Hybristophilia Chock Full of Thrills and Stars

The premiere for the much anticipated “Hybristophilia,” written and directed by talented filmmaker Romane Simon premiered in Beverly Hills recently with a star studded cast with the likes of Quinton Aaron, Sadie Katz, Jenna Willis, Massi Furlan, Lilian Lev, Alexis Nichols, Sara Hedgren and Iyad Hajjaj and others.

After he impressed the universe with his performance as football player Michael Oher (“Big Mike”) in the Oscar winning film The Blind Side,  Aaron has gone on to have an impressive acting career in the areas of both cinema and television.

From left to right: Actor Quinton Aaron, Filmmaker Romane Simon and Actor Alexander Man

Hybristophilia (the word basically describes sexual attraction to people who have committed atrocious acts) is about a camera crew who travel at their own risk to a remote and possibly haunted farmhouse to interview a notorious serial killer.

Still of actresses Jenna Willis and Sadie Katz

This film opens on an ambitious news team arrives at a secluded farmhouse for an exclusive interview with an at-large serial killer known as the Sleepy Stalker, a murderer known for attacking “sleepy” small towns. The news crew includes a hotshot young female reporter as well as the team’s guest expert: a psychologist noted for her expertise in psychopaths. They all soon discover that the farmhouse was the site of a grisly murder-suicide thirty years earlier and is now believed to be haunted. What I really enjoyed was that this film had the viewer on the edge of their seat and was so suspenseful.

Movie Poster

Director Romane Simon has just wrapped his next film, Blood Runs Thick, which stars iconic actor Tom Sizemore.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V80HmT5K1Ec

Facebook Fan page:  https://www.facebook.com/Hybristophiliamovie/

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