Rockin The City Of Angels

Hollywood, CA – With the Rockin The City Of Angels book, you can experience one of the greatest decades of music all over again. This book has brought together photos of the biggest concerts of the 70s in Los Angeles and text that really goes behind the scenes of the various shows in the book. With artists from AC/DC to the Who, and venues from the L.A. Forum to the Whiskey A Go Go, this book really takes you inside the music scene in L.A. in the 70’s.

Doug Harr lived in L.A. during the 70’s and loved going to concerts and photographed those experiences.

Not only are the biggest artists in music shown, but also the legendary photographers that captured those artists like Richard E. Aaron, Ian Dickson, Neal Preston, and Neil Zlozower. Not only are the concerts of 70s covered in the book, but also studio albums, live albums and movies recorded during that era.

From Frank Zappa at the Roxy to Led Zeppelin at the L.A. Forum, Rockin the City of Angels really does give a great insight to all the historic concerts in L.A. and era of music to never be forgotten.

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