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Garage Punk Band Blankus Larry

The Blankus Larry Band
The Blankus Larry Band/Satellite Shrine

The Hollywood Press Corps’ new Music Department recently got a chance to interview the insanely talented Washington DC / Virginia Beach-based surf-rock garage band called Blankus Larry. They are currently set to release a new single, “Your Boy Is Bad Inside.” This will be a track from the band’s second album , “Problemo”,  set for a February 5th drop.

Hollywood Press Corps: Ok, without coming out and directly asking you how you got your band name, let me start by asking…who is Larry, and how many Larry’s are involved with this project?

DURDY: We are all Larries. And the number of Larry’s is growing! I suspect you’re now a Larry too.

BLOODY: Larry is a state of existing in our post-normal world. Larry is the tie that binds.

HPC: Do you recall the moment when Bloody Larry met Durdy Larry? Was it anything like when Paul Mccartney met John Lennon?

DURDY: I remember moving onto the same street as Bloody. I would go out on either the front or back porch to smoke cigarettes and would see him, three doors down — not the band — doing the same. We would always look over and nod at each other. After a couple months of this one day he asked if I played guitar while we passed on the sidewalk. I said yes, and he invited me over for a jam and beers ‘n stuff that night. The next time when we jammed we were pissed that we didn’t record it! Then the third time we played we recorded it on to a two track cassette player… and that was the Satellite Shrine EP, our first release in August of 2008.

Satellite Shrine EP link;

Blankus Larry performing live
Blankus Larry performing live

BLOODY: Yeah, I was having some friends over for an acoustic jam in my living room, and I invited Durdy over to join us. He did things to a mandolin I’d never seen. I knew we needed to keep jamming together, and we just started spitting out these crazy DIY EPs. Is that like when Mick met Keith?

HPC: One of the burning questions I have is; who makes your cool music videos and how do you get away with using all of that copyrighted material?

DURDY: Our good friends Seana Carroll and Mathieu Ferguson have helped us with videos. With regards to copyrights, we go through painstaking efforts to recreate popular movie scenes. We go all the way in with it, with the best background and special effects artists that you can hire on a shoestring budget. We find the best body doubles. We spend one billionth of what Trump does for his campaign I might add.

Durdy Larry. Photo courtesy James Cullum
Durdy Larry. Photo courtesy James Cullum

HPC: I notice that you’re in the Washington DC area. Have you ever played at the White House? If you were invited to play in the East Room, who would you like to play with?

DURDY: It’s funny you ask, we declined an invitation to play at the Easter Egg Roll during the Bush years. We heard he was really bummed we didn’t make it, but I do like his paintings. With regards to the East Room… there is a Blue Room, and a Red Room, and a Green Room. We would like to play in the Green Room because it reminds us of Wizard of Oz and our complicated Oz set. As far as who we’d play with there, I guess a game of fetch with the presidential dogs, Bo and Sunny, would be appropriate.

HPC: Your track, “Scupper” might be described as a dark, garage, post punk anthem to …scuppers. I only know a scupper to be a hole that drains water in a boat. Your song seems to be about a girl. Do you care to elaborate?

DURDY: You are right! Scupper is about the water drain on a boat! And it’s about a girl! I’m not quite sure. Sometimes when I write a song I don’t yet know what it’s about. I think scupper is about four or five different things. I think it is about releasing things that you don’t need. It is about love, and it is about fire. Given the nature of fire, it is about the love of playing music and the love of the sunrise and the sunset as well.

BLOODY: Scupper is a beast of a song to perform live. Some of these songs we do are tough to reproduce considering the amount of rehearsal time needed and we’re all in different towns. I do look forward to playing that one again some day.

HPC: What makes you feel good?

DURDY: Rocking out makes us feel good! Playing and writing from our hearts and meeting great people who love music like you, that makes us feel good! Our loving supportive families and friends and Agents of Larry are amazing, and the tribe is always growing, that also makes us feel good and its keeps us going.

BLOODY: If the music stops feeling good, we’ll stop. Hard to imagine though.

HPC: Is there something that would surprise our readers to know about you?

DURDY: It might surprise folks to learn that Bloody is actually a very brilliant founder of a tech startup and has an MBA. Though I’m Blankus Larry’s frontman and songwriter, I am also the proud father of an unbelievably gifted teenage boy and a beautiful and creative young elementary school girl. While chipping away at my music dreams, I’m a stay at home dad while my lovely and brilliant wife manages a local retail vape shop and cranks out the daily grind until the world realizes daddy’s a rockstar… one Larry at a time.

BLOODY: Yeah, we’re both coming from very different places, different lives, different experiences. But we’re also brothers… aligned in our mission to rock out.

One thing that surprises even me is that we often finish production of a song without having been in the same room once. We live in different towns, so we have to do things differently than most bands. We just throw tracks back and forth until we have a song we’re happy with. Then we’ll get the full band together to rehearse it for live shows.

HPC: The new album, “Problemo”, were there any problems when recording it?

DURDY: Oh man, there sure were. Battles with the gas company, lotta drinking, lotta lost weed, tape machines breaking down so we tracked more digitally this time, girl stuff, money stuff, gluten problems, a squirrel invasion. Our infrastructures are improving though and notably there were less problemos then there were in Hell or High Larry times and tracking.

BLOODY: Oh yeah, the goddamn gas company. What horrible people! This band often feels like a rolling calamity. For Hell or High Larry we had ceilings caving in and home floods while tracking. Record a track, empty the buckets, repeat. We tracked one weekend on a single cake donut and some espresso. It was hell. When we name an album, we mean it. But Problemo was a better experience, gas company notwithstanding.

HPC: Could you describe your process for writing new songs?

DURDY: Usually it’s music first and then lyrics. Most the time I’ll get chord changes or a gibberish hook stuck in my head and start hammering those out. Then I’ll send a sketch to Bloody and he will make a rhythm guide bed. He sends back a beat, and I start laying out the guitars, basses, and then figuring out my vocal phrases and lyrics. I am usually more interested in plays on words or shapes of words than I am in a literal meaning of them or a story itself. Usually Bloody has a good helpful idea or two on an arrangement edit after I get an initial song crapped out and so we make a very good team creatively together keeping each other pushing forward without egos in the way. Marion Larry also helped me with a verse in “No Time No Money” and he is unbelievably gifted and a great addition to the live band! Sometimes, since I tend to mumble, the fellas will misunderstand a bit of my lyrics, but I will think that what they thought I said is cooler and will change the lyrics to that. And for this album San Pedro Larry has been recording us both… so he drives a lot.

SAN PEDRO LARRY: Yeah man (chuckles)

DURDY: Also many of our songs come from just straight jams or self-edited jams.

HPC: How do you prepare for a concert?

DURDY: Usually we do a few pushups together and then start drinking.

BLOODY: Yeah, we’ve gotten better about squeezing in some rehearsal time before shows, which is new for us. And the live band is really tight now, so things are going much smoother. I’m still getting used to all the pushups.

HPC: Have you ever been to Japan?

DURDY: Once again, it’s funny you ask. I kind of feel like you’re psychic or something. We have not been to Japan yet but I can’t eat American food and eat so much sushi that I am probably like 1/1000th parts Japanese fish at least.. we hope to bring our rock music there one day though!

BLOODY: Never been but a friend lives in Tokyo and says it’s the best city in the world. I look forward to going someday soon, hopefully to rock out.

HPC: How about Judy Garland?

DURDY: You must be referring to our Nassau music video. Once again, we go to great effort to find only the best body doubles and best artists for recreating famous movie scenes. We are glad you can recognize who we were going for!

BLOODY: Yeah, the Judy Garland body double was fun to work with… a real trooper. Her real name is Grace.

HPC: What is your definition of a Heatseeker?

BLOODY: When it comes to the music charts, I like to think all of our songs are heatseekers.

DURDY: When I think of a heat seeker, I think primal like a Cobra or a great white shark… Or like eating pussy and saying grace!

HPC: Is there anything you would like to add?

DURDY: Dustin, when we first met you asked us how many Larrys there were.. I feel like now we have one more Larry in the family. How have you learned so much Lore o’ Larry? We are very impressed with the homework you did before speaking with us. It’s like you already know us! Thanks so much for a great interview, we’ve had a lot of fun with you! Let us know what your Larry name is at your convenience.

BLOODY: When it comes to your Larry name, pick wisely. If the Board of Supervisors of Larry disapproves, they’re likely to give you a name you’re gonna hate. You have to live with it for the rest of your life!

Dustin Brown

Dustin Brown

I am the Senior Editor at

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Face Forward Honors Survivors of Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence


Face Forward, a charity that provides pro-bono reconstructive surgery for victims of domestic violence, victims of violent crimes and whom recently added victims of human trafficking, held their 6th annual fundraising gala celebrating survivors which was attended by a star studded roster of celebrities on September 19th. This amazing charity works with organizations from all over the country and newly expanding around the world, to find patients that have overcome the horrific consequences of violent crimes such as domestic violence and human trafficking and would benefit from correcting the physical scars that are still left behind. Dr. David Alessi and his wife and organization founder Deborah Alessi, work tirelessly to identify and transform these victims so that they can leave behind the physical stars to face forward to a new life.

The one and only Chaka Khan...a true icon!
I feel for you! The one and only Chaka Khan…a true icon!

Celebrities that attended included Nelly, “Sugar” Shane Mosley, La Toya Jackson, Luis Guzman, Bonnie Somerville, Marcia Gay Harden, Jo Frost, Ben Hollingsworth, John Savage, Kevin Frazier, Lu Parker, Lana Parrilla, Shaun Toub, Shantel Jackson and performances by Macy Gray and Chaka Kahn lit up the evening and had the crowd up on their feet.

The beautiful LaToya Jackson
The beautiful LaToya Jackson

The most poignant part of the evening was a story featured by a young woman referenced as NJ who is a survivor of 15 years of sex trafficking, human slavery, drug addiction and violent physical abuse. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house listening to her firsthand account and even more impressive was her attitude of perseverance and optimism for the future magnified by her excitement to work with Face Forward.


Recognition was given to La Toya Jackson for so openly speaking about her personal experience with control and abuse and her inspiring woman of all ages and lifestyles to get out and start over.  LAPD human trafficking division who saved NJ, received recognition for their work in handling these atrocious crimes on humanity. Dr. Karen Kay Imagawa from CHLA, also received an award for the work she does with children who are victims as young as two.

Mega-talented singer Macy Gray sings for the crowd with her wonderful voice
Mega-talented singer Macy Gray sings for the crowd with her wonderful voice

The celebrities themselves were generous not only with their attendance and support but they all made generous donations and offered themselves for fundraising. I am touched that the talent that supported us by attending were so inspired to help that they continued their generosity throughout the night – I am truly grateful,” said founder Deborah Alessi “tonight was really about the survivors, the sponsors and the organizations that help us to do the incredible work we do to change the lives of these survivors” said Deborah Alessi.

Noted actors Luis Guzman and Oscar winner Marcia Gay Harden
Noted actors Luis Guzman and Oscar winner Marcia Gay Harden


Over $500,000 was raised which will make 2016 a great year for a lot of patients. Sponsors for this event were Etihad Airways, Turkish Airlines, Ebay Auction Cause, Casey Cunningham, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and Luna Gardens Events.

To join the fight against domestic violence, please visit:

About Face Forward:

Face Forward founder and CEO Mrs. Deborah Alessi founded Face Forward in 2007. Mrs. Alessi is a survivor of domestic violence and as a  true advocate of this worthy cause was recently awarded a “Community Hero Award” from the Los Angeles Dodgers recognizing her for her efforts. To help other survivors get a second chance at life, Mrs. Alessi recruited her husband and renowned facial reconstructive surgeon Dr. David Alessi M.D. The couple work constantly to help victim ‘face forward’ to the rest of their lives. Face Forward is a 501© non-profit organization. Since its creation Face Forward has worked with other advocates around the nation to identify victims of domestic violence who are working towards recovery, yet carry the physical evidence of past abuse. Face Forward does more than just provide pro bono reconstructive surgery to adults and children who have suffered from traumatic and physical abuse; they also create a welcoming and safe environment for the victims to start a new life and reclaim their confidence. With domestic violence occurring every 15 seconds in the United States, Face Forward strives to alleviate the internal and external scars of victims and those affected. Ninety percent of all rape and abuse cases lead to physical disfigurement and Face Forward provides treatment to victims who are not able to afford medical assistance.

Photos courtesy of Faye Sadou







Vida G.

Vida G.

Vida is an actress and journalist who lives in Los Angeles, California. She is the co-founder of the Hollywood Press Corps.

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Los Angeles (August 5, 2015) –

Lyssen (pronounced listen) is a Chicago
rapper, but a poet at heart, who uses her music to influence change through self-awareness. On Friday, August 7, she will be performing her music at Las Palmas in Hollywood as a part of the Joell Ortiz tour. Ortiz is known for his role in the hip-hop group Slaughterhouse, organized by Eminem. The doors open at 7:00pm PT with performances beginning at 9:00pm PT. To buy tickets, visit her website or you can click the below flyer to order.

Lyssen with Joell Ortiz in Hollywood, California
Lyssen with Joell Ortiz in Hollywood, California

Inspired by the violent decay of her hometown Chicago, Lyssen breaks the common artist mold with various combinations of poetry and rap while motivating the lost souls to notice the world around them and consciously depict how they fit into it. “My goal is to allow people to not only enjoy my art, but also find the art within themselves and display it,” explains Lyssen. The delivery and wordplay of her lyrics keeps listeners engaged and stimulated, while the music entertains as a theatrical rendition of soul.



Dustin Brown

Dustin Brown

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(New York, NY) Boston-based rock quartet, The Shills, announce the release of the video for their new single, “Oh, This Devilish Place,” which comes from their brand new LP, Keep Your Hands Busy: Volume 2, that dropped in May 2015. The four-piece band fuses modern rock and pop to create a sound that The Deli NYC describes as “simultaneously catchy, challenging and experimental in sound and concept.” The video highlights the second release from their album, which Baeble Music says melds psychedelic, swirling melodies with propulsive riffs and deeply layered guitar work. It’s rare for guitars on a record to sound simultaneously this spacey while also carrying so much forward rock momentum. The vocals snake through your mind — Bryan Murphy switching up between a Travis Morrison yelp and Thom Yorke falsetto.”

The Shills
The Shills

The Shills originated in Boston in 2004, and consist of Bryan Murphy ­(guitar/vocals), Ryan Jackson ­ (guitar), Dave Sicilian ­(bass) and James Zaner ­(drums). After releasing an EP (Push), an LP (The Shills) and a concept record (Ganymede), the band began creating a two-part record, Keep Your Hands Busy: Volume 1 and 2. The first part was released in 2012 and was produced by Scott Riebling (Fall Out Boy, Cobra Starship, We The Kings). In early 2015, they released a cover of Ginuwine’s “Pony,” which caught the attention of Huffington Post, who raved, “The Shills have given the R&B singer’s hit a new spin, keeping plenty of the sexy that made the song so great.” With a tone that ranges from mellow to heavy and soft to aggressive, the band is currently preparing for the release of Keep Your Hands Busy: Volume 2.

The Shills
The Shills

Boston Globe praises the band’s 2012 single, “Move A Mountain,” saying, “[it] chugs like the riff from Heart’s ‘Barracuda’ under another soaring vocal that cements Murphy’s chillingly spot-on voice as one of the most dependable rock weapons in Boston right now.” Keep an eye out for upcoming releases from Keep Your Hands Busy: Volume 2, as well as the band’s Boston album release show on May 21st at Brighton Music Hall.

Dustin Brown

Dustin Brown

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Brooklyn-Based Future Wave Band The Fantastic Plastics Release Their New Single “We are Obsolete”

The Fantastic Plastics
The Fantastic Plastics

The Hollywood Press Corps recently got a chance to interview Brooklyn-based Future Wave band, The Fantastic Plastics. They just dropped a new single and they’re calling it , “We are Obsolete.” The track is just one cut from their forthcoming full-length album, Devolver.

You can stream it/snag the embed here:

Here’s the interview;

1. What is the concept of The Fantastic Plastics?
We are from the present time that the people of the 1950s / 1960s envisioned when they dreamed of the 21st century. People 50 years ago had such optimism for the future. They thought the future would be a panacea as opposed to the dystopia it has become. We are from that optimistic future, that alternate dimension, transported here and now that we are here we will make it all better.

2. What are your influences?
We are equally influenced by music, books and movies. Most of our influences do not exist in this dimension. However, since arriving, we have found inspiration in Gary Numan, DEVO, Kraftwerk, B-52s, and The Ventures to name a few bands. From the literary world, we are mostly inspired by William Gibson’s Nuromancer trilogy and George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty Four. When it comes to film we take fashion inspiration from Barbarella, 2001 A Space Odyssey, THX-1138 and many more from the genre.

The Fantastic Plastics
The Fantastic Plastics

3. Have you ever been to Japan/do you know any words in Japanese?
We have not been to Japan, but it is our goal to get there soon. They seem to be the closest society to that optimistic future we spoke of; especially in fashion and design. Of course we know the phrase: domo arigato Mr Roboto.

4. If you could be any instrument what would it be?
The “Holophoner” from Futurama.

5. What is something that would surprise people to know about you?
Trans-dimensional travel has caused us to constantly crave something you people call a “Cheez-It.”

6. What are your thoughts on New York City fashion?
We love that NYC fashion is such a mix and that you can express your creativity and personality through fashion without judgment. However, on the other hand, this is also a very corporate city, with a larger number of people who feel the need to conform in that world. This is why people from other cities equate New Yorkers with always wearing black. We are just hoping to influence more people to wear silver futuristic space suits on a daily basis.

7. What does “gentrification” mean to you?
Supposedly it means progress but we find that hard to believe. They destroy and tear down old buildings that have stood in some cases over 100 years and replace them with cheaply made glass boxes. We’d like to see self-sustaining architecture. Buildings covered in solar panels with garden rooftops meant to last hundreds of years and off the grid completely. That would be progress.

8. Can you tell us about an interesting experience on the New York City subway?
We could tell you many, but most are x rated and or involve things that would turn your stomach. We once did a photo shoot on the subway for our “Outsiders” EP that involved us wearing some huge furry neon insect masks and silver space outfits. We were amazed that nearly no one batted an eye or gave us a second glance. That right there says a lot about New Yorkers and NYC Fashion.

9. What was the last book that you read?
UBIK by Philip K. Dick. It is a trip to read. We read somewhere that Michel Gondry was trying to adapt it into a movie. Fingers crossed.

10. Do you have any words of wisdom for your fans?
Keep Moving Forward
This was such a fortunate experience to interview the Fantastic Plastics! Stayed tuned to the Hollwood Press Corps for future announcements regarding the upcoming album, Devolver.


Dustin Brown

Dustin Brown

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Tickets are on sale now for the City of Angels’ annual culinary jubilee, featuring a live performance by Questlove and The Roots, and welcoming a distinguished list of Michelin-starred honorees, James Beard Award winners, and Food & Wine Best New Chefs including Tyler Florence, Curtis Stone, Thomas Keller, and Michelle Bernstein, among others.

Left to right, Ahmir “?uestlove” Thompson, Tyler Florence, Michelle Bernstein, Curtis Stone, Thomas Keller
 Ahmir “?uestlove” Thompson, Tyler Florence, Curtis Stone, Thomas Keller and Michelle Bernstein

WHAT: Los Angeles Food & Wine, produced by Coastal Luxury Management and presented with founding partners FOOD & WINEand Lexus, announces its 2015 festival lineup and live entertainment as it celebrates its 5th anniversary August 27-August 30. On sale now, tickets for individual events range from $50-$350, with package and VIP options starting at $650.

Set to feature three-nights and four-days of unrivaled tastings, lunches, seminars, book signings, cooking demonstrations, and special events, showcasing the finest in food and drink culture, marquee events and talent this year will include:

§ “Ultimate Bites of LA Presented by Lexus”on Thursday, August 27,hosted by Curtis Story, kicks off the festivities with special guest curator and DJ,Ahmir “?uestlove” Thompson,spinning live on stage and handpicking several of his favorite culinary mavericks to show off their talents

§ “Lexus Grand Avenue Night Market”on Friday evening, August 28, hosted byTyler Florence, featuring small bites from culinary masters Charles Phan (The Slanted Door), Jet Tila (Pakpao Thai), and Hannah An (The District), among others

§ “Lexus Live on Grand featuring The Roots”; on Saturday, August 29, featuring tastings from over 30 chefs and 100 wineries

o That same night,The Roots will join bandmate Ahmir “?uestlove” Thompson on the “Lexus Live on Grand”; main stage as the festival’s headlining musical entertainment

§ The festival’s acclaimedPower Lunch Series returns on Friday, August 28, with exclusive chef collaborations taking place at Los Angeles’ premier restaurants across the city including:

o Neal Fraser (Redbird) and Markus Glocker (Bâtard/NYC) at Redbird

o Ray Garcia (Broken Spanish) and Jenn Louis (Lincoln Restaurant/Portland, OR) at Broken Spanish

o Celebrity Chef Elizabeth Falkner, Ben Spungin (Coastal Luxury Management), and Ricky Webster (The Ace Hotel) at The Ace Hotel

o Michael Fiorelli and Rebecca Merhej (Love & Salt) joined by Zack Pollack (Alimento) at Love & Salt

o Nancy Silverton (Mozza) & Mourah Lahlou (Aziza) at Osteria Mozza

Please continue to for updates and details on full programming of events, chefs, wineries, sommeliers, mixologists, and culinary talent participating at the 5th Annual Los Angeles Food & Wine festival.

WHEN: Thursday, August 27 through Sunday, August 30, 2015

WHERE: Headquartered in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, with main events taking place directly in front of the iconic Walt Disney Concert Hall (with closures along Grand Avenue, between 1st and 3rd street), the 5thannual Los Angeles Food & Wine festival will also feature tastings, dinners, lunches, seminars, cooking demonstrations, and special events located across parts of greater Los Angeles including Downtown, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Hollywood, and more.

TICKETS: Tickets are available to purchase by visitingLAFW.comor by calling 855-433-LAFW (5239)

PHOTOS: Images of the Los Angeles Food & Wine festival (2014), for pre-event coverage, are available to view/download by clickinghere.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook (@lafoodwine)

Twitter (@lafoodwine)

Instagram (@lafoodwine)

Pinterest (@lafoodwine)


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Dustin Brown

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Alek Sandar to Debut Video of Pop Single P.O.R.N.


Alek Sandar's hot new single P.O.R.N.
Alek Sandar’s hot new single P.O.R.N.

The Hollywood Press Corps recently spoke  with electro-pop artist Alek Sandar. He’s soon releasing a video for his latest international pop single, “P.O.R.N.” featuring the amazing transgendered performer Amanda Lapore. The one thing that might surprise you to learn about Alek is that he is an International Business Studies major from the University. When I sat down to Skype with him, he was in Berlin.
HPC: Hi Alek! Nice to see you! Before we talk about your new single, can you tell us about Bulgaria?
Alek: My memories of Bulgaria are very positive. I got started there.
HPC:Where are you today?
Alek: I’m in Berlin. I’m visiting family and friends. I just played an exclusive show in Prague, Czechoslovakia. It’s so nice and modern there. It’s even cleaner than New York City!
HPC: Where do you stay in New York City?
Alek: I have a place on the Lower East Side. I recently played Webster Hall. It was a great show! So many people! The large clubs like Limelight are getting rare. I recently performed at La Baine on the rooftop of the Standard Hotel. The day that I played La Baine, Madonna was filming a video for, “I’m Madonna Bitch!” That was pretty cool!
HPC: Who do you work with in New York City?
Alec: Suzanne Bartsch puts on these unbelievable shows in NYC. I have to thank her! She puts these events together. She’s incredible.
HPC: You recently worked with Japanese EDM artist Ansoni. Where did you meet him?

Alek Sandar Drops In an exclusive still from his aticipated video "P.O.R.N."
Alek Sandar in an exclusive still from his aticipated video “P.O.R.N.”

Alek: We met in New York. He invited me to the studio. We clicked immediately. We would write songs all night till 7:00 AM. Ansoni told me that he enjoyed working with me because I know exactly what I want to do in the studio.
HPC: How did you get started in music?
Alek: My dad is an opera singer and my grandmother taught me piano as a child in Germany. I became a producer of music. I started in Germany, France and Bulgaria. Everyone expected me to be a manager of International talent but I realized when I produced that I wanted to express myself.
HPC: Tell us about your highly anticipated new track,”P.O.R.N.”
Alek: I did this with the amazing Amanda Lepore. It’s an “in your face” song that reflects the attitudes of my generation. We have become attention whores. Our obsession is “likes” and “hashtags”. The way you get fame today is by posting sexy videos and prostituting your body. We want as many likes so we can become famous. The metric is – if something is really good or really bad you will get “likes”. If you look at someone like Donald Trump, he has a lot of “likes” for saying things that a lot of people don’t like. The video is fun and outrageous. There’s an overweight girl who is very sexy. Also Amanda Lapore adds a gorgeous element to the video. Please watch it!
HPC: When does the video come out?
Alek: We’re scheduled to release it in August, 2015.
HPC: What are your travel plans?
Alek: I’ll be in Bulgaria next week and New York City in September, 2015.
HPC: Great! we hope to see you in Los Angeles soon!


Here’s a link to Alek Sandar’s soundcloud page for,”P.O.R.N.”

Dustin Brown

Dustin Brown

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Electro-Pop Artist and Social Media Activist, Alek Sandar, Drops His Hot New Single


July 6, 2015

(New York, NY) NYC-based electro-pop star, Alek Sandar, takes a stand on social media with his latest single, “P.O.R.N.” This club-ready track features transgender advocate, performer and socialite celebrity, Amanda Lepore. This pairing was inspired by Lepore’s lifestyle of transforming herself into the ideal looking woman with a perfect shape. The aim of the track, according to Sandar, is to show the world that through our self-absorption and public self-expression on social media, life becomes pornography. As the first

Alek Sandar Drops his new single
Alek Sandar Drops his new single

generation to have this in-your-face pressure to get “likes” and “followers,” this single seeks to open eyes on many levels and hints that society is missing the real message behind music and behind life because we’re all too busy comparing the stats, rather than creating a dialogue.

Alek Sandar's hot new single P.O.R.N.
Alek Sandar’s hot new single P.O.R.N.

Born in Sofia, Bulgaria and raised in Germany, Sandar is well-known in Europe and currently making his American debut. Sandar is a top music producer in Eastern Europe (Bulgaria and the Balkans) and has made hit records for various artists, including Kimbra, Oscar Loya, Frankmusik, Andrea and Jérémy Amelin. He’s also the co-founder of Berlin-based dance-pop label, Splendid Sound Records, and has produced music for Universal Music Germany and Payner Music Bulgaria. Having only been in The US since 2009, he’s already played major venues in NYC, including Webster Hall during NMS New York Music Festival in 2012 and Terminal 5 in 2014. Along with his close relationship with Amanda Lepore, Sandar has also become friends with celebrity personalities like Richie Rich, Patricia Field and Susanne Bartsch.


Alek Sandar creates sex-centric, high-energy music that’s heavily influenced by pop, EDM and hip hop, with Balkan, Arabic and Eastern European-infused musicality. With hit his prior singles, “Creature in Me,” “Say That You Love Me,” “It Ain’t Over,” “You and Me (feat. DESS aka Desi Slava) and “Peaceful Place” (a duet with Balkan superstar, Andrea), Sandar’s new album has been highly anticipated by fans all over the world. Don’t miss “P.O.R.N.” and stay tuned for more singles throughout the summer!

Listen here;

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Dustin Brown

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