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Nickole Raymond and Sarah DeMarco are co-founders of the new luxury handbag designed exclusively for laptops- LDR [Lee-Der] Brands.
LDR Brand's innovative handbag in a cobalt blue, a very popular color this fall.
LDR Brand’s innovative handbag in a cobalt blue, a very popular color this fall.
 LDR is poised to be a game-changer in the ever-evolving sector of tech fashion. True to its name, it’s designed with the 24/7, modern, professional female leader in mind. With successful backgrounds in the fast paced industries of sports and entertainment, LDR’s founders understood first hand the importance working with accessories that were versatile and efficient. So it came as a shock to both of them that in their travels they had yet to find a stylish, protective, quality laptop bag- something that provided fashion and function.
Nickole Raymond
Co-founder Nickole Raymond
And so LDR was born- a fun and fashionable twist on the common computer bag.  As sports and entertainment industry executives by day, and luxury accessories mavens by night, Sarah and Nickole are fierce “femmepreneurs” with a mutual passion for the advancement of women in work in life.
Co-founder Sarah DeMarco
Co-founder Sarah DeMarco
The vision of LDR is much bigger than the development of purses,” explains co-founder, Nickole. “We are on a mission to create a community for female leaders to come together to help one another rise up as a united group.”
In fact, LDR’s mantra is “Break Up with your Baggage“- not only the boring, bulky computer bags that weigh us down, but also the things that hold us back in our careers- negative thoughts, self-doubt, fears that keep us awake at night, “someday” attitudes, etc.
They have launched a $45,000 Kickstarter campaign to start fundraising. With the help of fashion-forward backers, LDR Brands can move from the successful pre-order stage to having inventory on hand and fulfill orders in real time.
More info at www.ldrbrands.com

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