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MC Dirty D Debuts California Bitches

(HOLLYWOOD PRESS CORPS) — NOVEMBER 26, 2018 — California Bitches is the latest rap project from up and coming indie horror movie director, Dustin Ferguson. A quick check of his IMDb shows that’s he’s known for producing, directing, and editing sequels and remakes of old horror films like “Sleepaway Camp”. Dirty D is Dustin’s MC persona.  Dustin says that although California Bitches may sound misogynist,  the lyrics are a metaphor.

MC Dirty D

The title track comes right out and calls  California Bitches “witches”. If one is to not take the lyrics seriously, it seems that Dirty D is using exaggeration for effect.  This is a rap song with  “Old Skool Beats, New Skool Beats, What’s the difference? Same to me” in sotto voce playing in the background.  This track really comes to life in the remix.  Track 10 reassembles California Bitches with a funky bass and guitar intro. Dirty D’s raps are tight! Track 11 remixes California Bitches into a trippy remix that is almost unrecognizable.

The track called, “Can’t Stop Me Now” is fun! I can hear Dirty D in the mix rapping about his successes. The layered synthesizers are backed by the drum machines and the vocal samples.

Track 6 is “Nasty”. Dirty D is smoking blunts, and rapping to the people who have pissed him off. This is ghetto rap for the Indie Horror set! It’s meant to be fun while going dangerously close to sounding misogynist. If you’ve ever had a chance to watch a slasher film, you’ll see a similar air of disregard for politcal correctness. Dirty D fits in with the Post Malone era of rapping to a subset who are in on the joke. While some may see the lyrics as derogatory, Dirty D produces this music to express his sardonic view on California.

Here’s a recent video from Dirty D

You can buy your physical copy of the CD by sending $10 (+$5 U.S. S/H or $10 Non-U.S.) PayPal to: RetroHorrorRemix@gmail.com

Dustin Brown

Dustin Brown

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