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SHOUT OUT!® Apparel made a big splash among the younger set at Art Hearts Fashion (AHF) in conjunction with Parker Whitaker Productions this spring. This creative T-shirt line was the brainchild of talented actor Colin Egglesfield, who starred in the blockbuster hit film, “Something Borrowed” opposite Kate Hudson and Ginnifer Goodwin.  It’s a fun, dynamic, wearable form of individual expression for kids ages 4-10. SHOUT OUT!® shirts have interchangeable ‘Velcro’-type letters, numbers and symbols that kids can arrange to send a different message every time they wear it. They can easily Shout Out! their thoughts on the dialogue- bubble message area on the front and the strip on the back. Each SHOUT OUT!® shirt comes with three copies of letters and numbers and one copy of each symbol – that’s 108 total characters to say exactly what you want to!


A future star struts down the runway with her award.
A future star struts down the runway with her award in tow.
Comfort food...model in a cute Mac and Cheese T-shirt
Comfort food…model in a cute Mac and Cheese T-shirt
Colin with his models on the runway
Colin with his models on the runway

SHOUT OUT!® Apparel came about Colin’s charitable work with ‘The Door’, a Manhattan-based youth center for at risk teens, he saw first-hand how a little encouragement, recognition and support can go a long way in helping someone discover their unique voice and cultivate the courage to share it with the world. This inspired him to create SHOUT OUT!® so that anyone could have a platform for self-expression. Ever the inspiring artist, Colin is passionate about encouraging kids to find their voice, inspiring them to be self-confident, and teaching them to embrace their uniqueness. More info at

All photos courtesy of Art Hearts Fashion

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