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Authentic Greek Food at Delphi Greek in Westwood

Los Angeles, Ca – May 31st, 2017 – The Hollywood Press Corps stopped by The Delphi Greek restaurant in Westwood for a delicious press dinner. Roozbeh Farahanipour and his wife, Rana, are well known in the West Los Angeles restaurant scene. The Delphi Greek has been providing quality food in Los Angeles for over 30 years. Roozbeh became the owner of this West Los Angeles eatery in 2009.

Roozbeh Farahanipour

Roozbeh Faranipour is the nicest guy I know in West Los Angeles. Roozbeh loves his restaurant and the food he serves. As soon as we arrived for the press dinner, Roozbeh poured me a big glass of Retsina wine. The word retsina comes from the word resinated. Retsina is a famous wine in the Mediteranean region for its pine flavor that originally came from the pine resin that was used to seal the cask. It has a strong taste and its flavor is used in Greek food.
I have to say, my favorite thing about Delphi Greek are the cold appetizers. I don’t know a place that does Hummus and Tabouli better. I could eat just pita with hummus and tabouli at Delphi Greek it’s so good. Hummus, of course, is just Garbanzo beans whipped up with some lemon juice. The hummus is super fresh at Dephi Greek.

The appetizers were so delicious and freshly made

The Tabouli has wheat, tomatoes, onions, parsley, lemon juice and olive. So tasty. We ordered another pile of warm pita bread so we could eat all of the appetizer plate. We were also treated to Tzatziki, which is one of my favorites. Tzatziki is yogurt, cucumber and olives. Again, no one does Tzatziki as good as Roozbeh and his culinary team. Also on the cold appetizer plate, you simply must try the Melitazanosalata. This is a Greek style babghanoosh. It’s eggplant whipped with yogurt and tahini. All the appetizers were so good. We were drinking our wine and saying, “Opa!” which is the Greek way to celebrate life.

The lamb at Delphi Greek was high quality meat grilled perfectly

As the press dinner proceeded, we were treated to the flaming cheese dish that is a popular Greek appetizer. The dish is called Saganaki. It’s quite a spectacle to see the server light a pan of cheese on fire and sear the cheese at your table. It has a European flavor that’s not common in the states.The Delphi Greek delivers this dish with a flourish and its fun to see everyone’s reaction to the flaming cheese.

Dustin Brown (L) from the Hollywood Press Corps and Roozbeh Farahanipour (R) proprietor of the Delphi Greek restaurant in Westwood, Ca

Being a soup lover, I had to try the Avgolemono. This is a traditional Hellenistic, or Greek, lemon chicken soup. The Delphi Greek does a great Avgolemono. So fresh and just the right amounts of key ingredients. The Avgolemono paired well with the Retsina wine.

For a main course, I tried the lamb. This featured four pieces of lamb marinated in olive oil. This was so delicious. The meat at Delphi Greek is so fresh. I don’t know how Roozbeh does it, but he buys the highest quality meat. The pork chop is also expertly made, and a bit of a top dish at Delphi Greek.
The one thing that would surprise people to know about Delphi Greek is its connection to the local political scene. Assemblymen, diplomats and the West Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce often eat at Delphi Greek.

The desserts at Delphi Greek are tasty traditional recipes

Thanks to Roozbeh and his entire staff for putting on a Press Dinner. The food, the company and the journalists were so much fun. Stop by to Delphi Greek in Westwood soon!
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Dustin Brown

Dustin Brown

I am the Senior Editor at HollywoodPressCorps.com.

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Enjoying fine wine and a romantic atmosphere at Barrique Venice
Enjoying fine wine and a romantic atmosphere at Barrique Venice

Venice, California is known for its eclectic culture and artistic vibe. Among the many shops and stands are hidden some of the best dining destinations in Los Angeles. Barrique easily scores at the top of the list for fine Italian faire.

Barrique is located on Main Street in a lovely, yellow, bungalow-style home with indoor and outdoor seating. It is clean, modern and very romantic. Soft lighting intentionally keeps the room dark and reliant upon the ambient candle light from each individual table. The atmosphere is very intimate and perfect for a memorable dining experience.

The idyllic and picturesque dinning room at Barrique Venice
The idyllic and picturesque dinning room at Barrique Venice

The Hollywood Press Corps Magazine was greeted by Tony Black, owner of Barrique Venice. He seated us upstairs at a cozy table for two by a window. The tables are made from wine barrels giving the modern theme a rustic twist. Tony presented us with a wonderful, light, crisp white wine Molise from Italy to be paired with our first course, a delicious Branzino and Sea Urchin Carpaccio with Sea Weed and Orange Wedges. This was an amazing choice to begin our meal. Light and full of flavors, perfectly balanced and just enough to entice us before our next antipasto treat.

The delightful foie gras as prepared perfectly
The delightful foie gras was prepared masterfully

Chef Antonio Mure joined us at our table to inquire about our experience so far and to present our next tasting, Grilled Foie-Grass served with Pan Brioche and poached  pears. The understated elegance of this dish was a pleasant surprise. Not too rich or heavy, this also paired beautifully with the wine. The portions at Barrique are exactly right. Just enough to enjoy the flavors and move on to the next delicacy.

Chef Mure shaving mouth watering truffles on to a plate of handcrafted mushroom ravioli
Chef Mure shaving mouth watering truffles on to a plate of handcrafted mushroom ravioli

Chef Mure and Tony Black were both very attentive and a real delight to spend the evening with. Chef Mure would arrive with each of his courses to give us a little history of the dish and a back story on his process and presentation. The next course was home-made Red Beet Tagliolini Pasta, Marsala Quail Ragù on a Bed of Taleggio Cheese Fondue. Tony paired a fruit forward Sicilian Red wine with this dish and the two flavors played in perfect harmony. Chef Mura was so proud of his dish and referred to his pasta as “orgasmic” and “better than sex”. And with that statement came the next pasta dish, a traditionally hand-pinched, home made ravioli filled with fontina cheese from the Piedmont region of italy. The ravioli were delicately dressed in a white truffle butter sauce and Chef Mure personally shaved truffles over the top of the dish for an extra bump of exquisite flavor.

The Mediterranean Sea Bass was prepared with braised Maui Onions and fresh Zucchini
The Mediterranean Sea Bass was prepared with braised Maui Onions and fresh Zucchini

For our main course, we were presented with a Grilled Mediterranean Sea Bass with Braised Maui Onions and Zucchini in a Blood Orange Sauce. We also reverted back to a white wine, a lovely citrus toned chardonnay that enhanced the slightly tart fruit flavors of the seafood dish. Once again, it was the perfect pairing. The sea bass was tender and flaky with a delicate hint of Italian seasoning and earthy flare.

To finish our evening we enjoyed a traditional Italian Easter cake from the Naples region. It was a light version of a cheesecake, sprinkled with powered sugar and lined with a creme fraise sauce and berries. Buttery, flakey and simply delicious.

The entire meal was satisfying yet light and healthy, allowing us to have enjoyed many wonderful flavors without feeling over stuffed at the end of the evening. Great food, incredible ambiance, and delightful character from both restauranteur Tony Black, and Michelin Star rated chef Antonio Mure left us feeling happy and satisfied and ready to make reservations to come back very soon! HollywoodPressCorp definitely recommends Barrique for an incredible dining experience and an intimate retreat for close family and friends.



The dessert at Barrique is the perfect ending to the meal. All photos courtesy Judy Hansen Pullos
The Italian Easter Cake dessert at Barrique is the perfect ending to the meal. All photos courtesy Judy Hansen Pullos


Judy Hansen Pullos

Judy Hansen Pullos

Judy is a journalist and photographer. She lives in Southern California.

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Tickets are on sale now for the City of Angels’ annual culinary jubilee, featuring a live performance by Questlove and The Roots, and welcoming a distinguished list of Michelin-starred honorees, James Beard Award winners, and Food & Wine Best New Chefs including Tyler Florence, Curtis Stone, Thomas Keller, and Michelle Bernstein, among others.

Left to right, Ahmir “?uestlove” Thompson, Tyler Florence, Michelle Bernstein, Curtis Stone, Thomas Keller
 Ahmir “?uestlove” Thompson, Tyler Florence, Curtis Stone, Thomas Keller and Michelle Bernstein

WHAT: Los Angeles Food & Wine, produced by Coastal Luxury Management and presented with founding partners FOOD & WINEand Lexus, announces its 2015 festival lineup and live entertainment as it celebrates its 5th anniversary August 27-August 30. On sale now, tickets for individual events range from $50-$350, with package and VIP options starting at $650.

Set to feature three-nights and four-days of unrivaled tastings, lunches, seminars, book signings, cooking demonstrations, and special events, showcasing the finest in food and drink culture, marquee events and talent this year will include:

§ “Ultimate Bites of LA Presented by Lexus”on Thursday, August 27,hosted by Curtis Story, kicks off the festivities with special guest curator and DJ,Ahmir “?uestlove” Thompson,spinning live on stage and handpicking several of his favorite culinary mavericks to show off their talents

§ “Lexus Grand Avenue Night Market”on Friday evening, August 28, hosted byTyler Florence, featuring small bites from culinary masters Charles Phan (The Slanted Door), Jet Tila (Pakpao Thai), and Hannah An (The District), among others

§ “Lexus Live on Grand featuring The Roots”; on Saturday, August 29, featuring tastings from over 30 chefs and 100 wineries

o That same night,The Roots will join bandmate Ahmir “?uestlove” Thompson on the “Lexus Live on Grand”; main stage as the festival’s headlining musical entertainment

§ The festival’s acclaimedPower Lunch Series returns on Friday, August 28, with exclusive chef collaborations taking place at Los Angeles’ premier restaurants across the city including:

o Neal Fraser (Redbird) and Markus Glocker (Bâtard/NYC) at Redbird

o Ray Garcia (Broken Spanish) and Jenn Louis (Lincoln Restaurant/Portland, OR) at Broken Spanish

o Celebrity Chef Elizabeth Falkner, Ben Spungin (Coastal Luxury Management), and Ricky Webster (The Ace Hotel) at The Ace Hotel

o Michael Fiorelli and Rebecca Merhej (Love & Salt) joined by Zack Pollack (Alimento) at Love & Salt

o Nancy Silverton (Mozza) & Mourah Lahlou (Aziza) at Osteria Mozza

Please continue to visitLAFW.com for updates and details on full programming of events, chefs, wineries, sommeliers, mixologists, and culinary talent participating at the 5th Annual Los Angeles Food & Wine festival.

WHEN: Thursday, August 27 through Sunday, August 30, 2015

WHERE: Headquartered in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, with main events taking place directly in front of the iconic Walt Disney Concert Hall (with closures along Grand Avenue, between 1st and 3rd street), the 5thannual Los Angeles Food & Wine festival will also feature tastings, dinners, lunches, seminars, cooking demonstrations, and special events located across parts of greater Los Angeles including Downtown, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Hollywood, and more.

TICKETS: Tickets are available to purchase by visitingLAFW.comor by calling 855-433-LAFW (5239)

PHOTOS: Images of the Los Angeles Food & Wine festival (2014), for pre-event coverage, are available to view/download by clickinghere.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook (@lafoodwine)

Twitter (@lafoodwine)

Instagram (@lafoodwine)

Pinterest (@lafoodwine)


Dustin Brown

Dustin Brown

I am the Senior Editor at HollywoodPressCorps.com.

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