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Filmmaker Beth B Kickstarting Film Project with Lydia Lunch


March 17, 2017 – New York City artist, Beth B, has known and worked with Lydia Lunch since they were teenagers. They grew up in the late 1970s New York music/film/art scene and brought their radical visions to the underground where they broke boundaries, both shocking and enticing their audiences with their uncensored music and films.

Beth B(L) with Lydia Lunch(R) photo by Curt Hoppe

Together, they are now embarking on a Kickstarter campaign to fund a film documentary called LYDIA LUNCH The War is Never Over.

This project will capture the voice and visualize the extraordinary, outrageous work and life of spoken word artist and singer, Lydia Lunch. The film will follow Lydia on the road back to her hometown of Rochester, New York. On tour, backstage, and in interviews, this film will reveal the radical mind, the visceral music, and the edgy, philosophical, and humorous personality of Lydia Lunch.

Lydia Lunch performing in New York City. Photo courtesy Bob Krasner

Lydia Lunch is an icon/poet of the New York City No Wave art scene. In 1976 at the age of sixteen, a teenage runaway, Lydia Lunch, arrived in New York City  inspired by the ravings of Lester Bangs in Creem Magazine. The Velvet Underground’s sarcastic wit, the glamour of the New York Dolls, and the poetic scat of Patti Smith’s Piss Factory all influenced her. In 1977, she founded the hugely influential No Wave band, Teenage Jesus and the Jerks. Lydia went on to star in legendary underground films like Beth B’s “Vortex” and Richard Kern’s “Fingered.”

Lydia Lunch. Photo courtesy Nicole Marquez

Beth B is known for being one of the most recognized artists from the No Wave art scene of the 1970s. Her independent film called “Vortex” was a legend in underground film making. This was a time before the internet when films could only be screened with a 16mm projector. Beth B remains an icon of the New York City art scene.

This Kickstarter project seeks to raise $50,000 for Beth B to film Lydia on tour with her band, RETROVIRUS. Lydia will be performing her spoken word while Beth B will be interviewing pivotal people in Lydia’s life: people like Thurston Moore from Sonic Youth and JG Thirwell from Fetus.

Lydia Lynch’s riveting performance at Howl Happening NYC. Photo by Bob Krasner

Please contribute! No contribution is too small! LYDIA LUNCH The War is Never Over, with its wit, honesty, balls out, mouth open attitude, will help us all to kick the ball forward, toward a future in which we truly have liberation of the mind and body and a new sense of healing from trauma.

Here’s a link to the project



Dustin Brown

I am the Senior Editor at HollywoodPressCorps.com.

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Fusion Designs Caricatures: Live Art Entertainment Experience at Paris Comic Con

Superheroes saved the day at Paris Comic Con. Angel Lopez and Kevin Cardona, founders of Fusion Designs Caricatures, and their crew Sandra Carrano, Amy Jimenez, Erick Macias, Alex Casanova, Sam Sellers, Chris Meesey and Damion Dunn flew all the way from LA to attend one of the most pop-cultured and artistic convention. They are talented artists who come from different backgrounds. Most of them worked at Universal Studios or Six Flags before conquering the world’s greatest conventions. Now they travel the world together and produce amazing caricatures and artworks.

With Angel Lopez, co-founder of Fusion Designs Caricatures

Hollywood Press Corps had the pleasure of meeting Fusion Designs at Comic Con Paris 2016. They are approchable guys with a great sens of humour. Their booth atmosphere is laid-back and friendly. Although poorly located on the mezzanine of the convention center, they didn’t go unnoticed. Armed with pastels and air paint, they were busy drawing and connecting with the public.

“Caricature me like one of your French Girls” should have been how the quote goes. Because what’s more amazing than a piece of art done by a caricaturist. Portraits on oil canvases or photoshoots are overrated; caricatures are the real deal. Cheaper, faster and funnier, they bring something more to the picture. Moreover, their talent and the quality of their works are way higher than the usual caricatures you may find in the streets.

I had the honour of getting my caricature done by Chris Meesey (aka Meesimo). Trained by Tom Richmond and Ed Steckley, he is regarded as the most talented artist by his colleagues. Illustrator, caricaturist, painter… he wears many hats. He has published several books and produced comic books (Knucklehead Comics, SWALLOW, Extremities). On his website, you can check out his amazing artworks: http://meesimo.com
He is really easy to talk to. Everyone was gathering around, admiring the prodigy at work. Seeing the result of the caricature was impressive. The way he captures one’s personality in a caricature is rare.

Caricature by Chris Meesey

Erick Macias and I got to talk and know each other while Chris was drawing me. “The most popular demand from people is to be drawn as Harley Quinn.”, Erick told me jokingly adding that they don’t seem to care how insane of a character she was. But that’s what caricatures are about, self-deprecation. Erick produces beautiful caricatures. He is a skilled and self-taught artist and knows the value of communicating with the person he is drawing.

Dustin Brown also had his caricature done by Chris. Here is his experience:

“I had the opportunity to get a Caricature drawn by Chris at the Paris Comic Con. Chris is a talented artist that draws caricatures for Fusion Designs. The Comic Con event was winding down on the the Sunday that I attended. Fusion Designs was busy drawing some of the people in attendance. Chris chatted with me as he drew. I asked him to make me a superhero. We decided Batman would be the best choice. Chris works so fast. I couldn’t see what he was drawing. We talked about comedy writers from Saturday Night Live and Chris’ experience as a caricature artist at Universal Studios in Hollywood. The end result was just amazing. Chris is truly a master level artist. I didn’t get a chance to speak with Chris after he showed me the drawing he made as he had to start on another one. I will cherish the drawing of me as Batman with an over sized chin. I’ll always remember the 2016 Paris Comic Con and the great day I had. All the people at Fusion Designs were so nice. It was such a great experience. “

Dustin Brown and Chris Meesey

The friendliness of the artists at Fusion Designs takes away the intimidating process of getting one’s caricature done. For 10 to 20 minutes, you get to sit, talk and laugh with the caricaturist. At the end, it feels like you have to say goodbye to an old friend.

Damion Dunn’s artworks were also spectacular. He worked at Universal Studios Hollywood as a caricature artist and is now illustrating and working with Fusion Designs. His drawings of futuristic, estranged creatures are fascinating. He has is own style and brings something unique to his caricatures. On his blog http://damion009.blogspot.fr, he shares his latest pieces and his love for art. He also showed us a caricature of the crew he had done as a gift. It allow us to see the Fusion Designs crew as one big family, passionate about what they are doing.

Snapshot of the gift artwork on Damion Dunn’s phone

You can follow them on Facebook and Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/fusion_designs/ to see their incredible artworks. And you can even email them at http://services@fusiondesigns.biz if you want to host a unique live art entertainment experience in your living room!

Laurie Le Bomin

Writer and photographer based in Paris, France.

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Pop Art at the Galerie Montaigne in West Hollywood

It was an amazing night on Friday, February 19th as the stars came out to West Hollywood check out art at Galerie Montaigne. The Hollywood Press Corps was on the red carpet at as the celebrities and artists arrived. Known for his Belgian neauvaux pop art, Georges Monfils was presenting amazing sculptures that everyone was talking about.

Raised in Flemish Belgium and Northern France, Georges Monfils’ style mixes his “old world” heritage with his exposure to the “factory” (Andy Warhol) cult. His style is referred to as “nouveau pop”.  No topic is “off limits” for Monfils. He had sculptures in the middle of the space that were made of vinyl records. One piece had a Star Wars theme that resembled Darth Vadar…on a turntable.


In the back of the main gallery was an egg chair by artist Jonathan Loubens. Decked out in skulls and spikes, the chair was a huge conversation piece. Actor John Savage agreed that it would look great in anyones living room.

Loubens uses inspiration from haute couture, music, and poetry, trying to create artworks that honor those arts. His career full of spirituality and eccentricity gave him the desire to explore new paths. He now dedicates himself to the creation of unique and priceless works of art.


Also on hand and walking the red carpet was artist Fano


After growing up in the fashion industry, Fano’s artistic fiber and undeniable talent were inspired after spending three years in Antilles with the love of his life. Out of nothing, he finds himself at the head of a fashion empire in the textile industry, after having created the “trapeze dress” fitting all morphologies. Between Paris and the Antilles island, he chooses to stay in the front line by designing all store-front windows of the boutiques he opens, himself, showing his unending controllable taste for creation.

In the back outdoor area was Loneroc (Laurent Proneur) —

Music and self-expression drove Laurent through significant success as both a producer and performance. Best known for being a part of the Street Art movement Laurent, then LONE, pioneered hip-hop in Europe alongside greats like MC Solar, Menelik, and NTM. Inspired by this new poetry, dance and fashion, Laurent expressed himself by creating a lifestyle of radical freedom that focused on color, impact, and pushing the boundaries of perception. Currently painting in Los Angeles, he describes his work as a “neoteric experiment in fine art graffiti”. Sometimes frenetic, but more often grounded in purposeful focus, Laurent’s work vacillates between instigating deep self-reflection or insisting the simplicity of a beauty moment.

His art has to be seen to be believed.

It was such a great night of art and fashion. The Galerie Montaigne knows how to throw a fun VIP event!

Dustin Brown

I am the Senior Editor at HollywoodPressCorps.com.

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