SHAPE magazine has always brought us fabulous articles on ways to keep our bodies and our minds in tip top condition. They have provided us with inside information as to how those beautiful stars keep their shape. Even special tricks to continue to eat right during tough holiday seasons. Now SHAPE magazine is offering a fashionable and  sophisticated wardrobe to go along with the physicality of staying in SHAPE.

Shape_11-24-155675 2
Rock Steady, Inspired by rock climbing in the Grand Canyon

The new Fall season of activewear for 2016 is a brilliant combination of practical and pretty. Each design has a theme based pattern that creates a fun and free sense of style to help you feel beautiful, even when you’re hot and sweaty.  SHAPE knows that sweaty is sexy and this line of activewear is all the rage for cross trainers, runners and yoga enthusiasts. The materials are created to resemble things in nature and sport such as camouflage, cliffs and sunsets. The reflective materials keep you safer in the dark, and the spandex holds your muscles and massages them as you test the levels of your strength and endurance.

SHAPE image 3
Asphalt Legging in Static Print with Elevate Tank

SHAPE activewear is beautiful and affordable. Comfortable and ergonomically designed clothing help to keep your body going under the toughest conditions. With items ranging from shirts as low as $34 up to running jackets for $110, there are so many options to chose from.

Sport bras come in a variety of sizes, shapes and patterns. They are in the $44-60 range and provide support and comfort to any woman.

The pants come in shorts, cross trainers, yoga and running styles and have so many fabulous fall designs and material patterns that it is hard to chose just one. These items range from $54-$68 and offer warmth and support for any fall weather.

SHAPE image 2
Marathon Short and Define Bra

If the  season cools down, running shirts and jackets by SHAPE will complete any outfit and help to keep you warm and supported. These pieces start at $38 for a warmer weather, short-sleeved shirt and top off around $110 for full coverage jackets. Perfect for any fall climate.

Glamper Vest in Camo Green

Exercise has become a fashion on its own, and now we have the option to incorporate fashion when we exercise thanks to SHAPE Activewear. Styles and statements for anyone who moves.

Judy Hansen Pullos

Judy Hansen Pullos

Judy is a journalist and photographer. She lives in Southern California.

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