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Grammy Nominee Chris Bennett and Jazz Giant Bill Marx Release New Album “Something Wonderful”

Grammy Nominee Chris Bennett and Jazz Giant Bill Marx have released an incredible new album entitled “Something Wonderful” which is now available worldwide. Download your copy today.

Grammy nominee Chris Bennett and Bill Marx

Grammy Nominee Chris Bennett got her professional start as a dancer and backup singer, playing Las Vegas and touring internationally behind Jim Nabors and Dean Martin. In Munich, Germany, Bennett met four-time Grammy winner, composer/producer Giorgio Moroder, the producer of Donna Summer, who is dubbed “The Father Of Disco,” and was invited to join his emerging disco group Munich Machine. He chose Bennett to be the lead vocalist for their sophomore album that would contain a dance version of the Procol Harum rock classic, A Whiter Shade Of Pale. Bennett not only recorded the entire album, she also posed for the groundbreaking cover art. Bennett’s runway model’s body and movie star looks caused an international sensation, and made for one of the highest charting and highest grossing disco albums of 1978. Bennett worked with Moroder on several additional projects, including co-writing and singing the theme song to Midnight Express, Moroder’s bestselling soundtrack, which earned her a Grammy Nomination.

Bennett has appeared behind some of the biggest performers in music history, including backing disco diva Donna Summer on several of her biggest hits, including “MacArthur Park” and “Heaven Knows,” as well as working with Johnny Mathis and Rita Coolidge. As a songwriter, Bennett’s songs have been recorded by artists such as Tina Turner, The Manhattan Transfer, The Three Degrees, and Keb Mo.

Bennett is celebrating the release of her 12th album, “Something Wonderful” with just piano and voice, accompanied by jazz giant Bill Marx on the piano. A musical prodigy, Bill Marx is the heir to Hollywood royalty as the eldest son of Harpo Marx, and nephew of Groucho Marx of the legendary comedy family the “Marx Brothers”. Bill Marx is the musician who arranged his father’s most famous repertoire for the harp. “Something Wonderful” is an amazing “time- traveling” adventure with Chris Bennett through the Great American Songbook, with Marx as her guide.

Download your copy of “Something Wonderful” by Chris Bennett and Bill Marx on iTunes in the United States here:

The official website for Chris Bennett may be found at

Follow Chris Bennett on Twitter @ChrisBennettJaz

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Betrayed World Premiere at the Historic Chinese Theatre

On Wednesday Sept 26th, Betrayed will have its world premiere at the TCL Chinese Theatres 6 in 6801 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028. 

This much anticipated action crime thriller from multi award-winning actor and filmmaker Harley Wallen, “Betrayed,” has a wonderful ensemble cast  consisting of Richard Tyson, John Savage, Billy Wirth, TJ Storm, Yan Birch, Kaiti Wallen, Calhoun Koenig, Angelina Danielle Cama and Blanca Blanco. 

Betrayed poster

Numerous celebrities and VIPs are expected at this event such as filmmaker/actor Harley Wallen (Bennett’s Song), Richard Tyson (Kindergarten Cop), John Savage (The Thin Red Line), Billy Wirth (The Lost Boys), TJ Storm (Punisher: War Zone), Kaiti Wallen (Into A Dark Mind), Yan Birch (The People Under the Stairs), Calhoun Koenig (Bennett’s Song), Angelina Danielle Cama (Moving Parts) and Blanca Blanco (Fake News). Other celebrities expected are Jake Busey (The Predator), Scout Taylor-Compton (Rob Zombie’s Halloween 1 and 2), Tom Berenger (Platoon), Billy Zane (Titantic), Tara Reid (American Pie), Naomi Grossman (American Horror Story), Aki Aleong (Babylon 5), Dave Sheridan (Scary Movie), Hank Garrett (Three Days of the Condor), Mel Novak (Bruce Lee’s Game of Death), Dawna Lee Heising (Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance), Vida Ghaffari (The Mindy Project), Jimmy Star and Ron Russell (The Jimmy Star Show with Ron Russell), Erika Hoveland (Before I Wake) and Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp).

Award-winning actor and filmmaker Harley Wallen.

PARKING: Park for up to 4-hours for $2 with validation from the TCL Chinese 6 Theatres. ($2.00 every 20 minutes thereafter).

Media RSVP: Joe Williamson at

Betrayed Trailer:

More info about the film:


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Dustin Brown

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The 2018 Los Angeles Nollywood Film Awards Has An International Flair

On Sunday, August 5th, the Los Angeles Nollywood Film Association (LANFA) will have their black tie film awards ceremony at the historic Miracle Theater on Market Street in Inglewood, CA.  Multi-talented and acclaimed filmmaker, King Bassey, is the founder of this wonderful film festival, which will screen an international slate of films!
Festival Founder and Filmmaker King Bassey
The celebrities and VIPs expected at this event are Founder of the Nollywood Awards and Movie Producer King Bassey, Event hosts Motown Maurice (Liongate’s Snake Outta Compton), Bessey lkem (American Mama), Honorees Actress Alice Amter (The Big Bang Theory), SAG/AFTRA actress and radio personality Amber Lynn (Lionsgate’s Who’s Jenna?), the first African-American Bond girl Gloria Hendry (Live and Let Die), Producer Anoush Sadegh (First Born), nominated filmmakers Dustin Ferguson (Nemesis 5: The New Model), former five-time World Kickboxing Champion Grandmaster and filmmaker Robert Parham (Jackson Bolt), Mike Olafson (Hot Lead Hard Fury), Steve Oakley (Stan’s 420 Adventure), Elham Madani (16/03), media personalities Orlando Jose and Nicole Dunlap, actor nominees Mel Novak (Black Belt Jones), Dawna Lee Heising (Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance), Vida Ghaffari (The Mindy Project), David Lockhart (Lockhart: Unleashing the Talisman), Iyad Hajjaj (Dreams I Never Had), JJ Stomp (John Kinkaid Unleashed), actress Reatha Grey (Betty White’s Off Their Rockers), William Romeo (American Gladiators), producer Jenna Urban (Sins of the Father) best single nominee Marneen Lynne Fields (Royal Flush) and entertainment attorney Nadia Davari. Other nominees are actor and filmmaker Harley Wallen (Bennett’s Song) and actress Kaiti Wallen (Into A Dark Mind).
King and 2017 Film and Television Achievement Award Honoree Mel Novak. Photo courtesy of Bob Delgadillo/WENN

Sponsors for this esteemed event are Jojokid Music, Nollywood Film Academy, FAN TV LA, Esdiac Global, the Universe Multicultural Film Festival, Mesmerized Minds, The Williamson Management and So Very Vida is proud to be a media partner.

About King Bassey:

LANFA was created by King Bassey, who hails from Akwa lbom, Nigeria. He has an associates degrees in Electronic tech and micro computers from National Technical School and a Bachelors degree in Media Production at Intercontinental University, Los Angeles, His concentration was in the area of directing producing, editing, screenwriting and cinematography. After looking at the negative images and portrayal of Africans on TV, King become one of the first to start Afrikan Network Television on a UHF channel in the early 90’s, bringing programs from Africa to educate people about Africa and it was even featured in the LA Times. After many years the station could not make it because of funding, King Bassey did not give up, he embarked on a song writing career.  He has released about three albums, the most recent one, David Dance, and started organization called the  Los Angeles Nollywood Film Association (LANFA). Lanfa’s goal is to provide a platform for our creative artists to produce and showcase the unique artistic abilities, increase the level of awareness in the community, promote the brand, strengthen and grow the credibility of the group. To also foster the creation of successful working partnerships, empower networking, raise visibility, and strengthen distribution and marketing channels. Every year, the festival screens Afrikan and other international films. He won several awards, best African singer and writer from the City of Los Angeles, Award for best Video Programming,  Educational & Documentary, Media award for best photographer.  He directed and produced his first films called Johno the Fake Producer, in 2007, his second film Undisciplined, about the way negligent parents raise their children, and in 2010, he directed Queen In LA movie, which is about human trafficking. His latest film in the making now is called A Woman In A Man’s World, and is a multicultural film creating awareness on the global fight for violence against women in work, home and church. He also started a campaign called “Let’s Get Our Women Back.”

About the Miracle Theater:

Built in 1937, The Ritz – now revived as The Miracle – is once again home to local and international entertainment. Featuring music, movies, comedy, and community, The Miracle Theater offers a prominent arts and culture a venue on Market Street. Famous artists such as Ice-T, Bootsy Collins and Nina Simone among others have performed here. Issa Rae, the creator and star of Insecure on HBO had her series season 2 premiere here.

LANFA film festival promo:

More info about the festival and to purchase tickets:
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Dustin Brown

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Martial Art Star Paul Mormando’s BOUND BY DEBT To Hit VOD later this month

Ammo Content, a prominent New York based distribution company will release the long awaited film Bound by Debt, starring martial art sensation, Grandmaster Paul Mormando in his debut starring role.  Supporting cast include Freedom Williams (C&C Music Factory) and Bobby Ciasulli (The Real House Wives of New Jersey).
Bound By Debt poster
Mormando plays Dylan James a rough and tough underground fighter who is estranged from his family.  When Dylan refuses to fight for the mob, the mob boss Russo (Samuel Difiore) kidnaps his brother’s daughter Alexis (Nikki Silva) forcing Dylan back into the fighting game.  Now the two brothers are forced to reunite to
save themselves and their family.
Still photo of Paul Mormando in Bound By Debt
Bound by Debt  is a riveting film that brings back the old 90’s action feel. This film has garnered some impressive reviews and has been picked up by several international territories including South Korea.

The film will be released on AMAZON VOD later this month.

About Paul Mormando:

At the tender age of 19, Mormando became the world’s youngest Martial Arts Grand
Master, which is a title given only to practitioners with more than 25 years experience. He was the World Professional Karate Organization’s (W.P.K.O) Middle Weight Kumite Champion in 1992. This martial arts champ was inducted into the prestigious W.P.K.O Hall Of Fame at Madison Square Garden in 2001. He is a 10th degree black belt and founder of the Cha Ki Do Martial Arts System. He is also an expert in Tae Kwon Do, Jujitsu and Kung Fu. The New York Police Department hired him to teach his skills with new officers, and the New York Board of Education engaged him to lecture students. Nicknamed in the press as “Mr. Karate USA,” Paul achieved worldwide fame when he set a world record in board breaking at Shea Station in front of 25,000 people and a TV audience of two million by breaking 56 boards in 58 seconds! This was followed by exhibitions at Madison Square Garden and Nassau Coliseum where he was the headliner.  He was a trainer to Madonna and other celebs and has appeared in action films and TV shows.
His enduring spirit and can do attitude is truly inspiring. A near-fatal car crash left him seriously injured and took his life on an scary and painful detour. Doctors told him that he would not only have to give up martial arts, but he would also perhaps never walk again. Though determination, a strong will and hard work, he regained most of his strength and truly triumphed over tragedy. In addition to his acting career, he has a popular school, the Mormando Martial Arts System and has spoken at many New York City public schools with the message: “kids who study self-defense gain discipline and self-confidence while learning that they don’t have to resort to violence to settle disputes.”
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Retrosploitation Releasing Teams Up with Award-Winning filmmaker Dustin Ferguson for New SLEEPAWAY CAMP II

Talented award-winning filmmaker Dustin Ferguson (Nemesis 5, Sleepaway Camp IV) is at it again! This wunderkind filmmaker was hired by Retrosploitation Releasing to film new material for the upcoming 30th Anniversary VHS release of “Sleepaway Camp II: Redux”. Paired with a new fully uncut VHS version of “Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland”, both tapes quickly sold out in their initial run.

Sleepaway Camp 2: Redux Edition

The original version of “Sleepaway Camp II” was directed by Michael A. Simpson and released to home video in 1988 by Nelson Home Entertainment. “Back in 2015, I was asked to direct the original scripted ending for ‘Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers’, which revealed Molly’s intended, but never filmed, death scene”, says Ferguson. “It was released as a ‘Special Feature’ called ‘Whatever Happened to Molly?’ on the Official Scream Factory Blu-Ray release of the film.”

Filmmaker Dustin Ferguson

Three years later, Ferguson was approached again to film another new scene, this time for the movie’s 30thAnniversary VHS re-release. “John Klyza, who runs Retrosploitation Releasing, asked if I would be interested in gathering a crew together to go shoot a scene that would be the ‘visual’ for ‘T.C.”s campfire story during the opening of the film,” explains Ferguson. “This segment was called “Steve and Michelle Go to Hell” and it wrapped shooting in June 2018 in Compton, California.” Continues Ferguson, “We went to the same mausoleum used in ‘Phantasm 3, 4 and 5’ and introduced ourselves to the Caretaker. He was very kind and allowed us to film inside, and we also shot some scenes out in the cemetery behind the building. It was a strange yet amazing feeling to be filming for a ‘Sleepaway Camp’ film on a ‘Phantasm’ location…talk about horror-nerd overload!”

The segment in its entirety will be released on its own online to help promote the release. Portions of both “Steve and Michelle Go to Hell” and “Whatever Happened to Molly?” are incorporated into the new release of “Sleepaway Camp II: Redux” itself.

Ferguson is no stranger to the “Sleepaway Camp” franchise. In 2008, he was hired to edit 1992’s unfinished “Sleepaway Camp IV: The Survivor” for Films Around The World. It was the beginning of a long career involving work in several well-known and respected Horror and Science Fiction franchises. He’s also directed “Nemesis 5: The New Model”, which was executive produced by Albert Pyun (“Mean Guns”, “Cyborg”). He made two entries in the infamous “Camp Blood” series for Sterling Entertainment, and in 2016 he also edited the extended and unrated version of 1987’s “Slumber Party Massacre II”, which hit Blu-Ray in early 2017. Along with a slew of additional “Special Feature” work for Scream Factory (including contributions to “Piranha 2”, “Darkman 2”, “Silent Night, Deadly Night”, “Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation”, “Dawn of The Dead”, “Return of The Living Dead II” and several others), Ferguson has also directed two “Amityville” films for Wild Eye Releasing, the latter starring Mark Patton of “A Nightmare On Elm Street 2”, and also “Silent Night, Bloody Night 2: The Revival” which starred Jennifer Runyon Corman (“Ghostbusters”) for New Wave Pictures.

Please check out the Sleepaway Camp: Analog Apocalypse Trailer at:

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Dustin Brown

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Sci-Fi Action Thriller’ Abeyance’ starts shooting in late June in Pontiac, Michigan

The much anticipated sci-fi action thriller Abeyance starts filming in late June in Pontiac, Michigan. The all-star ensemble cast features Scout Taylor-Compton (The Runaways, Rob Zombie’s Halloween and Halloween 2), Richard Tyson (Kindergarten Cop, Black Hawk Down, Something About Mary), Billy Wirth (The Lost Boys, Boys on the Side, Body Snatchers), Mel Novak (Bruce Lee’s Game of Death, An Eye for An Eye opposite Chuck Norris, Steve McQueen: American Icon with Mel Gibson) and Yan Birch (The People Under the Stairs, Death House, Bless the Child). This film has already generated a big buzz as Variety covered the film’s casting announcement! 

 Harley Wallen

Martial arts champion (black belts in Judo, Tae Kwon Do and Jiu Jitsu) and multi-award winning writer, director and actor Harley Wallen (Bennett’s Song with Tara Reid, Into a Dark Mind with Tom Sizemore) not only writes and directs this compelling film, but he also stars in it. 

Scout Taylor-Compton

In this story, we follow Corey (Damien Chinappi), a troubled and suicidal military veteran who stumbles across a kidnapping with great scientific implications and alongside his unlikely “partner in crime” a prostitute named Stephanie (Kaiti Wallen), they decide to try to help a young girl, Miranda (Angelina Danielle Cama), who got away. They enter a world far more complex, cutthroat and dangerous than they could ever imagine.

Richard Tyson

HPC’s own Vida G. (The Mindy Project, the upcoming Nation’s Fire), Shane Hagedorn (Wild Faith) and Calhoun Koenig (Moving Parts) also star. Production will begin in late June through early August in Pontiac, Michigan. 

Billy Wirth
Mel Novak
Yan Birch

Wallen of Painted Creek Productions and his production partners Nancy Oeswein, Kaiti Wallen, Annette Cama and Nick Sarelli are excited to show their own take on the morality issues as science allows us to “Play God” and the implications of the decisions and the temptations we face when we do.  

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Dustin Brown

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‘Street Dreams’ Becomes a Driven Reality

Jordan Cann and Aaron Thompson of J&S Film Productions are set to produce the much anticipated “Street Dreams.” This film is about an undercover cop from the streets of LA who overcomes racism, politics and opposition from those close to him to become a counterintelligence agent in the FBI. Production is slated for November 2017 and stars R&B superstar/writer Eric Bellinger (Usher, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber), rapper/actress Siya (Dueces, Sisterhood of Hip Hop, Wyclef Jean), social media personality/actress, Jessica Vanessa and rapper Yung from Cali Swag District. This will be Cann and Thompson’s first major motion picture led by executive producer, Malik Delaigle of J&S Film Productions in association with multi-award winning filmmaker Romane Simon’s Lucky Strike Films. Simon is also the founder of the Lucky Strike Film Festival.

Jordan Cann and Aaron Thompson. Photo courtesy of Alysse Stewart
Filmmaker Romane Simone, founder of Lucky Strike Films and the Lucky Strike Film Festival

Cann, who is just months out of film school and Thompson who are no strangers to the film biz with several award-winning shorts along with dancing in music videos and commercials behind Hollywood’s biggest and brightest stars. This film has an expected 2018 release. Cann and Thompson said, “It’s a huge step from our beginnings to make a project like this, but we are confident in our experience and talents to bring a game changing action drama, yet a heartfelt piece of work that audiences relate to…Maybe even Oscar worthy.”

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The 11th Annual EcoLuxe Lounge

(HOLLYWOOD PRESS CORPS) — SEPTEMBER 17, 2017 —The 11th annual EcoLuxe Lounge Celebration was held at the Beverly Hilton’s Wilshire Gardens this Emmys weekend.

Celebrity guests at Ecoluxe included Gretchen Rossi, Allen Maldonado, Tara Reid, Bridgetta Tomarchio, Caitlin Carmichael, Dee Wallace-Stone, Donna Spangler,
Heather McComb, Renee Olstead, Slade Smiley and many more!

Gretchen Rossi on the red carpet

Debbie Durkin’s Ecoluxe honored 2017 Emmy nominees in support of Autism Changes. Autism changes is a non-profit foundation bringing awareness to autism communities around the world. Funds from the foundations are dedicated to inclusion programs offering behavioral and educational support for children. A new book on Autism has been released, Jose’s Journey to Acceptance by Author and founder of Autism Changes, Dennis Vanesse.

Nicole Murphy

Celebs and Creative-types enjoyed a brunch curated by Chef Alberico’s farm-to-table concept complete with champagne, while Dennis Miller kept the music spinning.

Tara Reid

During Eco Luxe Emmy weekend there were many beauty products featured including Zein Obagi. The brand featured its daily skin care products and Ossential pore refining treatments. ZO Skin Health develops and delivers innovative skincare solutions that optimize skin health based on the latest advances in skin therapy technologies. Through comprehensive skincare programs for physicians and their patients, ZO Skin Health, Inc. bridges the gap between therapeutic treatment and daily care.

Patrick Sabonqui

Some of the featured brands this year included Chariot Luggage, perfect for your next jet setting adventure! Chariot had many options for luggage including high-tech plastics in a variety of solids and prints. Although travel is important, looking great is too! Good thing many clothing and jewelry designers were on hand this Emmy’s weekend!

Actor Kim Estes (R)

A crowd favorite was Liv & B which specializes in using high quality gemstones, sterling silver, fine silver, and other metals to enhance the beauty behind every piece. Event goers received beautiful “Madeline” pearl earrings.

Excoluxe lounge by far had the best in beauty, food, and fun this Emmy season. Follow Press Pass LA for the latest in Emmy season coverage.

Liz Fraley

Liz is a freelance writer residing in Beverly Hills, California.

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First Annual Lucky Strike Film Festival is a Major Success

The much anticipated Lucky Strike Film Festival rolled out it’s red carpet for it’s first annual festival featuring celebrities and awardees such as Emmy winning actress Judi Evans of Days of Our Lives, Natalie Burn, Jamie Bernadette, Iyad Hajjaj, Massi Furlan, Stephanie Spruill and many others in attendance at their awards ceremony on September 22nd at the Regency Valley Plaza 6 Theatre in North Hollywood.

In addition to the exposure, the winners for Best Film also received a distribution deal through Lucky Strike Productions. This was a wonderful opportunity for films of all genres and filmmakers of all backgrounds. This festival will truly be a home for indie filmmakers and a new voice for artists, which will allow for their talent to emerge. Traci Lynn Cowan and Ryder Davidson co-hosted the awards ceremony.

This innovative festival was founded by multi award-winning filmmaker Romane Simon. Asked why he created his own festival in addition to writing, directing and producing countless films and being a highly regarded author, Simon said, “it feels really good knowing that I created a platform for creative fellow filmmakers to showcase their work for a broad audience.”

It was also Simon’s birthday. “I couldn’t ask for a better birthday party. To be able to spend the day with talented fellow filmmakers while providing a platform for creative people to come under the same roof to celebrate art. The turnout was more than I ever hoped for! It was a great success. Love, laugh, live and follow your dream,” he added.


Simon, himself, has an interesting background as he was born and raised in Haiti. He moved many miles from home to the United States to continue and expand his dreams in the entertainment industry, by embarking upon several more projects. Simon currently works as a screenplay writer, actor, fight choreographer, stuntman, dancer, and even model. Simon is also a great MMA fighter with a record of 9-2-3. His most recent film Hybristophilia stars Quinton Aaron from the Blind Side, Sadie Katz from Wrong Turn 6, Jenna Willis from the People Vs. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story, Iyad Hajjaj from Madam Secretary and many others.

Here’s a list of winners from the festival:

Lifetime Achievement Award: Judi Evans

Best Docu Feature: Isis Crisis by Dr. Elham Madani, who was also awarded best female director

Best TV episode: Bad Pizza by Mark Schaefer

Best Animation: Sweet Tooth by Kelse Whitfield

Best Short Film Thriller: Strangers in a Book by Marc Rezvani

Best Drama Short Film: As We Say Goodbye by Jhosimar Vasquez

Best Action Short: Among Us by Joss Gomez

Achievement in Film: Robert Parham

 Rising Stars: Carolyn Dupree, Brooklyn Robinson, Alexander Man, Lillian Lev, Jamie Bernadette

Achievement Award winners: Natalie Burn, Iyad Hajjaj, Stephanie Spruill, Shane Sparks, Bobbie Chance and Massi Furlan

Best Horror Slasher: Prey in Cold Blood by Alex T. Hwang

Entertainer Award: Sonia Harley

Achievement in Fitness: Traci Lynn Cowan

Media Award winners: Mark Sevier, Stephen Ingves, JP Beaulieu, Orlando Jose, Guillermo Proano, Shane Silvester, Roland de Guzman, Svetlana Krapivina, Ryan Nguyen, Cerdan Smith of cdaem, and HPC’s own Vida G!

More info about the festival at:

Photos courtesy of Mark Sevier and Ryan Nguyen

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Dustin Brown

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Aaron, Laura and Steve Rise to the Challenge and Climb US Bank Tower’s 1000 ft. of stairs

On Friday, September 22nd, Laura Sharpe, Founder of Artists For Trauma (AFT) and Aaron Baker, Co-Founder of C.O.R.E., Center Of Restorative Exercise, and Steve Sarns from, as a part of the Together We Rise Team, will climb the typically closed to
the public, US Bank Tower’s 1000 ft. of stairs, equaling 75 floors at 1,664 steps, averaging 22 steps per floor. Laura and Aaron are both of whom are polytrauma survivors that are climbing for those can’t. This event has an average of 4,000 participants and is a fun Block Party in the streets of LA, complete with games, live bands, food trucks, and a beer garden. ALL the proceeds go to the Ketchum-Downtown YMCA charity.

Laquita Diane, John Behzad, Laura Sharpe, Aaron Baker and his wife Katie. Photo courtesy of Al Ortega/Gettyimages

WHO: VIPs expected at this event such as Laura T. Sharpe, Founder of Artists for Trauma, and Aaron Baker, Founder of C.O.R.E., Center Of Restorative Exercise and Steve Sarns from

Steve Sarns of

WHEN: September 22nd, press check-in at 3:15, event 3:30-8pm Please join the Together We Rise team of Laura, Aaron and Steve will climb the stairs

WHERE: US Bank Tower Building 633 West Fifth Street; Los Angeles, California

PARKING: The organizers highly recommend carpooling, lyft or uber or other garages in the area.

ATTIRE: sportswear
RSVP: Please RSVP at

More info about AFT:
More info about CORE:
More info about the US Bank Tower stair climb at

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Dustin Brown

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