Alek Sandar to Debut Video of Pop Single P.O.R.N.


Alek Sandar's hot new single P.O.R.N.
Alek Sandar’s hot new single P.O.R.N.

The Hollywood Press Corps recently spoke  with electro-pop artist Alek Sandar. He’s soon releasing a video for his latest international pop single, “P.O.R.N.” featuring the amazing transgendered performer Amanda Lapore. The one thing that might surprise you to learn about Alek is that he is an International Business Studies major from the University. When I sat down to Skype with him, he was in Berlin.
HPC: Hi Alek! Nice to see you! Before we talk about your new single, can you tell us about Bulgaria?
Alek: My memories of Bulgaria are very positive. I got started there.
HPC:Where are you today?
Alek: I’m in Berlin. I’m visiting family and friends. I just played an exclusive show in Prague, Czechoslovakia. It’s so nice and modern there. It’s even cleaner than New York City!
HPC: Where do you stay in New York City?
Alek: I have a place on the Lower East Side. I recently played Webster Hall. It was a great show! So many people! The large clubs like Limelight are getting rare. I recently performed at La Baine on the rooftop of the Standard Hotel. The day that I played La Baine, Madonna was filming a video for, “I’m Madonna Bitch!” That was pretty cool!
HPC: Who do you work with in New York City?
Alec: Suzanne Bartsch puts on these unbelievable shows in NYC. I have to thank her! She puts these events together. She’s incredible.
HPC: You recently worked with Japanese EDM artist Ansoni. Where did you meet him?

Alek Sandar Drops In an exclusive still from his aticipated video "P.O.R.N."
Alek Sandar in an exclusive still from his aticipated video “P.O.R.N.”

Alek: We met in New York. He invited me to the studio. We clicked immediately. We would write songs all night till 7:00 AM. Ansoni told me that he enjoyed working with me because I know exactly what I want to do in the studio.
HPC: How did you get started in music?
Alek: My dad is an opera singer and my grandmother taught me piano as a child in Germany. I became a producer of music. I started in Germany, France and Bulgaria. Everyone expected me to be a manager of International talent but I realized when I produced that I wanted to express myself.
HPC: Tell us about your highly anticipated new track,”P.O.R.N.”
Alek: I did this with the amazing Amanda Lepore. It’s an “in your face” song that reflects the attitudes of my generation. We have become attention whores. Our obsession is “likes” and “hashtags”. The way you get fame today is by posting sexy videos and prostituting your body. We want as many likes so we can become famous. The metric is – if something is really good or really bad you will get “likes”. If you look at someone like Donald Trump, he has a lot of “likes” for saying things that a lot of people don’t like. The video is fun and outrageous. There’s an overweight girl who is very sexy. Also Amanda Lapore adds a gorgeous element to the video. Please watch it!
HPC: When does the video come out?
Alek: We’re scheduled to release it in August, 2015.
HPC: What are your travel plans?
Alek: I’ll be in Bulgaria next week and New York City in September, 2015.
HPC: Great! we hope to see you in Los Angeles soon!


Here’s a link to Alek Sandar’s soundcloud page for,”P.O.R.N.”

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