several projects and concert dates that he’s ready to announce. The first big announcement is that the New Experience will be performing at the Seven Grand on July 1st. Brandino, Ed Roth, Franklin Vanderbilt and Robby Krieger are raring to go. This will be a fun show. We had a few questions for Brandino as he gets ready for the new gigs.

Hollywood Press Corps (HPC): July 1st at the Seven Grand 2021! The New Experience is back! Hello Brandino! What have you been up to for the last 16 month?

Brandino: The New Experience is back baby! The last time we played together was March 13th, 2020 at the Baked Potato. The amazing Ed Roth on keyboards, Franklin Vanderbilt on drums, Robby Krieger on guitar and of course Brandino on bass! I’ve been busy writing music for TV. I was in the music studio with Tyrone Griffin Sr., Ty Dolla Sign’s father, recording a new jazz track with a bebop feel. 

HPC: How has life been during the pandemic? 

Brandino: Life is good, but it’s like being in jail. I recently got a new puppy, Roscoe. He is enormous. Like a tree trunk. Me and Billie are getting used to him.

HPC: What have you done during the pandemic to improve yourself? 

Brandino: I am always playing and studying music. I bought a dobro at the start of the pandemic. That’s a lap steel guitar that you play with a steel slide. I play dobro, lap steel, 6 string acoustic guitar, electric bass and seven string bass. I also play 5 string concert bass, and 5 string cello. 

Here’s a link to Brandino Sound Box. This Grammy awarded project has been remastered.

Personnel on Sound Box is as follows: Andy Laham piano, Oscar Seaton drums, Brandino upright bass, Michael O’neill guitar, Mike Thompson guitar, Keith Fiddmont saxophone, Kamasi Washington tenor sax, Rodney Taylor on sax. 

The Hollywood Press Corps looks forward to the next update from the New Experience and Brandino.

Dustin Brown

Dustin Brown

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FIRST Annual “Ride for the rite”

May 29th ushered in a resurgence on Memorial Day weekend, a resurgence of freedom, support for veterans and music for all. Held at the Scottish Rite Cultural Center in Long Beach, performances by Scott Gronsky, Kimberly Dawn and headlines by Southern Rock band Six Gun Sal helped raise much needed funds for homeless and disabled veterans.
Among the many sponsors included Hint Water, Double Cross Vodka and promoted by Kelly K Public Relations. Guests included Tito Ortiz, Amber Nichole Miller, Pam and Morris Chestnut, as well as a large host of others, all enjoying the beverages and food in the VIP room while celebrating the freedoms we enjoy as a result of our brave men and women of the military.
No masks were required and after a year and a half of restrictions, I can only say the freedom of exposing our smiling faces was refreshing but pales in comparison to the freedoms our veterans fought and still fight for.

New Music Video BLACK CITY NIGHTS Is Released by ALWAYS YOU

“Black City Nights” is the first release from the upcoming Always You “Bloom Off the Rose” LP, which will arrive on July 16, 2021, through record labels Shelflife and Discos de Kirlian.

Always You

The glamorous music video “Black City Nights” from Always You is directed by Nathan Castiel. It is produced by Jerry Paper, mixed by Kenny Gilmore, and mastered by Josh Bonati. Nathan Castiel is an American filmmaker of Mexican and Moroccan-Israeli descent, and is a graduate of USC’s School of Cinematic Arts. Jerry Paper is an American songwriter and producer who has been releasing music since 2009. Dawna Lee Heising and Jerry Paper are featured in the music video. The superstar sax solo is by Marta Tiesenga. Hair is styled by Allison DeMoss.

Actress Dawna Lee Heising strikes a pose

Formerly known as Ablebody, Anton and Christoph Hochheim now perform under the name Always You. Christoph says the video is about “loneliness and what people do to escape it, as well as the hopefulness that keeps us pushing through.”

Pre-order the digital/vinyl “Bloom Off the Rose” here:

See the music video “Black City Nights”, directed by Nathan Castiel, at:

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Dustin Brown

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New Trailer for Shoot from the Hip 3: rage of the phantom

The new trailer for Shoot From the Hip 3: Rage Of the Phantom is out!

Here’s what the show is about…Welcome detective Marvin Smith.  The one and only “Swivel” Hips Smith.

Although new on the force, Detective Smith was hand picked by the archdiocese of Strand City to help police authorities and specifically detective ‘Juice’ Jones take down nefarious cartel leader “MUG LUSTER” and his mysterious boss ‘MR. FELIX’ (genre star Mel Novak from Bruce Lee’s Game of Game of Death, and Eye for an Eye opposite Chuck Norris).  Even though Jones is simple minded, he seems to have an uncanny knack for action, kung fu and saving the girl!

Smith, Jones and feisty new partner detective Dixie Reynolds (Natasha Coppola-Shalom, Nicholas Cage’s niece, member of the legendary Coppola Family), embark on a mission of mercy to save Strand city, and possibly the world in each and every threat that they face, including the mysterious and powerful vigilante “The Phantom”. Can this cop caper trio defeat Mr. Felix and his hoard, or will the infamous “Phantom” beat them to the punch in helping the helpless, defending the defenseless and to defeating the defeatless.

 After Jessica is abducted by a new evil force, detective Smith and Jones go on a dangerous mission to find her, only to uncover the underground “Shadow Palm” cult has abducted her and many other beautiful women.

Here’s the trailer:

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Dustin Brown

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WOULDN’T IT BE NICE? Los Rios Rock School’s Recreation of the Beach Boy’s Pet Sounds

(HOLLYWOOD PRESS CORPS) — Los Angeles, CA — Friday, October 9th, 2020 —Since Pet Sounds was released in 1966, this sophisticated album by the Beach Boys has evolved into what many consider to be one of the most influential albums in rock and roll history. 

All photos by Alex Kluft

In 1967, the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences were struggling to figure out what to do with this rock and roll deal, so the nominees for Album of the Year included were Frank Sinatra, Barbra Streisand, Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass, Maurice Jarre for Dr. Zhivago and The Beatles for Revolver.

Pet Sounds was not included in the Grammys, but in the fullness of time the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences inducted Pet Sounds into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1998. And many music historians place Pet Sounds at or near the top of the most influential rock and roll albums of all time.

There’s a long Wikipedia listing for Pet Sounds detailing the influence of the album over the decades, genres and eras but this is one of the best bits: “Paul McCartney later credited Pet Sounds as an influence on his increasingly melodic bass-playing style and cited “God Only Knows” as ‘the greatest song ever written.’”

Pet Sounds has resonated from 1966 across the decades and into the 21st Century – all the way to Los Rios Rock School in San Juan Capistrano – where a team of talented teens – and their mature mentors – challenged their talents to re-create Pet Sounds.

In May of 2019 student-musicians from Los Rios went into the studio to re-create Pet Sounds in a single day of recording – an ambitious project to re-create a famously complicated project that took months of recording and engineering by Brian Wilson and his Merry Men.

The session was filmed by Alejandro Herrera and that can be seen here:

When the contenders for Grammy Award Nominations for 2020 were announced they included:

Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album

Los Rios Rock School – ‘Pet Sounds’

Producers: Clint Haycraft, Phil Allen, Erin Blagdon,

Spencer Askin, Tyler Marolf, and Chris Bates


Best Music Film

Los Rios Rock School – ‘Pet Sounds’

Director: Alejandro Herrera

Producers: Clint Haycraft, Phil Allen, Erin Blagdon,

Spencer Askin, Tyler Marolf, Chris Bates, and Justin Norman

And there was much rejoicing. Here is a Zoom of the reaction:

Mark Linett is a record producer and audio engineer who has worked with Brian Wilson, Rickie Lee Jones, Los Lobos, Jane’s Addiction, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Randy Newman and has won three Grammy Awards. 

“As the guy who has worked with Pet Sounds and the Beach Boys’ recordings more than anyone, I wanted to congratulate everyone involved in the Pet Sounds recordings by the school’s students. the renditions are all great and several reminded both myself and my partner Alan Boyd of the excitement we felt when hearing the Pet Sounds album for the first time.”

The final nominees for The Grammy Awards will be announced Wednesday, Nov. 20 by 15-time GRAMMY-winning Alicia Keys and Chair of the Board of Trustees Harvey Mason Jr. in a nominations press conference.

And then the envelopes. According to “On Jan. 31, 2021, the 63rd GRAMMY Awards will be happening, rain or shine, COVID-19 vaccine or not. Because the show is still months away, whether or not there will be a live audience or red carpet will be determined and revealed closer to the big day, as the health and safety of artists, guests, crew and staff is always front of mind during every GRAMMYs.”

A bunch of kids could win a Grammy or two for re-creating music made when their parents were teenagers. It’s a quick train ride and an Uber – or maybe a limo? – from San Juan Capistrano to the Staples Center in Los Angeles and maybe some of the talented teens and mature mentors from Los Rios Rock School will take that ride – and maybe come away with some metal.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

You can read the whole story and hear some of the songs here:


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Dustin Brown

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NEW MUSIC: Musician Dylan Garcia Pays Tribute to Tom Petty & Latinx Heroes With Surf-Rock Version of I Won’t Back Down

(HOLLYWOOD PRESS CORPS) — Los Angeles, CA — Tuesday, September 29th, 2020 — Surf Rocker Dylan Garcia will release his new single I Wont Back Down on Friday, October 9, 2020, 11 years to the day Garcia was released from a mental institution.  The track is a cover of Tom Petty’s hit song released in April 1989 as the lead single from his first solo album, Full Moon Fever. The song was co-written by Petty and Jeff Lynne, also his writing partner for the album.

Dylan Garcia

I Wont Back Down was at the center of a legal controversy last year when the family of the late Tom Petty filed a legal notice against the Trump campaign for the illegal use of the song at a Tulsa, Oklahoma rally.  

“I’ve made no secret of my past mental heath struggles and will continue to use my platform to raise awareness.  This release was also inspired to put a spotlight on those who, like me, never backed down.  October 9th is an important day for me. The timing of this song is incredible and speaks redemption of coming back from one of my darkest times. From all the battles in my life, this song always gave me hope” said Garcia from his recording studio in Oxnard, California.   

The surf rock version of I Wont Back Down was produced by Garcia and Jayden Secor, featuring an original hip hop drum beat and surf rock reggae flow. The track will drop October 9th on all digital platforms including Spotify & Apple Music. 

Dylan Garcia was born and raised in Oxnard California. He is the oldest in a family of five. His father Abel Garcia Jr. is a major inspiration as well as his late grandfather, Abel Garcia Sr. a decorated Korean War Hero. In 2012 the family discovered by DNA tests that he was 98.9% Ojibwe Native. 

Dylan doing a virtual interview

Garcia started his artistic journey by writing poetry at age 12. While in high school, his friends were in rock bands. They were doing what he really wanted to do: play music. However, he was pushed into playing baseball and football. He soon began bodyboarding. Little did he know surfing culture was going to be a major influence in his music career. By the age of 19, he purchased his first guitar while at the University. Songwriting came organically as the next step.

He received nominations to attend West Point and The Air Force Academy, but life had other plans. Garcia played baseball at Ventura College until he received a shoulder injury and had reconstructive surgery.

Garcia transferred to UC Irvine as a sophomore, lived in Newport Beach and surfed every day. Getting his heart broken was a great motivation to play guitar and write music. His life consisted of going to school, working two jobs, surfing and teaching himself how to play the guitar. Being from a Native American and Latino family and being the first one to graduate from college was a very big deal.

In 2009, Garcia began his professional music career working with legendary Grammy winning producer Ronnie King (Pepper, Steel Pulse, Tupac, Mariah Carey, Snoop Dog, Pennywise, Rancid.) He has also worked with David Elecciri Jr., lead guitarist of Grammy Nominated reggae band Steel Pulse as well as with five time Latin Grammy Producer Kenny O’Brien. Incidentally, it was Kenny O’Brien who compared his style with Bob Dylan and the name stuck.

Dylan Garcia

Also, in 2009, Garcia was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. This crisis sent him into a mental institution only to emerge and give his most iconic performance to date at the House of Blues in Anaheim, California. This is one of the reasons Dylan wants to give a voice to Mental Health awareness and help erase the stigma associated with it.

Dylan Garcia’s discography includes: Just Another Day, Unpredictable, and Game of Life as well as their music videos. His record It’s All Good is licensed in Australia. 

Dylan Garcia supports N.A.M.I. (National Alliance on Mental Health) for their efforts to help not only those with mental illness, but to educate families.

Link to listen to I Won’t Back Down audio

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Dustin Brown

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The New Experience Celebrates Brandino’s Birthday at Horse Latitudes Music Studio

(HOLLYWOOD PRESS CORPS) — Los Angeles, CA —Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020 —The New Experience got together for a rehearsal and to celebrate Brandino’s birthday. Robby Krieger, Brandino, Ed Roth and Franklin Vanderbilt were all ready to kick out the jams after being in self-isolation for the last six months. In the studio with the band was Mike Dumas famous head engineer at Horse Latitudes Recording Studio. Mike had the band sounding like a million bucks.

Birthday boy Brandino turned 66! But he looks 46! OK?! All photos by Dustin Brown

The most iconic jam of the night was when Robby launched into the Donnie Hathaway song, “Valdez in the Country”. Such a cool tune. You know the New Experience is fired up when you hear them play “Valdez.”

Robby brought some spirits to celebrate Brandino’s birthday. Robby, Franklin and Ed all raised a glass to Brandino. Robby doesn’t drink alcohol, but everyone else really enjoyed the celebration. It was all about Brandino on Wednesday night. A lot of fun. Everyone washed their hands.

The New Experience is looking forward to a time when the bars and music venues open back up. It looks like 2021 is going to be a busy year for the New Experience.


Dustin Brown

Dustin Brown

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Roozbeh Farahanipour’s Mary and Robbs Westwood Cafe

(HOLLYWOOD PRESS CORPS) — Los Angeles, CA — Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020 — Mary and Robbs is a neighbourhood coffee shop in Westwood. The new owner, Roozbeh Faranipour, just opened the cafe for sidewalk dining. Mary and Robbs has a reputation for serving gourmet American bistro fare. Mary and Robbs has the best breakfast in Westwood Village. Roozbeh is well known in the Westwood community. He is the owner of the Delphi Greek restaurant which is a few doors down from Mary and Robbs. Roozbeh is the president of the West Lost Angeles Chamber of Commerce and president of the L.A. chapter of the California Restaurant Association. 

I stopped by Mary and Robbs for breakfast this last Tuesday. It was standing room only in the outdoor dining area. Roozbeh was very busy making sure everything was just right. I got a chance to speak to David Hekmat.David has owned Mary and Robbs for 41 years. He bought the restaurant from the previous owner in 1979! David picked Roozbeh to run Mary and Robbs and keep all the traditions, the staff and the same menu. Roozbeh told me that the Pulled Pork Sandwich is is his favourite item on the menu and that I’ll have to come back sometime and try it. For vegetarian options, Mary and Robbs offers the Beyond Burger. I can wait to try both of them!

The Eggs Benedict is a specialty here. Mary and Robbs uses a family recipe. I saw some the diners eating the Eggs Benedict and the Omelette s. They looked so good. Mary and Robbs is now offering delivery. You can call the restaurant at (310) 478-3822. They are also using Uber Eats, Postmates, GrubHub, and Doordash. 

I stopped by Mary and Robbs early. I wanted to try the basic breakfast with eggs, hash browns, bacon and toast. It was so good. I would describe the food as gourmet diner food. The staff here is very consistent and they use the very best ingredients. The bacon was crispy, the eggs were cooked perfectly. I’m so excited to have a destination breakfast spot. It’s great that a community leader like Roozbeh has taken over Mary and Robbs traditions. The staff is enthusiastic and ready to get back to work. Once the pandemic ends, we’ll all be able to sit in the comfy booths and dine at the lunch counter. 

The Hollywood Press Corps highly recommends Mary and Robbs. Stop by when you’re on the Westside of Los Angeles.

Dustin Brown

Dustin Brown

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