HOLLYWOOD PRESS CORPS — DECEMBER 12, 2017 — Bob Marlette is a multi-talented, multi-tasking musician, arranger and producer with a list of credits longer than John Bonham’s drum solo for Moby Dick. Going back to playing keyboards for Al Stewart on 24 Carrots in 1980, Marlette has produced, engineered, mixed, sung and played keyboards, synthesizer, drums, bass, organ, strings, mellotron and other instruments for everyone from Alice Cooper to Rob Zombie: Black Sabbath, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Quiet Riot, Tracy Chapman, Sebastian Bach, John Wetton, Laura Branigan, Krokus, The Storm and two dozen other artists and bands.

Bob Marlette in his element. Photo by Kasia Huart

Marlette is best-known for his work with rock and metal bands. He engineered/produced/mixed Saliva’s Grammy-nominated album Every Six Seconds and did the same for Black Sabbath’s Reunion and Seether’s platinum-selling Disclaimer II.

Bob Marlette (L) with Warren Huart (R) in the studio disussing recording. Photo by Kasia Huart

With almost 40-years experience, Bob’s career is still going strong and he is proud to share his experience and knowledge with Produce Like a Pro.

Bob’s three-hour mixing course includes:
• How to achieve more clarity, punch, excitement and emotion in the mix.

• Bob’s unique approach to mixing hard-hitting rock drums.

Bob and Warren in the studio. Photo by Kasia Huart

• How to mold multiple layers of heavy guitars and synths and mix vocals that cut through a dense rock mix.


• How to use effects creatively to take your song to another dimension.

Rock producer Bob Marlette (L) with Warren Huart (R) from Pro Mix Acadamy. Photo by Kasia Huart

• The secrets to dealing with ‘thin’ rock vocals- make them cut through the mix and compete with heavy guitars and aggressive drums.

• Shaping rock vocals to stay ‘present.’ Add dimension and space with effects – without sacrificing clarity or aggression.

• It is written: ‘In mixing, the low-end is what separates the men from the boys.’ Marlette will demonstrate how to manage the low-end to achieve massive punch, definition and energy.


• Huge and impactful drums are key to rock and heavy metal records. Marlette shares his methods for mixing kicks and snares.

Bob and Warren in the studio. Photo by Kasia Huart

Bob Marlette doesn’t hold back or keep any secrets: He explains every step of the way in detail, so you can easily apply the same principles to your own music. He mixes 100% in the box, using plugins only. Which means you can apply these techniques and achieve the same results in your home studio.

For more information on Bob Marlette’s course, click here

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