Departed Shop Launches its Fall/Winter 2016 Line

Departed Shop launches its fall/winter 2016 line that is a contemporary menswear line that offers style with a sharp edge and a touch of a romantic pre-aged feel.

Departed's creative director Alexis Rosario in Departed!
Departed’s creative director Alexis Rosario wears the collection

“This innovative line has been inspired by daguerreotype, which was the first publicly announced photographic process. With its use of this old fashioned but stylized process, the line incorporates a lot of dark, rich colors. I like the era when people dressed in the classical, formal style. Since the style of daguerreotype was used by the upper echelon of high society, this line evokes that grandeur with a crisp modern edge,” says creative director Alexis Rosario.

Like a prayer...Stylized layered look with a button down shirt inspired by monks
Suited up…Stylized layered look with a button down shirt 

Hailing from Lima, Peru, Rosario brings a worldly and monochromatic yet whimsical style all his own. Rosario’s background is in graphic arts and architecture, which he utilizes in his bold structured designs. With its tapered lines and old-fashioned edge, it is a creative masterpiece of old meets new.

Futuristic 2 ply t-shirt from the collection
Futuristic 2 ply t-shirt from the collection

This line consists of trousers, blazers, leather jackets and winter coats all made locally in Los Angeles down to the fabric. There is an old school military style present with a modern twist. The line is also inspired by the vintage equestrian and Amish style.

This line is elegant, classic, but also daring and creative. Departed can be found at Politix in Beverly Center.

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