LOS ANGELES, CA, MAY 12, 2016 – What happens when a young Mexican arrives in America in pursuit of the American Dream of Life, Liberty, Happiness and a good man? Whatthehelldidshesay is excited to announce the presentation of Vanessa Lua’s journey ‘American Man Dream’ at the Hollywood Fringe Festival this June 2016.

One Mexican Woman in pursuit of Life, Liberty, and a Man
One Mexican Woman in pursuit of Life, Liberty, and a Man

The story follows a little girl who is growing up in Mexico whose only companion is her teddy bear, which is representative of the ideal man. He is a cuddly best friend who is always there to listen and love her unconditionally. As a grown woman, her story becomes bittersweet and she begins to think that true love is just a pipe dream. Throughout her journey, Vanessa eventually has to overcome language barriers, Catholic guilt, breakups, more Catholic guilt, bad sex, and even more Catholic guilt. She develops from her virginity in Mexico to chastity in the USA as she says ‘From red, white and “green” to red, white and “blue” and everything else in between her legs!’

The show, to be held throughout the month of June 2016, will be presented at the Studio C theatre located at 6448 Santa Monica Boulevard in Los Angeles, is listed as a dark, irreverent comedy that is both provocative and full of sex.

Vanesa Lua in American Man Dream at Fringe Fest
Vanessa Lua in American Man Dream at Hollywood Fringe Festival

The actress is known for her high profile red carpet celebrity interviews, made using her now iconic pink iPhone. These candid interviews were the beginnings of her production company ‘Whatthehelldidshesay’ Productions. She has since gone on to star in comedy and dramatic projects The Last Ship, Conversation with La Catrina, Anchor Baby, Fatal Encounters, Comedy House and Stuck in a Fairy Tale.

The open and uncensored Hollywood Fringe Festival is an annual, open-access, community-derived event celebrating freedom of expression and collaboration in the performing arts community. Through its offerings, the festival exhibits diverse and cutting-edge points-of-view.

For more information, visit http://www.hollywoodfringe.org

Tickets for American Man Dream at http://hff16.org/3516
Contact: Vanessa Lua
Title: Producer

Phone: 310-994-0138

email: whatthehelldidshesay@gmail.com

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