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(HOLLYWOOD PRESS CORPS) — Los Angeles, California —The Hollywood Press Corps stopped by Lionsgate Films for a private screening of the new film Boneyard, out July 5th. This film has Mel Gibson, 50 Cent, Brian Van Holt and Nora Zehetner in starring roles. It also features Weston Coppola Cage as a killer.

Director Asif Akbar (L) with actor Vincent E McDaniel (R)
Asif Akbar (L) with Vincent E. McDaniel (R)

This film was directed by Asif Akbar. Asif is a visionary filmmaker who wrote, produced and directed Boneyard. Boneyard is an American crime thriller. Mel Gibson plays a somewhat retired FBI agent who shows up in his aloha shirt to help come up with a profile for the serial killer. 50 Cent plays the police chief who is caught between the FBI and his local detectives.

In speaking with director Asif Akbar, he said that this is an important story to tell. There are still tips coming in from victims’ families regarding the grisly murders. The best scene of the film is when Mel Gibson gives a lesson to the detectives on serial killers. Gibson’s character is a man obsessed with finding the killer. He retreats to his hotel room and has several meditative moments on trying to discover the killer.

Son of Nicolas Cage, Weston Coppola Cage, at the Boneyard private screening

The film is based on a true story when the remains of 11 women are discovered in the desert in New Mexico. A huge investigation is launched as the different members of law-enforcement hunt for the killer. Their methods and systems don’t exactly jibe.

As the movie moves along, it’s hard to say who the killer is. There are different layers of corruption going on in this small town.

Director of Adverse Brian A Metcalf (L),with entertainment attorney Nadia Davari (C) and 2nd unit director for Boneyard Philip Tan (R) at the Boneyard private screening at Lionsgate Films

It was a lot of fun to meet the cast before the movie. It was great seeing everyone in the movie who had been killed having a cocktail after the screening.

Check out Boneyard starring Mel Gibson! Comes out July 5!

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